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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 2) 633

Exactly. Where is the option for "I believe in science in regards to knowing the theory behind why the earth is getting warmer but I deny that it is necessarily going to be a catastrophe and that it is the biggest threat facing humanity that needs trillions of dollars spent to reduce carbon emissions for an unknown future potential benefit."?

Comment Re:Got it right (Score 1) 91

The depth is also not there. Catching rats and pidgeons (that have a stupidly high flee rate) gets really old and is 80% of the way you level up (lucky egg and cheap evolutions). Gym battles are stupidly biased toward the attacker and the battle system is repetitive and requires no skill or strategy. It also can only occur in limited locations.

I play the game, but I don't really have much incentive to really go out and play much other than to fill the Pokedex with mostly useless creatures. There are really only a dozen or so Pokemon you ever see in gyms.

Comment Re:'Flat' = bad... (Score 1) 37

Seriously, it's the first thing I noticed after the update. How much time does Google waste with UI people going back and forth between straight lines and curves? I mean, their UI people are just stealing the cues from Microsoft who wasted time taking Windows 7's curves and making Windows 8 and 10 have straight lines again...

Comment Re:Pentagon Chief Out Of His Mind (Score 2) 265

I disagree. Biological and chemical warfare is much more efficient at killing with the added bonus of not destroying infrastructure. Biological warfare probably has the highest likelihood of wiping all of humanity out due to a screw up since it is potentially self-replicating and infectious. Basically, we're more prone to go Resident Evil than Fallout.

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