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Comment Re: keyword: desperate (Score 3, Interesting) 172

Really? You are making this about immigrants? I am here on a H1B visa and if I lose my job then I will get deported within 24 hours. I will lose my house. I will lose my car. I will lose everything I worked for after I came to the states. You can start a business and fail and all you get is a bad credit score. If I start a business and fail I lose everything!

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 1) 433

--Like cars, computers will become boring sealed appliances, built mainly for safety & ease of use. Thanks Apple fans!

You're welcome. I look forward to this future where we can start doing stuff in stead of tinkering with our tools. Oh, and I want the new Camaro SS laptop when it comes out!

Comment Re:Soon, no more call centers (Score 1) 220

I don't know why it gets any special advantages at all.

It should have to physically push a buzzer.

Being able to control a small servo from a computer is really no great feat is it? Have you heard of automated garage doors?

... and a printer with comic sans makes this more impressive, how?

Also, it should have to watch the board itself.

Realtime OCR has been done on computers with much less CPU power. See Word Lens.

It should have no electronic linkages to any outside information.

It has to be able to parse the physical environment of Jeopardy, and interact with the physical environment of Jeopardy (At least while the show it running, it doesn't have to enter or leave under its own power.)

Until then, it's not really 'playing Jeopardy', is it?

All the other elements to playing Jeopardy can be easily solved. These guys are handling language processing. That is no small feat in itself. Try RTFA. It helps to appreciate what was done here.

Comment Re:Critical Thought. (Score 1) 531

Anyone who is thinking as they read instead of blindly ploughing through the words would have realized that Earth has not reached it's final century yet?

Perhaps we have, but we're less than 100 years into it.

We usually are less than 100 years into any given century, seeing as how a century is 100 years long.

Comment Re:DRM, restrictions, outcry (Score 1) 610

Which is why those of us to disagree with apple but use their product out of necessity exclaim, long live the jailbreak!

Out of necessity?! It's a smartphone for crying out loud! The only case where you are required to use an iPhone is when you work in iPhone development, and in that case you would not jailbreak it!

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