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Comment Re:And this is how we die (Score 2, Interesting) 1343

Just for the record, in case your knowledge of geography is sub par (is that common among Americans?), Waterloo University is in Canada and this report is from Toronto. Not that this doesn't apply South of the border. Canada and the US are intimately linked in culture and sometimes stupidity.
The educator in the article however said this has been going on for decades. So it can't entirely be blamed on myspace and sexting. It's really because of the lack of grammar classes in primary school. I learned grammar from reading a lot of books when I was a kid. I'm still a reader, but most of the people I know never read anything except email and a few articles online. Perhaps the decline of reading can be squarely blamed on changes in popular culture. Between the lack of parenting and the idolization of idiots on tv (eg. shows like Jersey Shore, any daytime talk show and all of Fox News) kids these days don't stand a chance unless they decide early on to become nerds. And that decision can have serious repercussions.

Comment Re:For being the opposite of Bush (Score 1) 1721

The BBC is a trusted news source and is certainly better than almost anything in the US. But that doesn't mean it's without bias. If you really believe that then you're just naive. I and several others I know have noticed a more pronounced conservative bias in BBC reporting in recent years. Especially since the fallout of the Hutton Inquiry. This may not be noticeable in comparison to the worthless right wing drivel that Fox News puts out, but if you consider Fox News a worthwhile news source, then you've already got problems.
But even with a bias, left or right, BBC's reporting is still very good. If you have the ability to, dare I say it, think for yourself then you should be able to form your own opinions based on the amount of information you can get from sources like the BBC.

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