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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Safehouse: WSJ Clone of WikiLeaks is Potential Trojan Horse 2

Safehouse is the name of a new service that the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal just launched - in an apparent imitation of WikiLeaks. It promises a speedy submission "vetted by some of the world's most experienced and responsible investigative reporters and editors." But not so fast! "Being able to contact you if needed can greatly help our ability to pursue a story quickly. We strongly encourage you to provide contact info if anonymity is not required." Potential users had better take a good look at the terms of use, before committing that potentially sensitive document to Safehouse:

"We reserve the right to disclose any information about you to law enforcement authorities or to a requesting third party, without notice, in order to comply with any applicable laws and/or requests under legal process, to operate our systems properly, to protect the property or rights of Dow Jones or any affiliated companies, and to safeguard the interests of others."

Security researchers are beginning to offer their own analysis.

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Safehouse: WSJ Clone of WikiLeaks is Potential Trojan Horse

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  • *sarcasm on* Good thing they do not have many affiliates, with very little reach.... otherwise there may be a conflict of interest in what is editorialized or what suddenly requires applicable laws and /or requests under legal process,etc.etc. []
  • by PopeRatzo ( 965947 ) * on Friday May 06, 2011 @09:36PM (#36053844) Journal

    Who in their right mind would trust Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal to do the right thing?

    Seriously? You'd have to really be a knucklehead. Why not just send your leak in an email to Erik Prince and Al Clark so they can drop a thermobaric weapon over your house and vaporize you and all your "evidence"?

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