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Journal Journal: I'mm Backkk!

Well for the second time in two weeks I again have mod points. After a two year drought. Wonder what gives... I guess I'll throw Taco and Co. some cash again.

Journal Journal: Is it Something I Said?

Ok, all you non-existant readers, what gives? In my first/last post I mentioned that I was getting a lot of moderaton points and inquired about how I should choose whether to post or mod in the Mars themed threads. I got no answers on the question, but aparently someone took offense, because starting a few days after that I have gotten no moderator points, none, nadda, zip, for the last few MONTHS.

Now I don't mean to get pissy here, but I have been a fathfull subscriber since /. started offering to let me pay, and I'm getting a little tight about this. So much so that next time my subscription runs out I will not renew it. All these good "Ask /."'s and no mod points... Anyone care to comment?

Journal Journal: To Post Or To Mod...

that is the question...

I actutally could go on with the Bard theme here but it will be simpler if I come right out and say it, in this, my first journal entry. I've had a personal debate going in my head for the last few days regarding all the Mars related articles. To post on the topic or to mod up the good posts? I would mod down the bad ones too, but there is no "Uninformed Moron" mod. Modding has been winning since its quick, but I still feel conflicted.

Those of you who might have actually read some of my posts might also have figured out that I am a member of The Mars Society. I have been since I read chapter 1 of Bob Z's first book The Case for Mars . I have a desire to argue with some of the morons out there that think going to Mars is some kind of sci-fi shit that takes hundreds of billions of dollars and XYZ technology that we don't have yet but will be here Real Soon(TM).

Anyway back to the point, I've been getting buttloads of mod points here lately. I mean like every day, sometimes two and three times in 24hrs. My karma has been excellent for a while, I'm not sure what has changed recently but it is kinda cool. I know I need a life... But dear Slashdot readers what do you think? If this works out I may actually start using this little feature more often.

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