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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: The Punchline To My Friend's Joke 39

My friend just posted a journal entry about a town hall meeting gone awry in St. Louis. It took me a while to find it, so I thought I would share the punchline for those who might not be seeing it otherwise.

Today's punchline is the excessive spin. The actual story starts here with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (the only legitimate news organization I see referenced covering the meeting). It then gets covered by someone in the conservative blogosphere who is anxious to spin it. Notice how the collection of arrests in the Post-Dispatch included reporters, and possibly a union member. Then when the same people were referenced in the blog entry it becomes a collection of union members.

And then when my friend picks it up and runs with it, it becomes "ZOMG! Iz teh Fascist!". Notice how automatically as the spin accelerates the union members are automatically Obama supporters in the same way that NRA members are automatically leaders of the Dick Cheney fan club.

I guess we may be able to call this "dark humor" from my friend. It isn't as funny as the bogus birth certificate he posted earlier, but it is still pretty amusing. This is like following up a Leslie Neilsen movie with Dr. Strangelove.

So thank you again, friend. You did a nice job of taking the edge off the end of the week.
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The Punchline To My Friend's Joke

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  • This St. Louis scuffle is merely an overture for the real action, commencing in about three weeks: []
    Pray for peace.

      I briefly glanced over their website, though I didn't really see a clear statement of what they are trying to accomplish. If a dialog is what they want, great. But running around like decapitated chickens shouting "OMG Fascism!" does not lead to useful discussion. So far from my observations the "tea party" crowd has been all in favor of stopping everything they possibly can, without concern for the consequences.

      There are numerous important issues in this country, and I don't see how doing nothing is

      • There are copious ideas in circulation, for example, what the GOP is pushing.
        But that's all too Progressive for my taste.
        The real direction the debate desperately needs to go is []
        I don't see anything else moving us away from full-on tyranny, many years out.
        • His very first change with the taxes. I keep saying it because it's true. no income or even federal sales tax is needed to fund the government when you are running a fiat currency system. They just aren't. It's stupid, illogical, lame, nuts and flies in the face of reality and reason. (not calling you those names, calling that belief structure names)

          Now a saner balanced budget (balanced to the true wealth production of the nation and what can be *really* afforded, not numbers pulled out of po

          • Keep in mind that whatever you propose has to be modest to be attainable. The difficulty of forcing through radical change is playing out for you on the health care issue.
            Striking the 16th Amendment seems a great place to start, to me.
            I like the idea of making alterations to the Federal Reserve, though, with an eye towards something smaller and more regulated.
      • .....apparently just don't want any more government involvement with health care []

        of course they are probably prejudiced

        (just saw the story, thought it might fit in the debate stew here)

        Basically, I remember the cost of healthcare way way back..since government got involved, it has become unaffordable for most people. I don't know if that is the main cause, or just a coincidence. It is basic raw data though.

        I also think that by restricting the amoun

    • Nice website.

      It starts right out "Time to take our country back". Back from whom? They don't say it, but they mean "the brown people."

      • Since you know this fact, is it fair to infer that you are an admin on the site?
        • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

          The phrase isn't unique to the site. It's used everywhere, and it's clearly racist language. Some of your friends aren't very discreet about it, and that's how we know.

          Check out all the people who are leveling the charge of not being American against a black President. That's the same old story that dates back to the founding. The racists said that black people weren't American. And now the charge that a black man isn't American resonates among the racists for the same reason.

          Note: I'm not explaining to you

          • So, if it's used everywhere, as you say, we all get to assign our own subjective meanings, don't we?
            Actually, the birfer nonsense works to the POTUS's tactical advantage. Focusing on irrelevancies WRT scraps of paper (or so I count them--BHO was sworn in by Roberts, case closed) helps to make the questions boring.
            The interesting questions of the rest of BHO's timeline, e.g. Columbia, go down the memory hole. Might as well laugh with you and him--masterful.
            • You know, putting a positive spin on racism is something that most people try to avoid.

              • You know, applying any single term to everything undesirable is something sincere people try to avoid: it waters down the meaning of the term.
                Check out your girl Ann Coulter talking last night:
                OK, the first half hour monologue is kind of a bore--you need to be a pundit or a stand-up comic, but not both--but her comments on the Suds Summit are insightful. She predicts that, had th
                • You're going to refer to Ann "We just want the Jews to be perfected" [] Coutler on the issue of racism??!! Just how far over the top are you trying to take this? Did you actually sit through that whole thing? I hope you were compiling a kernel, or something. This is absolutely hilarious! That she, and that silly site you link to has an audience of more than one is truly tragic. Man, you really ARE the best!

                  • So, you've successfully shifted the discussion from the message to the messenger.
                    I read that as a "you got nothin'".
                    • I've seen the message. I know the message. It is abominable. There is no reason to give people who deliver that message the time of day. They are ignorant couriers who cause traffic accidents and respect nobody. They are trained monkeys. They serve purely as entertainment amongst those who know better. People who take them seriously are not well. They need therapy in the worst way. I have not succeeded in anything unless I get people to see what's in front of them. In your case, I don't know if you're just

                    • I find this incoherent and must declare you the victor.
                      Possibly we can find dialogue in some other thread, but this one is fairly done, AFAICT.
                    • Gee, all I'm doing was stealing some quotes from the same movie...

