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Comment Re:I hear Hillary participated in this study (Score 3, Insightful) 147

This was a classic case of little lies leading to big ones. NOBODY ever cared for one instant whether this guy was for the Iraq War in 2003. 70% of the population was for it. A normal person would say, "well, I guess I forgot I said that, since after all this was 13 years ago". But that almost sounds like an apology, or at least admitting to an imperfection- which he will not do unless an ISIS fighter is behind him with a sword. Instead he has to double down and construct an imaginary alternative universe of conspiracy theories where people are spreading malicious lies about him, trying to insinuate that he favored the Iraq War- as if anyone ever gave a flying fuck in the first place.

Comment Re:I hear Hillary participated in this study (Score 4, Funny) 147

...and she voted for the Iraq War. Donald Trump did not vote for the Iraq War, was against it, and said so. I hear people have tapes of Donald Trump saying he was for the Iraq War. It's all fabrications, all lies. Donald Trump does not tell lies. Donald Trump is a very honest person, very decent person. The best. The best. And all these people faking audio tapes, making all these fraudulent, phony, tapes, are all linked to Hillary's campaign rigging the election. All these people coming out of nowhere, saying "Trump, even though I never met him, he was for the war, I heard him say so on the radio." No witnesses. All lies. It's a huge scam, people, a huge scam. Donald Trump exhibits only a narrow subset of normal human behaviors which does NOT INCLUDE PATHOLOGICAL LYING but does include referring to himself in the third person- that makes me smart.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 480

Affordable day care is also for men. It's a good benefit for a company so that women AND men can afford to have children and be happier at work. If you think child rearing is only the woman's job then you may be a part of the problem.

Meritocracy is a myth. Just look around at all the mediocre men in the workplace and ask whether morons were the best of the bunch. Why does the below average male get a job in computing or engineering but the few women who get hired are above average? Because there's a different set of standards being applied. People don't hire based only on skills, abilities, and experience, they have biases. I hear those in candidate reviews sometimes: "I didn't really get along with so-and-so", "he seemed like a nice guy, I liked him", or "he had good skills but didn't seem like he would fit into our group". Hiring decisions are more emotional than logical, and that in itself is a problem.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 480

If I was the one in a hostile environment, I'd change instead of sticking it out. That's human nature. Which is a great excuse if it's only *other* people who have to put up with it. Lack of empathy showing here I think. It means that only those with the most endurance to stick it out get represented, which really is not a fair representation. A guy that shows up that doesn't want to make waves and just wants a conflict free work space has a much easier time than a woman who doesn't want to make waves and have a conflict free work space.

Men don't have to be better than average to get hired, but it seems that women do. Just look around at all the male idiots who get hired and retain their job. Much higher proportion of mediocre males than mediocre females in computing and engineering from what I've seen.

Of course you don't have to be in the majority to set the tone. You could have the tone set for you by HR or management (oh, but then the whining starts that they can't joke around anymore, have to watch what they say in the hallways, or otherwise behave like human beings).

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 480

Recruiting doesn't start at the corporation. It should start in grade school. Stop telling girls and boys about which jobs are for girls and which jobs are for boys. Retention is a problem because there are workplaces that are just too uncomfortable if you don't like a frat boy style of work, but the numbers are women going into computer science have been declining over time and that's long before retention should start being an issue.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 480

I don't understand why people don't see this as a problem. Why don't we have a 50% representation, like the demographics suggest, without resorting to lame "girls don't like tech" excuses?

More importantly, why are the numbers *declining* over the years? If there was some innate bias like some here insist, then why is it changing? Are our genes changing and mutating that much in only a few short decades? Or perhaps there are other factors at work,.

Comment Re: exageration much? (Score 1) 61

I'm a C programmer and I've written device drivers, but I need to ask: what makes a language suitable to write a kernel ? Once you have bit-level ability, ability to address the whole memory and inline assembly, that should be all you need, really. So why isn't there some kind of kernel, albeit experimental, in a very high level language ?

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score -1, Flamebait) 420

Zimmerman was a murderer who killed someone just to look tough. Best to say about him is that maybe he panicked and now he's just trying to cover up his mistake. Meanwhile someone utterly innocent is dead because some dude thought that neighborhood watch was all about shooting people.

Comment Re:Raised bar will be bypassed (Score 1) 111

The watermarking will just be removed and life will go on.

Hint: "real time". Can you identify the watermark without comparing your stream to someone else's stream? Can you do that while streaming your copy to a pirate repeater? Can you do that before sending out the first unique marker that identifies your stream?

I mean, if you can, you are indeed l33t. If not, the banhammer, she swings for you.

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