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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - One month on the app store - not rich yet (

iamflimflam1 writes: One month ago I published an iPhone application. I wasn't expecting a huge number of sales — after all, who wants to buy yet another Sudoku application! I was slightly disappointed by the initial sales figures (Who doesn't dream of hitting the jackpot). It's been an interesting month though so I thought I'd share my sales statistics.

For anyone planning to make a living from iPhone apps — take a look at the first couple of weeks of sales and make note of the fact that the app is selling for only $0.99. For those of you who like to dream of making it to the big time — take a look at the last few days of sales on the UK app store and imagine what it would like if that was happening in 50 countries!

If you don't want to read the artical, then here's the executive summary, first couple of weeks 0-10 sales a day, last couple of days 300-350 sales a day.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Xbox Live accounts collected by Phishers (

Xbm360 writes: "A collection of approximately 270 sets of login details that have apparently been phished via a fake XBox Live login page, appeared on Hacker sites.

The list, 27 pages long in Word format, would allow people to access stolen XBox Live accounts, some of which may have credit card details stored against them.

This list seems to be in circulation on a number of hacking forums; the majority of the accounts were phished between November and December of last year."


Submission + - Intel threatens to revoke AMD's x86 license

theraindog writes: AMD's former manufacturing division opened for business last week as GlobalFoundries, but the spin-off may run afoul of AMD's 2001 cross-licensing agreement with Intel. Indeed, Intel has formally accused AMD of violating the agreement, and threatened to terminate the company's licenses in 60 days if a resolution is not found. Intel contends that GlobalFoundries is not a subsidiary of AMD, and thus is not covered by the licensing agreement. AMD has fired back, insisting that it has done nothing wrong, and that Intel's threat constitutes a violation of the deal. At stake is not only AMD's ability to build processors that use Intel's x86 technology, but also Intel's ability to use AMD's x86-64 tech in its CPUs.

Submission + - UK Professor argues for teaching of creationism 4

jez9999 writes: Head of science at London's Institute of Education Professor Michael Reiss argues that there is an educational value in comparing creationist ideas with scientific theories like Darwin's theory of evolution because they demonstrate how science, unlike religious beliefs, can be tested. He said: "The number of Muslim students has grown considerably in the last 10 to 20 years and a higher proportion of Muslim families do not accept evolutionary theory compared with Christian families. "That's one reason why it's more of an issue in [UK] schools." "By not dismissing their beliefs, we can ensure that these students learn what evolutionary theory really says — and give everyone the understanding to respect the views of others," he added.

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