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Comment Re:I am amazed that there is no current limiter (Score 1) 235

.... The protection diodes found within the USB host are only designed for ESD-like voltages and currents. They can not handle a high voltage being applied for a long time. ...

Electrostatic Discharge can be around 20,000 volts. What do you think makes the spark and the "snap" sound?
But it might be shorter than this thing, it depends on how big the caps are. And how long the devices can endure the overage.

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 325

It never ceases to amaze me how different people can be from each other. Something that tastes good to some people tastes awful to others. For you, Splenda "doesn't taste like sugar", yet for me it is the only artificial sweetener I will use because it takes just like sugar (to me). ...

That's true, even the same person's tastes can change over time, sometimes just a few minutes is enough.

To me "Splenda" tases like used motor oil and sugar is almost as bad, maybe because I eat so little of it now.

Artificial sweetners also tend to upset my stomach. It seems to be related to type 2 diabetes. So be careful giving stuff with artificial sweetners to anyone who has that...

Comment Re:All you flight software noobies.. (Score 1) 110

4) Fault handling is tricky - you can easily go down a rat maze of low probability events generating code (and hardware) to handle obscure corner cases, thereby increasing your test costs and time, and potentially introducing other faults. For a lot of plausible error scenarios, it's likely you're going to fail for other reasons, so there's no point in trying to do things like estimate state from other sensors. ...

That's true, but it can also encourage a habit of lazyness in the designs. And, an exceleration spike when the parachute opens or the landing gear locks, is not something that has low probability. It sounds like a lot of "not my job".

Comment Re:Filter or not (Score 1) 110

When the altitude stops changing for a whole second the filter is going to have to be a long one! And that ain't desirable for responsive control.

The real question is how could the sensory processor have overloaded in the first place? ...

... When I heard about the crash landing I literally said to a friend of mine, "I bet the subroutine that cuts the parachute loose so it doesn't land on top of the payload detected the thump of the parachute strings going-taught, determined that meant it was on the ground, and cut the parachute." ...

Mechanical devices can have really long "bounce" times, when it includes a parachute and riser lines it can easily be over a second.

Not only was their mechanical testing lacking, their simulation software should have also picked this up. And they had a similar failure when the landing gear opened, in a previous lander.

It sounds like they had a lot of scientists, but no engineers!

Comment Re:its a lie (Score 1) 534

Obama didn't say it's illegal to pardon Snowden, he said he can't. He may well have meant that as in when you ask someone to marry you on the first date and she says "I can't."

Saying something to a crowd that are of one opinion, that is going to make them angry, when they outnumber your security, is not good tactics!
Try standing in front of a crowd and saying something like that, likely your own instincts will not let you say it!
I didn't vote for Obama, but jeeze, cut the guy some slack! 8-)

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 1) 534

Trump needed news coverage, and not releasing the taxes gave him lots of free news coverage. Like "Hollywood" says, "there is no such thing as bad publicity!"
And it worked. Bet that when the taxes are finally released, it will turn out there was nothing wrong with them at all? After all, he has some very good accountants. ;-)

Comment Divide and conquer ? (Score 1) 154

I have to wonder if our country, or maybe the world, is under a "divide and conquer" attack. An attack that uses psychological warfare operations, through the news systems and media services (including social media).

Or maybe it's just the political parties doing it? Nah... they are not smart enough. 8-P

Am I just kidding? You tell me, I don't know for sure. 8-)

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 1) 477

I have seen half a dozen test descriptions, of different people's tests, over the last several months. Plus those ones on youtube, which are a bit "ad-hoc". One is even talking about a test in orbit "soon", but that one was not NASA.

A superconducting cavity, or just a gold lined cavity, would probably increase efficiancy by an order of magnitude or more (much more). And since the RF at that frequency does not penitrate the metal very much at all, a thin electroplate might be enough.

Should be interesting... 8-)

(Lets just hope that it does not have an "exhaust/side effect" that is the combination of indetectable and harmfull !)

Comment Re:The Unintended Consequences of Bad Math (Score 1) 624

You are, no doubt, familiar with the idea that a minimum sample size is necessary to generalize results to the population?

Well, what no-one seems to know is that the math works both ways, the results can not reliably be applied to any group -smaller- than the required sample size.

When you are faced with a single person, statistics cannot tell you -anything at all- about them!
This mistake is the cause of most racism and prejudice.

Comment Re:Back That Truck Up (Score 1) 624

From what I have seen, the older Snopes editors are more "even handed" in their articles, but the new hires have a noticable left bias. They probably don't even realize it, because most of the people that taught them considered it normal, or at least justified. But read several articles and it becomes noticable.

So it depends. But anyone can tell when a news service has a problem, because similar subjects from different sources are treated quite differently.

However, Snopes is not as bad as many others. And as pointed out above, the description of the research is most of the value of the site. When in doubt, skip the conclusion and read the research. (As with any kind of research reports.)

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