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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 97

Are we to raise an entire generation to think that shooting (imaginary) people until blood splatters the virtual screen is just peachy keen, but those photos of our trip to the nude beach are just oh so terrible?

I suggest you study your own question a bit more and I'm sure you'll come up with your own answer about the utility and value of violence (for the people who are part of the club ("it's a big club and you ain't in it" -- Carlin)) as opposed to the value of art, mementos, and porn (I suggest that porn itself is an art form).

- NSFW means "not sure for what?" What if you work at a pr0n shop??



Comment modded insightful WAS: Re:SJW (Score 0, Flamebait) 195

Take your alt-right political trolling and shove it up your ass.

Goddamn, the alt-right is fucking stupid.

Yes, that's ad-hominem. It's also not ad-hominem to call out dumbasses such as yourself bent on bringing /pol/ to Slashdot.

Fuck you.

BMO -- Who has karma to fucking burn. Eat a bag of dicks.

Comment Re:The Saudi government is barbaric (Score 1) 195

Just this week a U.S. President tried to veto an overwhelmingly popular bill that let U.S. citizens sue Saudi Arabia for their role in 9-11. So it seems a bit premature to declare their influence in American politics dead. Though it is an encouraging sign that at least Congress has the balls to stand up to them at least a little now--though only when the public overwhelmingly demands them to.

Submission + - Chromification Continues: Firefox May Use Chrome's PDF and Flash Plugins (

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla announced today Project Mortar, an initiative to explore the possibility of deploying alternative technologies in Firefox to replace its internal implementations. The project's first two goals are to test two Chrome plugins within the Firefox codebase. These are PDFium, the Chrome plugin for viewing PDF files, and Pepper Flash, Google's custom implementation of Adobe Flash.

The decision comes as Mozilla is trying to cut down development costs, after Firefox took a nose dive in market share this year. According to recent statistics, Safari has overtaken Firefox in terms of users.

Comment Re:Never was a reasonable conversation (Score 5, Insightful) 238

I simply have the right to decide what I put into my body, regardless of what you think about it.

If you had the magical ability to not spread viruses, I would accept your statement, but you do not. When you have measles, it is exactly the same as walking around town with a handful of hypodermic needles, injecting random passers-by with viruses. You violate everyone else's "right to decide what they put in their bodies."

You live in a society, made of other people. Therefore, you have some responsibility towards the others who you interact with to provide you with food, gasoline, clothing, education, fire protection, etc., etc., etc.

The good news is that vaccines don't need to hit 100% of the population to be effective enough to prevent an outbreak. "Herd immunity" prevents the wide spread of a disease when most of your neighbors are immune. A level somewhere between 80-95% vaccinated is enough to stop an outbreak. But that's a very high level to achieve voluntarily. Vaccines are ineffective in some people. Some people with auto-immune diseases, or undergoing certain therapies, or are just too frail, can't risk taking some vaccines. And some people are so isolated by either geography, finances, or intelligence that they lack the opportunities to learn that they need vaccinations. Between those groups, there is almost no extra safety margin for tolerating people who think they deserve some special exemption because they "believe in" something divine, or think they have some special rights that they themselves violate on a daily basis.

We don't have a special "isolation island" to keep unvaccinated people from putting the rest of us at risk. Instead, we pass laws that enforce schoolchildren to put something in their bodies, or else we deny them schooling. But that's all the control we have, so far. Instead, we have to rely on public health education, and hope people voluntarily comply.

What we really could use would be swift punishment for the anti-vax deniers. Unfortunately, that crosses swords with free speech. So instead, we have to hope we can convince people that anti-vaxxers are stupid, hostile, anti-social jihadist monsters who are trying to destroy humanity with their lies and bioterroristic weapons. It turns out that a disturbingly high number of people are so extremely gullible or stupid that it's not as effective a strategy as we need.

Comment Re:GAO is right (Score 1) 282

You do not DNS is just the first IP address your computer goes to when resolving a name back to an IP address. You have no power over my computer's DNS request, the entire United States of America has no power over my DNS address preferences be that or or .

That DNS is nothing much of anything and pretty much just a nickname matcher. In fact they can pretty readily cut back on it's import by listing the IP address with the nickname in the address window of the browser.

Either the US surrendered it or the rest of the world was going to take it anyhow by simply legislating that ISPs point their DNS request to a local state controlled DNS servers, done and finished. Those states are run by idiots.

Once any multi-national ISP gets big enough, it will scrap everyone else's DNS nickname servers and force it's customer to use in house DNS servers and auction of all the domain names again and it is quite legal for them to do so.

Comment Re:Cookieless browsing is free (Score 1) 87

From the article âoenew piece of digital content every minute.â, so that careful wording means bloody ads are including, as well as the cycling of ads. If fact if you are willing to waste sufficient time, you can see how they have skipped around that detail whilst trying to create the impression they are just talking about news articles et al.

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