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Comment Re: Congrats Linus (Score 2) 105

You know very well that that isn't what trigger warnings and safe spaces are used for. They're used to silence dissenting voices and create one dimensional echo chambers. Besides, calling a guy who was raped (which rad fems wouldn't give a shit about anyway) a fag or a pussy would come under "a climate of mutual respect" would it?

Comment Re: It's the OS that just keeps on giving (Score 1) 220

It's a legit reason for me. I could also give you the logs for when I installed Chrome on my Linux install which was a ridiculous hassle. I'd love to have a decent alternative to Windows but Linux still isn't it. Ironically it was far easier to use and more reliable back in 1999.

Comment Re: It's the OS that just keeps on giving (Score 1) 220

All my hardware works on Windows including the webcam even after the 1607 update. I can't say the same for my Linux install. I've never had a problem with Wi-Fi on Windows but it's been a constant thorn in my and many others sides for years and every time anyone mentions it it's denied and the person saying it gets abuse. Therefore in true Slashdot fashion since I have no problem with my webcam everyone who does is a liar, shill or moron.

Comment Re: It's not a bad thing (Score 1) 241

None I'd imagine but I'm sure they're not all Americans which is my point. White men are not one homogenous group with similar experiences but a hugely diverse group of people from different countries speaking several different languages. Even the experience of two different white men in the US can be wildly different.

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