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Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 99

I like NPR. It does really try to be balanced, though local stations may have their own biases. Ie, San Francisco NPR is definitely nuttier with its own local programming at times relative to NPR I hear elsewhere. There are definitely radio stations so far left that they make NPR seem like Fox. It's one of the few places where you do get reasoned views from different sides without it turning into a big shouting match. So I basically get my news from a mix of BBC and NPR.

But you can never define where the "center" is for politics, so anything that truly has no political bias will still be assumed to be biased by everyone with a partisan outlook. People say that reality has a liberal bias, but I think that reality has a bias to the left of right wing partisans and a bias to the right of left wing partisans, for those people that must put everything on a simplistic one dimensional scale.

For instance, everytime there's a discussion about the situation in Israel, there will be angry letters written to the local station accusing it of having either an pro-Israel bias or a pro-Palestinean bias.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 2) 99

I don't mind if a news outlet leans left or right, the audience can figure that out and deal with it. The problem with Fox is that it is constant non-stop editorializing disguised as news. Even your straight up "man bites dog" story can't help but throw in some political jibe.

Comment Re:How women are portrayed in movies (Score 3, Insightful) 296

You need to watch a lot of older movies. Men have been the butt of jokes forever. And there's certainly good reason for it, you make fun of the ones at top not at the bottom.

Though in the past there were some strange oddities, amazingly sexist to very fair and balanced. I saw one about the first female president, a comedy about the husband trying to cope with being number two, and it ended when the president got pregnant and resigned, thus restoring order to the family.

Comment Re: It's research... (Score 1) 145

Tee hee! Back in the day, one of the points I made to the old farts was that I had passed the 20 WPM exam and had my K6BP call to show for it, but refused to use the code on the air until the requirement was gone. Nobody spat at me or punched me out, the worst that ever happened was a poor behaving slim using my call and a postcard from the ARRL observer who thouht it was me.

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