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Comment People did -not- ok the upgrade (Score 1) 172

Microsoft might have popped up a window with a question, but that means nothing. And here is why:

Windows has a long-known bug, where if a new popup window opens it "steals" focus from whatever window you were working in. All of your typing is suddenly redirected to the popup window. This can happen before the popup is even visible, because the painting to the screen is a separate lowlevel thread in the OS.

So the user's keypresses go into the popup, and one of them is taken as the default button hotkey. Enter key will do it, in some windows Spacebar will do it. What do you want to bet that Microsoft set it to trigger on any key that was hit! 8-P

The popup question might have "eaten" a character, without the user even knowing that the popup had happend. They wonder what happened to the keypress, retype the word and continue totally unaware... Until later, when their computer is locked up (downloading) or gets "bricked". 8-{

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 106

If the bad "charger" provides 115 Vac to the phone, it will definitely blow the battery. And maybe the phone even if there is no battery in it! 8-P

And some designs have the charger regulator circuitry in the "charger" "plug", and if it's bad it can over charge the battery (but I don't know about this one)...

Comment Not what patents are for (Score 1) 109

Patents are -not- to protect your ownership of an idea, or to help you make lots of money.

Patents are to encourage people to -disclose- ideas so that they may be recorded and not lost, as happened many times in history (and before).
And it is part of the reason the U.S. (and now others) has advanced so far, so fast.

The normal way is to keep things a trade secret, which is great for the inventor but -not- so great for the nation or for humanity.

But a way to record prior art, that was never patented, would make things work much better! 8-)

Comment Re:Transcension Hypothesis (Score 1) 75

There is only one sensible answer to the question "where is everyone?"

That is: We are in Quarentine. No-one will speak to us, except an occasional bunch of kids that "sneak through the barbed wire".

As for not seeing anyone at a distance, south-sea islanders looking for smoke signals on the horizon would not see much, either! 8-)

(Of course, I'm wronging the south sea islanders, who knew quite a bit about navigation and the curvature of the earth.)

Comment Re:MS is the new IBM (Score 1) 276

M$ got big by being the one that spoke to IBM. Digital Research (CP/M and CP/M86) did not want to talk to them.

So M$ learned a -lot- from IBM, and have been trying to become them, ever since.

Way back in the late '70s, when Microsoft MBasic was the thing on S100 bus 8080 computers, Microsoft decided to make a memory board for the computers. Because MBasic was getting a bit bloated (and businesses needed bigger Basic programs) and the current static memory boards were a bit expensive ($800 for 4KB). They made a dynamic memory board and sold it for $400. But, they bundled it with the MBasic software and refused to sell either alone.

Not too bad, right? Except the dynamic memory boards did not work. Not just "some of them didn't work". None of them ever worked in any computer, that I know of.

Some friends and I took apart one board and reverse engineerd it. We put in new chips, cut runs and changed the circuits, nothing we did could make it work. Of course we were younger then. But we learned a lot doing this, and one thing we learned was that the chips used were not compatible with the S100 bus cycles and data control. It seems unlikely that Microsoft ever tested the boards!

So pretty soon everyone knew the boards were not working. Microsoft refused to take them back, and also refused to change the bundling. So businesses who had to have the MBasic software, had to buy the M$ memory board with it, throw the board away, and buy a Seals memory board instead.

That's Microsoft's idea of business... 8-{

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