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Comment Re:But! (Score 1) 726

Phillips is the best thing to use for a screw the user is expected to remove ONCE. Phillips in my experience are a one time tighten/loosen cycle before they are FUBAR.

Torx or Reynolds are where it is at. I've gotten Reynolds to work at some pretty good angles as well and it's near impossible to strip one.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

Exactly. Statistically it is more likely that a police officer will rape someone at a traffic stop than the cop is to be killed. But for some reason we justify cops shooting first because they fear for their lives. I'm not saying there aren't justified reasons to shoot, and even shoot first. But "fear" itself is a poor justification especially when it's a white officer that is exposed to black criminals every day.

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

You've obviously never been at a company where managers never stay in the same spot for more than a year or two. You get a department manager that doesn't like you for whatever reason and they just wait until your supervisor gets replaced and then find any excuse to throw you out the door. It's bad business, but since when do managers ever get taken to task for making horrible business decisions?

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

I sympathize with your situation. I wasn't fired so close after a good review, but I was fired for a bullshit "safety violation" without any notice whatsoever (my prior review was pretty good though). The company policy for disciplinary action and severance were not followed. I finally worked up the courage to contact a law firm, but the company declined to investigate at all (so much for the ethics department) and my lawyer dropped the case (they were probably hoping for a settlement).

That being said, the next job I had I enjoyed the people I worked for and when I found a new job while still employed I gave them almost 3 weeks notice and I was able to hand off all my projects and leave on good terms (even though HR still tried to screw things up).

The lesson to be learned is the companies are not people. They will kick you to the curb without hesitation and leave you with no recourse. Don't ever believe that you are part of a family or that you have any sort of loyalty from your employer or boss. But just because they are dicks doesn't mean you should be. Just build yourself up a financial safety net so they can't fuck you over and be ready to move on.

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