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Comment Re:The real reason (Score 1) 382

Yes, but states could, if they so cared, craft legislation that would protect existing dealers and allow for future innovation. Imagine a law that simply stated that a vehicle manufacturer has to declare up front whether a particular brand is going to be sold through dealers or directly from the manufacturer. There could be restrictions on changing that designation, like requiring they make the dealers "whole" (compensating for loss), or given them veto power to stop the change, etc. That would allow a new manufacturer, like Tesla, to enter the market, or an existing manufacturer to start up a new brand, like GM might have otherwise done with Saturn, via direct sales, without affecting dealers of existing brands.

Comment Re:Also Xerox (Score 3, Insightful) 181

Speaking as someone who was IRIF'ed during a large, showy reorganization at Xerox, I beg to differ:
And that move definitely destroyed the once-proud solid engineering traditions of the Phaser printer org that Xerox acquired from Tektronix. Used to be an amazing group of innovative engineers there, and now just a burnt out husk remains.

Submission + - Is Canonical's Qt Move A Mobile Power Play? (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: Many Linux users were pleased to hear that Canonical was going to include Qt libraries in the next version of Ubuntu. Brian Proffitt was happy, too — but he also sees what's in it for Canonical: a way into the mobile Linux space, something that directly effects the GNOME-centril MeeGo distro. Qt plus Ubuntu could add up to "a better MeeGo than MeeGo."

Comment Re:"Planing?" (Score 1) 227

I've wanted to ask a real linguist: is there a technical term for that construct? I know a few people here in the US Pacific NW who occasionally make use of that construct in day-to-day speech, and I'm curious about how much it has been studied. For example, does it have a well defined regional distribution?

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