                • []

                  This is typical. The Republicans that are remaining are vicious racists. Scum. Dog shit. Depraved.

                  You're defending racists. You accuse me of being a troll.

                  Better than being a defender of racism. You'd better take a good hard look at yourself and figure out how you got to your sorry place.

                  • May the Almighty have mercy on your sad self-caricature.
                    • Who gives a shit what Dog thinks. I'm just pointing out racists here.

                    • blah, blah, blah.

                      I can make noise as well.
                    • The difference is that your noise is wearing a sheet.

                    • No.
                    • A whole crowd booing a Rosa Parks poster. Then a white man jumps up and rips it up. Come on, dumbass.

                      The angry people at these town halls aren't angry about health care. They're angry about EVERYTHING. And most of all, they're angry about the brown people. That's why militia membership is up. That's why racist groups are growing. That's why there's so many swastikas being displayed at rallys. That's why they're painted on the offices of Democrats.

                      And that's why you're defending these scum.

                      Everyone can see i

                    • This is a mediocre piece of propaganda.

                      The angry people at these town halls aren't angry about health care. They're angry about EVERYTHING.

                      The argument isn't about any individual DNA. The argument is about the degree to which a bunch of beltway pencil-necks armed with a spreadsheet and a pack of lies can micro-manage your life.
                      Protesters are mentioning swastikas with an international 'no' ring around them.
                      Yet all of that business was parve during the last administration. Suggest you change your name from Profane- to HypocriticalMuthaFucka, as this would improve your truth in labeling.

                    • Then who was it who ripped up the sign? And where was the no-ring on the congressman's office?

                      The swastikas in the crowd, with or without the no-ring, are there because the Republicans are too stupid to know what it means, and they are too stupid to actually think of an example that applies.

                      Using the swastika in any form is ANOTHER example of racial insensitivity. The holocaust and the Nazis are unparalleled in history. They do not apply as analogies to anything in this country.

                      It's just another sign of the

                    • Now, you're not decrying Nancy Pelosi's 2006 involvement with such?
                    • Ah, the bullshit gets deeper.

                      We're talking about your sheets. Who you share them with is your problem.

                    • You, sir, are full of sheets. I admire your capacity.
          • It's not really clearly racist. Yes, most of the people involved are simply bigoted morons who get all their "news" from Glenn Beck [], Rush Limbaugh, and activist websites and are, therefore, entirely incapable of having an intelligent discussion on the issues (hence the main goal of simply screaming and yelling until the speaker just gives up). However, the organizers of these barely-controlled riots are actually establishment groups that are simply opposing everything Democrat for their own political and ec

            • Yes, it is. "Taking our country back" is not policy, it's not a coherent though, it's not forward thinking.

              It's reactionary, fearful, defensive, and when used in the contexts now seen every day, racist.

              They don't want to scare away the non-racists by being blatantly racist.

              You seem to think there's some Republicans left who aren't racist.

              • I respectfully disagree on the grounds that I think the motivation for these little forays isn't racism at all, it's just that some people are dicks who only care about their own political gain.

                Remember, these stupid riots the right is engaging in aren't grassroots in the least, they're just a bunch of poorly informed hicks that got all ginned up watching establishment republicans on Fox News piss and moan over generalities and make-believe fairytale nonsense ("Obamacare" is a great example of the strawmen

      • Tell that to Kenneth Gladney, asswipe. Mr. Gladney is the guy the Union Thugs assaulted. He's also African-American.
        • Your feeble protests do not compensate for the massive flood of open racism seen since the election.

          Yes, we have noticed, and we're writing names down. Seldom do we get a chance like this to identify racists. Normally they know enough to keep their bigotry wrapped up tight.

          • Yes, we have noticed, and we're writing names down.

            To do what, little brownshirt asswipe?
            • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

              I'm not a brownshirt, I'm a public masturbator.

              And I don't mean that metaphorically. I mean I literally masturbate in public.

              But thank god I'm not a racist like you! I wouldn't be able to show my face, I would be so embarassed.

              The reason I need your name is so we don't miss you when it's time to round you up, kill you, and enslave your children. Obviously. You must be some kind of IDIOT if you didn't know that already.

      • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

        by Red4man ( 1347635 )
        You know, when you instantly scream "racism" at people who don't like Obama's policies, you come off as just as big of a dumbass as the weenies running around going "OMG FASCISM!".


        Dumbasses. Shut the fuck up already. All of you.
        • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

          Without Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, and all their millions of racist chucklehead followers, you would be right.

          But with the vast crop of racists out there proving my point every day, I come off a little like Frederick Douglass pointing out bigots at a Klan rally.

      • by Timex ( 11710 ) *

        It starts right out "Time to take our country back". Back from whom? They don't say it, but they mean "the brown people."

        That's an assumption on your part, one that is very likely wrong.

        The people that they want to take the country "back" from are the Left-wingers, most of whom are Democrats, that want to steer the US toward whatever you care to call the state of European government today, which seems to be much like Socialism.

        The color of the skin of those involved doesn't have anything to do with it, and it is those people who will bring the skin color into account who are the real racists and bigots.

        Why does every problem

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