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Comment Re:Absolutely nuttin' and no one (Score 1) 178

Basically your reply convinces me that you've never made a serious effort to read one of these EULAs.

By the way, I think I should clarify that I don't think Microsoft created the strategy. However I do think they've perfected it, and now it's almost SOP in large companies. The true solution of breaking the excessively large companies into smaller ones seems unlikely to be adopted.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 358

We're getting too far from Mars... Therefore I think that all I want to say is that I doubt the Saudis will use their sovereign fund is such wise and benevolent ways. I think the ruling family will just take the money and run, perhaps to Denmark where I think their sovereign wealth fund will be invested well. The extractionists are already committed to releasing way too much carbon and the end game doesn't matter if you are only thinking about dying with the most toys.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

I'm certainly not denying that Pence is terrible, but I believe he is terrible within normal bounds of awfulness. I even agree that his goals are egregious, but I think he is basically not that competent. In comparison, I think Trump is much less competent, but his damage potential is much higher because he can be played so easily. I'm not so much in favor of removing the Donald as in dis-empowering Bannon.

As regards Mars and the original topic, I'm not sure if Pence believes in the existence of Mars. What does his current Bible say on the topic? Pretty sure his first nutty religion believes in Mars, but much less certain about his even nuttier second choice.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 358

You're wasting your time. It might be sincerely stupid or proudly ignorant or paid to fake it, but that doesn't matter. Actually, it might matter in the third case if it gets bonus payments for replies such as yours.

My working hypothesis is that the mechanized propaganda efforts are working. I believe the Russians are the leaders, but I'm not sure why they would care so much on this issue. Even if the risk of detection is low, the possible benefits seems too far away to justify the effort. Yeah, tropical Siberia would be great for them, but it might not work out that way (unless they are also leading in climate modeling). In contrast, the extractionists certainly have short-term concerns that could justify their propaganda investments, even if they aren't as good at it as the Russians are.

I recommend This Changes Everything on the general climate change topic, thought it's flawed in some ways. On the cyber-warfare topic, I'm just about to start The Shadow Factory . I read Cyber War back in 2015, and it was rather disturbing, especially regarding the Chinese capabilities on both offense and defense, but I think the Chinese are quite worried about climate change.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

Not under that label (though I have studied some related material), but more importantly, you failed to establish any relevancy. Also, not even a nod to the original topic. Perhaps you want to suggest that logic will work differently on Mars?

Seems to me that you must be unaware of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem. Without checking the references I am aware that around 1931 he proved that no logical system of sufficient complexity can actually capture the notion of "truth". Gross oversimplification, but I'd recommend Godel, Escher, Bach if you're sincerely interested in the topic. Or even Godel's original paper.

Oh yeah. The punchline. You can fix the system by extending it. Unfortunately, every new extension is merely broken in a new way.

My point was that this Mars project is a form of political lie. Therefore the ontology of lies was relevant to describing what sort of lie it was.

Guessing wildly, but perhaps your point was some sort of knee-jerk defense of Herr #PresidentTweety. If so, then this recent video on do-it-yourself brainwashing is relevant, but it won't help you (because you are too busy brainwashing yourself):

Comment Re:Comment breakdown (Score 1) 246

Hmm... If I ever got a mod point to give, maybe that would merit a funny one?

However, as regards general problems with moderation, I'd prefer "happy" and "sad" as in the comment makes you feel that way. While I really wish there was more "funny" stuff on Slashdot (though perhaps my memories of more humor in the past are distorted), the problem with "funny" is how subjective it is. I think "happy" could capture the funny posts in a more 'objective' way.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

I'm trying to remember if I ever got to the point of calling Dubya anything else. Maybe my problem is that I can't respect the office apart from the occupant?

