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Comment Re:Progress (Score 1) 248

So instead of a 40MHz 486 and 8MiB of EDO RAM, we now require at least a 2,5GHz dual core with 1GiB of DDR3 SDRAM to accomplish the same thing on a web page.

Brilliantly said....its a neat tech demo, but really?

Comment Re:FaceBook adds Two Factor Authentication (Score 5, Insightful) 124

"Because if they steal your private data, we can't sell it to them!"

Thats so sadly funny... Facebook isn't even the least bit shy anymore, "just give us you cell/mobile number, its for safety!" I wonder what new data correlations and connections they can now make with that extra tidbit of data in that database version of you(in the database version of the world)

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Journal Journal: Slash*puke*dot 1

Oddly fun occurrence today when I refreshed my main page here, the lower QOTD type deal had regurgitated on itself....I give you slashpuke


Submission + - How To Hijack a Friend's Facebook Account (conceivablytech.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The security loophole described in this report allows an ex or frenemy to hijack your Facebook account within few minutes. It was discovered at University of Illinois and was reported immediately to Facebook. Interestingly and very surprisingly, other websites such as allfacebook.com pulled the report off their website. It is not confirmed whether Facebook has plugged the loophole.
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Journal Journal: The Wilderness Downtown

A friend just forwarded http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/ to me and advised me to check it out.....wow...I was seriously impressed with the use of HTML5, javascript, the timing between windows,sync with the song, the use of past life addresses to make the experience "yours"...if you have a few minutes I think its worth more than a quick look...I used Chrome to view, you most likely will have to also..

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