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Comment Re: Hitlery will not be running for office (Score 1) 396

Trump was by far the most utterly incompetent person and somehow he is managing the job. Gary Johnson may not have been able to articulate his positions well, but that hardly makes him incapable. He WAS the governor of a state for two terms. It's not the same as being President, but it is executive decision making experience and he did quite well. How much of your view of Johnson's capabilities was formed by the way the media portrayed him vs his actual business and government experience and record?

Stein by the way isn't even in the same category. Her experience was in being a protest organizer which is practically worthless experience, but it seemed to serve Obama well...

Comment Re: Hitlery will not be running for office (Score 1) 396

Really? Explain to me how a successful businessman and former governor who smokes a little recreational weed and has a wacky sense of humor is worse than a corrupt politician who destroys evidence and a reality television star that spouts continual lies and attacks on anyone who questions him?

Comment Re: Hitlery will not be running for office (Score 2) 396

Hillary was so bad of a candidate that she could only be competitive against an idiot like Donald Trump. Trump was so bad of a candidate that he could only be competitive against a corrupt career politician like Hillary Clinton.

The people are so bought into the cycle of voting for the lesser evil that even with historically polarizing, horrible, and unliked candidates, 3rd parties still barely got 2.5% of the vote...

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 161

My problem was that the multi player and single player were built differently. The single player was more strategy focused as most of the micromanaging was automated (SCVs would automatically start harvesting, and automatically repair stuff around them). Nope, in the multiplayer, it was all about the clicks... Who can click faster? APM shouldn't be the sole factor in victory in a strategy game.

Comment Re:Projections matter (Score 1) 321

I favor the Robinson projection

Rand McNally is kind of irrelevant at this point, and the National Geographic Society moved on to the Winkel tripel, but it was the world map of choice when I was growing up to show a clean, proportional, and relatively accurate picture of the world. The Winkel just looks odd to me with curved lattitude lines.

Comment Re: Not surprise in the least... (Score 1) 457

I'm not sure why you can't separate someone being guilty from someone being guilty under the law and punished for it. A child that tells a lie is guilty, but isn't going to be thrown in jail. There is a different standard for someone being guilty in a moral and objective sense and someone being legally declared guilty where the state can forcibly apply a penalty.

My question for you is why is it less concerning that the government is withholding information showing that Hillary broke no laws than it is that she broke the law and they are just sweeping it under the rug? What is the harm of showing whatever evidence is available proving Hillary was completely within the laws to do what she did? It's one of those questions that just can't be ignored. If the moon landing was faked, what incentive is there for people in on the conspiracy to not release the truth?

In Hillary's case, a lot of people's jobs and riches are all hinged on her never being prosecuted. And those people are the ones who decide if she is prosecuted or not. Sure there are people who want to see Hillary in jail, but those same people don't want a case because I'm fairly certain that both sides are doing shit like this and they don't want too much digging into how widespread the problem is. They are all in the same worm can and don't want anyone to dig.

I've never heard someone arguing so hard that a judge shouldn't hear a case because a prosecutor might have hidden evidence of innocence. Don't the citizens of a country deserve to hear in a court of law all of the evidence showing their leaders aren't corrupt?

Comment Re: And so it begins... (Score 1) 407

That's why proper LO/TO requires VERIFICATION prior to starting work. Locking out is step 1, verifying the energy is isolated is step 2. In your home example, yes you can put a lock on the breaker, but then you still have to verify with a meter to verify the line you are working on is de-energized.

In the case of this robot, it was obviously not powered down, it was not verified powered down, and no-one considered the hazard. That's a failure of process safety which would be the company's fault if the hazard wasn't identified. It's a failure of personal safety and the employee's fault if the hazard was identified and the energy isolation was skipped.

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