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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Two freaks in 24 hours 18

Up until yesterday, my list of freaks was only three people long. And frankly I'm not even sure when or how I turned those three users against me. I didn't always have relationship changes set to send a message, so I did not see a message for those three.

Then came the hyper-conservative Pudge to change that. I brought up a while ago a very abridged list of his highly conservative journal entries after reading a slashdot article summary that mentioned Pudge gathering political data. This of course angered Pudge quite a bit.

But it was when I called him out on his very tired bit about Bill Ayers that he really became angry. Reading through the dialog shows that I made him quite uncomfortable by bringing up his hypocrisy. This lead Pudge to bring an ultimatum against me which was based only on his own faulty assumptions. Funny, I've seen people repeatedly make empty accusations of lying before. Though somehow Pudge felt he could come out ahead by blocking me from writing in his journal just my marking me as Foe.

Which of course he did, and then posted some cowardly last words that his ever-loving groupie Naqamel congratulated him on.

So it didn't surprise me when I received a relationship change message. What did surprise me was part of the content:

bmetzler (12546) has made you their foe.
If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.

pudge (3605) has made you their foe.
If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.

Now exactly what I did that angered Bmetzer so much I'm not sure. Though I see I am in very elite company, he only picked one other user as a foe so far. And BMetzer himself hasn't said all that much so I don't really have any opinion towards him one way or the other.

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Two freaks in 24 hours

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  • These fools are not worth what a corn and hot-sauce laden turd could fetch on the open market.

  • who changed the bitmaps on the relationship buttons? The old, "aqua-style" glassies were not original, but they looked pro. The new ones, just noticed tonight, are like an amateur IceWM theme.

  • I acquired the two freaks on Wednesday (10/15) or Thursday (10/16 - when the message was received). Now I see relationship change message []

    ForumTroll (900233) has made you their friend.
    If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.

    Real World Stuff (561780) has made you their friend.
    If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.

    That makes for two more fans in 24 hours. I see that ForumTroll [] is apparently a Canadian [] with the good sense to realize that the American health care system is FUBAR. I could hardly agree more, so I'll add him to my friends list as well.

    And of course Real World Stuff is the one other person lucky enough to be on Bmetzler's foes list [] so he's already on my friends list

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