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Comment Re: Is "ship with" really the big takeaway here? (Score 1) 370

I've only ever met a handful of brogrammers or neckbeards. They might be everywhere in the US but in Europe IT is mainly full of ordinary people with families and still there are few women. Male nerds also face a great deal of ostracism so that can't be the only reason either. Other professions such as medicine and law have plenty of unpleasant bro types as well but there are plenty of women in those professions. It's certainly not as simple as IT being full of monsters determined to prevent women from entering their precious male space.

Comment Re: Cue the feminists (Score 1) 566

In fact you said

For example, see how many women and people of color you find on this list:

. As to white heterosexual men being the root of all evil, does that include all the ones who died to defeat the Nazis, all the ones who founded charities or do charitable work and just generally those who are decent human beings and not genocidal lunatics?

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