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Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 429

No, he is not guilty of similar things. He could be storing his emails in plaintext on a public server readable by every single individual on the planet. It's not Hillary's lack of server security that is the problem. It's the existence and use of a private server for public business that is the problem. Trump's emails are his personal and business emails. They are not subject to national security classification rules. They are not subject to FOIA retention requirements. They are subject to whatever the hell Trump wants which may or may not include security to the extent that Trump demands.

Comment Re:Unh-uh (Score 1) 191

I admit, Gary isn't the best at live interviews, but his policy on Aleppo is solid even if his immediate response was facepalm worthy. No one is actually arguing about his foreign policy, just his ability to deal with pop quizzes. For those concerned about Gary Johnson because of an Aleppo question, I would encourage you to consider that the POTUS never has to answer questions without a cabinet of experts to advise them.

Comment Re:No, she's not fine (Score 1) 523

See reference here: https://slashdot.org/comments....

Your local laws may make that an option that doesn't get counted:

Currently, 43 States allow Write In Ballots for President of the United States. Most States require a candidate to register, however; Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, and Alabama do not require registration.

If your write in is for a candidate that isn't registered, it gets thrown in the trash. Sorry Mickey Mouse, you're not winning this year.

Comment Re:Unh-uh (Score 1) 191

I don't have a daughter and my wife is perfectly capable of defending herself. The idea that Trump is bad because we have wives and daughters is insulting to women who aren't related to you. Sexual assault is wrong whether it's against a wife, a daughter, a teacher, a UPS driver, a homeless women, or even an illegal prostitute.

Before anyone brings up Hillary (also a known defender of sexual assault), I'm a freaking Libertarian. Good luck finding something Gary Johnson has said that degrades women.

Comment Re:Honestly... (Score 1) 523

Not only that but the measly 1% he got in 2012 was the best ever voting turnout for the Libertarian Party. Kudos to the Party for not bowing to the crazy pants removers in the party and putting up someone who is extreme and nuts out there and sticking with Gary, who while imperfect, has a good track record on freedom and actual political experience to back it up.

Comment Re:No, she's not fine (Score 4, Insightful) 523

Mod up. If you believe Gary Johnson has no shot, even better to vote for him knowing you won't have to live with him as president. But it will sure send a message to the Republican and Democratic leadership that their shit has gotten to stinky for you to continue to support. Send a message to the major parties that they don't own your vote by default.

Comment Re:I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 375

I did mention possible. It is not proven, and it may be impossible to take to court due to statutes of limitation. But as Hillary has said, all rape and assault victims should be believed when they make an accusation. I don't judge Hillary for staying with Bill, I judge her for trying to smear those that have made accusations against Bill.

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