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Comment Re:Old stuff "discovered" by the ignorant (Score 1) 504

The models used for Economics need to include information flow as a resourse transport, bought and sold as needed. But I don't know any that do...

Over-simplification can kill anything. That's the difference between acedemics and real work, and why graduates tend to not be worth anything at first.

Comment Re:over-simplification of economy (Score 1) 504

WTF 1st grade math class did you fail out of? A straight line can have a positive, negative or zero slope. That is three options.

More then that, a line can be any shape and nothing real is ever straight. Economists talk about curves but draw straight lines. I don't think any of them ever took calculus, which is what you use to work with change. Real things change...

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 342

"Black and Decker" is no longer Black and Decker, the name was sold off. The current owners have little, if any, connection to the old design team and manufacturing.

That has happened to several of the old good companies, whose names should never have been sold but they were inherited by bankers... 8-(

Comment Long ago... (Score 1) 412

As I understand it, Verizon has not had an "unlimited" plan for many years! It was stopped a long time ago.

They just let people continue as they were to avoid controversy.

So now they say: Hey, that was stopped years ago. And also, you are being a dick. So stop or we cut you off.
Sorry, but they have a right to do that. They are not your parents...

Comment Re:Maybe Tesla SHOULD be blamed for this? (Score 1) 166

If slamming on the brakes causes an accident ...

Although that is true, it is not to be depended upon. If you are dead, it does not matter who was at fault...

Slamming on the brakes while in traffic is not a good idea, that is why they have deceleration lanes for exits.

And then there are the cases where slamming the brakes could leave you sitting right in front of an oncoming truck, when you might have passed and been clear. I saw this happen, a few years back.

People who are actively driving use a lot more complicated logic than that. But it is subconsious and they don't realize all they are doing. The robots are past that, too, even though they are much simpler than a human.

Comment Re:Maybe Tesla SHOULD be blamed for this? (Score 1) 166

Actually, choosing some things at random is thought to be used by the human brain. And is also useful in AI, in certain places. See "dithering" in servo controls and video processing.

But even if a "robot pilot" is in control, the human driver is still responsable. After all, you don't think the car manufacturer could be "responsible" without going broke, do you? ;-)

Comment Re:Maybe Tesla SHOULD be blamed for this? (Score 1) 166

Slamming on the brakes can be as dangerous as not hitting the brakes, and the cases tend to split about even.

Just because some government safety instruction said that, is no reason to believe that brakes are always the best lifesaver. Often they are not.

On the other hand, even a very rudimentary auto-pilot should be able to figure it a lot better than that.

Comment Re:Maybe Tesla SHOULD be blamed for this? (Score 1) 166

... Consider the thought experiment of having to select one of two options, where in one you die and in the other you kill somebody else, ...

This is like the "halting problem" in computer science, interesting theoretically but having nothing at all to do with anything real.

The answer is that it is up to the person who would be in control, and it is up to them to find a third choice. Which people do rather regularly. Two-valued logic is the source of much evil...

Comment Re:Warning: Windows 10 is draining your battery (Score 1) 374

Why is this marked Insightful? Processes doing nothing consume no CPU time and thus no battery power. Having Edge "running" in the background thus has no saying whatsoever. This is pretty basic OS knowledge! Hand in your geek cards immediately!

If the processes that are "doing nothing" are actually running timer ticks to check for events and conditions, then they are using CPU cycles and battery power.

And way too many application programs do this, as though the programmers never did understand event-driven operation. Even the M$ app writers. (Or maybe it is the driver writers. But the drivers allow both, usually.)

It's as though the app writers could not stand to lose the "spotlight"!

Comment Re:Old dog, old tricks (Score 1) 374

If you look at Microsoft's campaign donations pre and post monopoly conviction you'll see what happened. ...

My slashdot is set to show messages rate one and above. This message shows fully expanded, at 2 troll.

Does that mean that on SlashDot, the rating "Troll" is a -positive- rating? ... but I'm sure it is just a bug... ;-)

(p.s., the message is correct, from what I remember.)

Comment Re:Free (Score 1) 465

A great many of the older people, that we know, have discovered that email and chat is a lot easier than paper and stamps. Particularly for international correspondence. They have recently been using computers for many things and learning a lot. And for them, "recently" is longer than the millenials have been alive!

A lot of people still don't use the poplular tech, but a lot of them do. And not just the tech folks.

I have see "little old ladies" teaching kids how to use their cellphones, and about things like backing up data!

Comment Re:No more experts. (Score 1) 259

Glorify the experts - that's the first thing you do. With experts that people trust, you can spread pretty much whatever BS you want. So you Glorify them. You laud their intelligence, of being beyond reproach, whatever works.

Interesting how that was so interchangeable.

Both ways have been used many times, now and in the past...

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