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Comment Slashdor, Once Technical, Now Politically.. Left (Score 0) 71

That Verge article is an indoctrination piece. Garbage article from a garbage outfit. The submitter should have found a publication that deals with actual TV broadcasting and linked to that article instead of this verge garbage. Come on people, do Your Own Thinking instead of getting indoctrinated.

Comment Re:Grain of salt (Score 1) 170

Parent is on-point. Feds are using "fear" and "misunderstanding" in order to ground drones so they can continue burning ranchers out of their homesteads, bankrupting them, forcing them to free their land so it can be "reclaimed" in the name of "conservation" without being seen by the public. This, is the real reason.

Submission + - NHK to begin 8k test broadcasts in August

AmiMoJo writes: NHK, Japan's national broadcaster, has decided to skip over 4k entirely and go straight to 8k broadcasts, starting on the 1st of August. (Japanese site, English site with some details). 8k "Super Hi-Vision" delivers 7680x4320 pixels, 16x that of standard HD, at 120Hz progressive scan and 12 bit colour. Sound is 22 channel surround. Initial broadcasts are on satellite channels, with a full service due in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Comment Re:JESUS FUCKING CHRIST - THIS is Slashdot's colle (Score 1) 795

If you're wondering why we're questioning government-funded research that's been going on since Bush41 and was designed to obtain one and only one conclusion; that we are somehow warming the Earth and therefore need government oversight and regulation over every human activity that will, in the end, enslave our children, grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, etc... then yes, we are seeing thru the thinly veiled plan.

Submission + - Classic Rock Concert Website Set to Shut It's Doors

realperseus writes: I just received an email from Alex Reisner, the administrator of Classic Rock Concerts, a website that allows users to document old Rock concerts they have attended by telling their personal stories and uploading pictures of ticket stubs. His current site is a "Ruby on Rails application, currently running on Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3.18." His current host, Heroku has announced its plans to shut down the Bamboo stack on June 16, 2015 and recommends that all apps be migrated to the Cedar stack. Alex is looking to get the site upgraded to Ruby 2.0 at minimum and has started a Kickstarter to keep food on his table and a roof over his head while he carrys out this work.

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