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Comment Re: What about the delivery of insulin? (Score 2) 94

The problem with current-generation CGM is that they require expensive consumables that a lot of insurance doesn't cover.

If they could get a sensor working without penetrating the skin, without requiring supplies that get used up, that would be a massive boon, even if the sensor cost a few grand.

Comment Re:I fail to see the problem (Score 1) 456

Why the hell do you have to go through all that to check a voicemail?

Mine's smart enough to realize I'm calling from the number it's for. I dial the voice mail number - it's 123 - and get 'You have two messages. First message.' and it plays.

Yeah, it's still more effort than reading a text, but it's not some Sisyphean opus.

Comment Re:Gran Turismo has sold over $4 Billion as of 201 (Score 1) 35

A lot of that is simply because Gran Turismo is two full console generations older than Forza.

If you take the PS1 and PS2 games out of the totals, GT still outsells Forza, but not by a whole lot.

And Forza 6 Apex is free to download on Windows (with paid DLC), so who the heck knows what that's doing to the total player base.

Comment Re:Our Attitude To Tech Resources (Score 1) 133

Today's 1GB system is many times cheaper than that BBC Micro.

Adjust for inflation, and a BBC Micro B cost a thousand pounds in today's money. And you'd need at least a screen of some sort to connect it to, that wasn't included.

You can get a Chromebook with two gigs of RAM for under 200 quid now. So a fifth of the price of the BBC Micro, plus it includes a screen, and networking capability, AND it can multitask.

And note that has twice the RAM that the system being complained about has.

Comment Re:Simple Math? (Score 1) 353

What does the lifespan of a PC have to do with the cost of Office?

None of my PCs have ever included a copy of Office. One had a demo of 'Home and Student', and one came with a three-month trial of 365, but that's it.

I don't bother with Office myself, but Office 365 costs less than keeping up with the 'offline' Office releases.

Besides, your math is off. Office 365 is $70/year if you buy it annually. The equivalent standalone product is Office Professional 2016, for $360. So that's FIVE years for the cost of 365 to catch up to standalone Office... and that doesn't include whatever it costs to upgrade to Office 2020 or whatever.

Comment Re:Jokes on them! (Score 1) 165

There are already laptops with two desktop GeForce GTX 1080s. If you're willing to put up with the weight of a cooling system, I don't think tri-SLI presents an insurmountable problem.

And if you're looking at a three-screen prototype, weight is certainly not a problem.

Of course, they might not have gaming-grade GPUs in them at all. Driving three 4k screens in 2D isn't that difficult and that's all you'd need for a demo unit.

Comment Re:Of course Edge is struggling... (Score 2) 280

Edge has extensions now, one of which is adblocking. Well, maybe more than one. But I didn't see a need to install more than one.

I use Vivaldi on my desktop, but I use Edge on my Windows tablet, because it comes closest to having a good touch UI of all the browsers.

Chrome and Firefox removed their touch UIs. Irksome.

Comment Soldner got panned in reviews because it sucked. (Score 1) 145

Maybe Soldner sucks less now, with twelve years of fan patches, but when it came out it was utter ass.

If you could keep it from crashing, and then if you could manage to get it to see the internet, when you found a server and connected then the server would crash.

I wouldn't call it ENTIRELY unplayable, but close to it.

And that umlaut didn't help either.

Comment Re:Browsers are fine (Score 1) 766

Recent versions of Office added a craptacular 'smooth' cursor animation that's very slow and makes me want to puke because it's really not smooth at all.

Going into the accessibility options and selecting 'disable unnecessary animations' makes typing in Office or other things using that stupid animation SO much nicer.

Comment Re:Copy machine at stores (Score 1) 274

That I can't get replacement parts for a thing sometimes boggles me.

I don't expect to get parts for cheap toys, but for my $100 Kensington trackball? One of the little 'rubies' the ball sits on got lost when I was cleaning it. This is something that just snaps into place, and the plant must have krillions of.

Nope, Kensington can't send me one. They did, however, send me a whole new trackball under warranty. Needless to say, I kept the old one for future spare parts.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 108

Everyone has a use for drives like this. Even grandmothers.

In fact, I installed an SSD for my elderly mom and she was shocked at how much faster and more pleasant her computer was to use. She couldn't believe all I'd done was copy her stuff to the new drive and install it.

An SSD matters more than a faster CPU or craploads of RAM to the average computer user.

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