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Comment How will you be able to tell? (Score 1) 412

Steam has always been buggy as hell on anything I've used it on. Random UI glitches, random download failures (Delete Local Content and try again!) and randomly not letting me play my games because it can't connect to the Steam servers and refuses to go into Offline Mode (had that one happen yesterday.)

Windows XP, 7, 10, MacOS X, even the Android app has flaked on me. Granted, I've never tried it on Linux. Maybe it's stable there.

Comment Re:That's just great... (Score 1) 378

There are actually several new and new-ish 32 bit embedded x86 processors. Or systems where it makes more sense to use 32 bit Windows instead of 64 bit. Low-cost tablets, for instance, often use Atom chips that don't even support more than one or two gigs of RAM. They run Win10 okay, and browsing and casual games are fine on 'em, but a 64 bit OS would be a waste.

Comment Re:So the end of the perfectly optimised console g (Score 1) 162

You cannot purchase a midrange gaming PC for the price of a console.

You can buy a non-gaming/office PC for the price of a console, but those rather suck for playing games on.

The Xbox One is $279 retail with two games at the moment (GameStop). The PS4 is $349 with a game.

I don't think you're going to be able to match the hardware in those for that price.

Comment Re:Who actually buys apps on a phone anyway? (Score 1) 278

Other than games, I've bought a few apps.

Paid SSH clients with more functionality than free ones.

A DOSbox manager, for ease in running DOS games. (Screw the crappy mobile Dungeon Keeper, I've got the original!)

A remote desktop app that worked considerably better than VNC or RD.

Plex. Plex is well worth the five bucks to be able to access all my stuff on my media server from anywhere.

But most of my purchases are games or game-related, like emulators.

I don't have an issue with games killing my battery normally, but my phone has a much larger battery than most so I have plenty of 'extra'.

Comment Re:Depends on what you have (Score 1) 982

There's no unused menu real estate to the right of it.

Because I clicked on the right edge of the menu and dragged it to the left and collapsed the space.

The only thing the Win7 start menu had that the Win10 menu doesn't, that I miss - and I agree this is a pain in the ass - are nested submenus.

But 'wasted screen space' and 'mandatory tiles' just aren't true.

Comment Re:Depends on what you have (Score 5, Insightful) 982

There are absolutely no tiles in my Windows 10 start menu.

You ARE aware there's a text menu to the left of the tiles, and you can right-click the tiles and Unpin them and they go away, leaving you with just an old-style all-text-with-little-icons Start Menu, right?

There are some things about 10's start menu that I don't like, but 'huge colorful tiles instead of a list of programs' is absolutely invalid.

Comment Re:You are using it wrong (Score 1) 137

Well, you could always put a combination lock on your door and carry cash in a money clip - then you can leave your wallet and keys at home, at least!

Actually, I have a phone case that has a spot for a couple credit cards. That's been fairly handy; it's for a smallish phone, so I just consider 'phone + case' to be wallet, with my ID and debit card in it.

Comment Re:How many have been read by today's readers? (Score 1) 180

'Unreadable' doesn't necessarily mean 'written at a level that is too difficult to read'.

It can mean 'This is such utter crap that I just can't read it.'

I can think of a book or two I stopped reading because the main characters were so unlikeable, but I don't recall not finishing one because of sheer badness.

Comment Re:Bring back a large screen model (Score 1) 171

Ectaco Jetbook Color 2. It's $500, has a 9.7" screen, and is color e-ink, which despite being kind of muddy is probably better for technical stuff than black and white.

I haven't used one, but I ran across it when looking for a reader. I didn't get it because I don't want a screen that big - I mostly read novels on mine.

I use a Boyue T62+ which is a 6" screen lit reader with physical buttons running Android 4.2. Battery life isn't as good as my 'dumb' readers, but up till this Kindle the combination of 'lit screen' and 'buttons' was very hard to find.

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