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Comment Hillary is still NOT a witch (Score 1) 257

As usual, I focused on the "funny" and "insightful" comments, and was sorely disappointed.

In particular, I'm still looking for a single substantive reason for the rabid hatred some people exhibit towards Hillary Clinton. LOTS of accusations of all sorts of vile behavior up to and including murder. DECADES of intensive and highly motivated partisan investigations spending MILLIONS of your taxpayer dollars. NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. People hate her because they want to hate her. One of the smartest fellows I know says it's ultimately just misogyny, but he's an Australian, so what does he know?

Having said that, I don't much like her. She's a pretty typical lawyer, and probably a good one. A good lawyer will represent the clients' interests well and faithfully, though it's obviously a special challenge when your clients are all the citizens of a giant country like the USA. I didn't like the family name thing, but she's only related by marriage, and I can't believe anyone can match Dubya's abuse of a once proud family name. Actually, even in retrospect it's hard to see the Clinton name as much of a "brand".

However, in terms of potential presidential damage, I'm convinced that Trump and Pence have the potential to be FAR more harmful than Dubya and Cheney. Amusingly enough, that's exactly what one of their largest voting blocs wants. Trump-loving Government haters would be delighted if the federal government collapsed, and many of them entertain delusions of revolution. Sorry, but I'm for evolutionary change over revolution, even though there are times when it looks like the system is broken beyond repair. The problem is that the outcome is still uncertain, whether it's from evolution or revolution, but a revolution has to kill a lot of people before it earns the label. With evolution you can usually wait for the losers to die off without actually killing them.

Also, I hate liars, and Trump is clearly the YUGEST liar I've ever seen running for a major political office. I think the biggest lie is around his real goals. He should have just come out at Gettysburg and said, "My government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1% shall rule the earth." That's obviously what he wants in his black heart.

However, if I were a woman, I'm pretty sure it would be the sexual assault thing. Honest Abe's Republican Party has finally been rebranded by Con Man Donald. Now GOP stands for the Grab Our Pussies party.

Comment Adjusting the tempo of Slashdot? (Score 1) 244

Lately it feels like looking for insight on Slashdot has become quite difficult, though I miss the humor more. I think that may be a problem with tempo. Not certain, but I speculate that the traffic volume is down, but the story tempo has remained unchanged. If that speculation is correct, then most stories fail to reach critical mass for discussion before they fall off the front page and effectively become invisible. Even worse, it would appear to be a negative feedback loop, in that less interesting discussions drives the traffic volume even lower.

Obvious suggestion is to reduce the number of featured stories to reflect the traffic volume, picking fewer stories of higher quality and keeping them visible and active for longer periods. However, the absence of a viable financial model also means it is unlikely whipslash et alia care that much...

Returning to the actual topic of this story, I have reached only three conclusions from many my experiences with Apple over the years:

  1. 1. Apple wants me to think THEIR way. Funny when you consider their old advertising slogan, but I respectfully decline.
  2. 2. Any sincere and honest discussion of Apple products must take place OUTSIDE of Apple's control.
  3. 3. It is exceedingly unlikely I will ever buy another Apple product of ANY sort.

Comment Censorship and why my MacBook Pro is my last Apple (Score 1, Interesting) 16

Let me start by saying that my MacBook Pro is a nice machine and I've enjoyed using it. These days I'm actually spending more time with it than with any of my other machines. However, I've concluded that Apple wants my soul, too, and it's not for sale.

Today's Slashdot is probably unsuitable for more details. I'm especially disappointed by the lack of "funny" posts. Even the few that get the mod aren't. Notwithstanding, eh?

I've concluded that today's Apple demands you think THEIR way. Kind of funny when you consider their old sales pitch, but I was always suspicious. Maybe it isn't Apple's fault? The rules of the game basically require American companies to become evil to succeed, and the degree of evil has become a minor concern. However, the assault on how I think is over my personal limits.

It started with the voice dictation. It seemed better than the other systems I was using, so I started doing more of my dictation on the Mac. However, it wasn't perfect, so I tried to get help and even offer suggestions on how to improve it. However, there seemed to be something funny about the help resources under Apple's direct control.

For example, the people in the stores were extremely enthusiastic, even fanatically and religiously enthusiastic, about Apple's products, but none of their advice or suggestions actually turned out to be helpful. Finally concluded they were hired for their highly positive attitudes, not for their technical knowledge.

I had higher hopes for the official forums, what Apple describes as "discussions". Soon noticed a funny pattern. Every question received a rapid response, but the responses were always mindless boilerplates. My questions included everything in the boilerplate because it had been easy to find the boilerplate answers and I had already tried them. It was obvious that the people posting the responses had not even read my question, but apparently they were motivated to act that way by Apple's point-based incentive system. Commenting about the irrelevance of the responses simply triggers censorship for not thinking the way Apple wants you to think. Sad.

I have reached only three conclusions from my experiences in those "discussions" on Apple's website.

1. Apple wants me to think THEIR way. I respectfully decline.
2. Any sincere and honest discussion of Apple products must take place OUTSIDE of Apple's control.
3. It is exceedingly unlikely I will ever buy another Apple product of ANY sort.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1) 257

As I recall it, he slightly qualified his remarks, but for illustrative purposes, let me paraphrase his qualification to illustrate the original problem:

"Some of the police are, I assume, good people."

Actually, this one one of the times when Trump may have stretched for a Level 3 lie of framing the context. Assuming that all but a few of the police are bad people is certainly a kind of frame.

Most of the time Trump is lying at Level 0 of self contradiction or Level 1 of counterfactual statements. My problem is I hate liars. Yeah, I know that no one is perfect or capable of telling the complete truth all of the time. Some liars are more equal than others. Reminds me how some imperfections, like sexual assault, are more imperfect that others...

Obviously I hope the Donald goes down, and hard, but the enthusiasm gap is hard to assess. Also, this is an unprecedented election in so many ways that it wouldn't be surprising if the polls are off.

Comment Re:But what about "its other content"? (Score 1) 77

Your biases aside, he is right you know.

Look at the drek released by sify. Or even History Channel.

Unless you happen to LIKE endless reruns of ancient aliens, bugnuts wrong conspiracy documentaries (sometimes about ancient Egypt), and really bad monster movies with really bad CGI, of course.

In which case, Netflix still has your back.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 77

A thing that is not netflix's fault. The big media giants want Netflix dead, so you have to use their streaming media offers that are bundled with traditional cable TV.

netflix has been fighting hard to keep good outside content, but is basically the victim of unfair market practices by big holding companies.

complaining that it is netflix's fault is idiocy.

Comment of course the do! (Score 5, Insightful) 77

Netflix has been on the recieving end of a concerted effort to kill it by the big media players, because they dont like the disruptive marketing model that netflix represents. that is why these media giants have categorically denied access to recent media offers, and keep hogtieing netflix in licensing disputes and changes.

Netflix knows exactly what people want, because even though they cannot stream the titles people want (because of the previously mentioned chicannery) they still record the search terms and frequency. knowing exactly what people want lets them make desirable original media, and turn the tables on the big media giants.

why else do you think ATT feels it needs to buy Time Warner on the auspices of "remaining competative", than to become the single largest media giant AND ISP, if not to cripple Netflix by strangling it for access to customers?

i mean, seriously.

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