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Comment Re:DSL shouldn't be considered broadband any more. (Score 1) 104

Comcast, aside from the industry standard 12 month agreement then threaten to quit to renew rates for 12 months billing system, hasn't been horrible for me. I get stuck with basic cable to get the low rate on internet and then use an antenna to get local stations anyway. I'd love to go to AT&T for their fiber and speeds, but I don't want to be fucking spied upon. The only way their rates are competitive is if you accept spying and extra ads and that's not competitive in my book. They also use their own modems which you cannot buy, so there are additional rental fees that are mandatory on AT&T.

Comment Re:Witch hunt (Score 1) 227

This event is irreversible in the same way time is irreversible. Yes, it happened and you cannot undo the effects. However, despite the cause of the spill being man-made, crude oil is a naturally occurring substance that has been seeping into the ocean for millennia. The spill wasn't great for the environment, but it isn't the disaster everyone was claiming it would be.

Comment Re:Same goes for car stereos (Score 1) 234

What I wouldn't give to actually have additional capability from my ridiculous touch screen infotainment stereo than what I'd get from a simple unit with buttons... My Ford Touch offers no real features over the non-premium small screen with buttons option other than being able to customize the background. Oh except the button version can store 10 radio presets per FM station vs the 6 that the computer system with a huge fucking touchscreen can handle.

Comment Re:No TV (Score 1) 234

I use my stereo receiver to switch inputs to the TV so there is only one HDMI cable running into the back of the TV. Of course that doesn't really solve your problem either since even receivers now are going "Smart" like I somehow need to duplicate the functions of the Smart TV and the computer hooked up to my home theater...

Comment Re:Nothing New ... (Score 4, Informative) 182

That's what they advertise, but it's really more than that... The $70 rate takes a 2 year contract (so not really an option if you are renting on a smaller interval). If you opt out of their spying, it's not just $30 more per month, there are also equipment fees that are not replaceable with buying the hardware outright and waived with the spying plan, so it's really closer to $50 per month to not be spied upon.

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