I wish you would offer a more constructive alternative, however. Perhaps Bannon's title should be "Acting President" or "De Facto President"? Then again, I'm still hoping that Pence assumes the first title via the 25th. That seems to our only hope for an escape to a future in which a Mars colony might be part of mankind's future. Bad as Pence would be, I don't think he's really that much of a game changer, whereas Trump tends to break everything he touches beyond the point of repair... Pence may delay us, but Trump may break center field (of civilization) so badly that no one can play it.

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

Self-contradiction is the lowest form of lying. I rate it at Level 0. You don't even need to check anything to know that at least one side is false. (Interestingly enough, it is logically possible for both sides of a contradiction to be false, but not for both sides to be true.)

Just for reference, Level 1 is counterfactual statements. Trump gets to this level pretty often, though it's hard to be sure because he may then slip in the true facts and create the self-contradiction. However the problem of Level 1 lies is that any fool can check the facts.

Level 2 lies of partial truth are where the lawyers excel. Yes, Hillary went to this well often, but Trump rarely gets this far. Understanding reality and dividing it into pieces takes a lot of work and some skill and the Donald lacks what it takes. Best he can do here is stay on his teleprompter as scripted by lawyers.

Level 3 is the domain of the propagandists. My current generalized description is "framing" for this the techniques at this level. In Heinlein's original formulation, it involved presenting the truth in a way that causes it to be rejected. Today's so-called Republicans are especially fond of the related technique of redefinition of terms, such as redefining "liberal" to mean "socialist" which has already been redefined as "dictatorial gawdless communist". Push polling is an impressive technique, closely related to election fraud by selecting voters before the voters can select the politicians (either through gerrymandering or selective disenfranchisement). People like Karl Rove and Steve Bannon live and breath at this level, but #PresidentTweety remains blissfully unaware.

So much for the reference section, eh? Now to bring it back to the ACTUAL topic at hand, which is supposed to be why Trump signed some sort of pledge to send men to Mars,

I think I have to dismiss this as a Level 2 lie. The part that is real is that there are many people who have visions of a glorious future for mankind, including expansion to other planets. However the missing part of reality is that our civilization may destroy this planet to the point where we lack the resources to sustain any sort of advanced civilization, let along possess the YUGE surpluses that would be required to colonize Mars.

No, I'm not a Luddite. I personally like technology and even agree that the long term trend has been upwards. However I think the oscillations are becoming too extreme and we are poised on the brink of a major downswing...

Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 299

I think there is a great deal of confusion about what "troll" means. Actually, I have concluded that one of the most broken parts of Slashdot moderation is the use of negative moderation that is not part of positive moderation. I'm not saying that negative moderation shouldn't exist, but rather that it should be part of a symmetric relationship and I think Slashdot would be a MUCH better place if the scales were tilted in favor of good behavior rather than bad. (I also believe that the moderation of posts should be reflected in multidimensional karma.)

As it applies to the topic of a "troll", I think a true troll would score negative on the "polite" dimension as well as negative on the "accurate" or "sincere" dimensions. For what little it is worth, I try hard to be accurate and sincere, but too often I can be provoked into tat-for-tat rudeness. (No, I'm not certain what the best dimensions would be, but it's evidently moot since I've seen no recent evidence of Slashdot moving or evolving in any positive direction. I think that lack of movement is ultimately due to the bad financial model.)

As regards the "off topic" category, again, I think it's a negative moderation without positive balance. Perhaps the positive dimension is "relevance"? I also suffer from an excess of connectivity, so apparently I see clear and to-me obvious relationships where other people apparently see nothing. I do NOT believe that #PresidentTweety has any sublime vision for the future of mankind, and only a grubby and delusional vision of what America is, was, or should be. Even if he has delusions of commercial real estate speculation extended to Mars it could not be for his personal benefit. At the same time, I have seen persuasive evidence that Trump sometimes signs things without even understanding what he is signing, so I attempted to make a little joke about acting president Bannon having an ulterior motive. Not sure where to suggest that you start looking for evidence of that relationship between Bannon's philosophies and destruction of the earth, but This Changes Everything is an interesting presentation even though it was written before all of this Donald stuff began.

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