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Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 150

Of course, you're the typical white college educated male. The system, designed for you, will not be particularly changed for you regardless of the next president. For everyone else, it's a different story.

So it's easy for you to be smug and treat your vote like the bauble you think it is, because to you it is insignificant. You're set no matter what.

Comment Re:Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 1) 256

Unix managed to evolve beyond this though.

Yes, it evolved to the point where we no longer had to allocate space for our main memory in the paging file. But Unix systems still include paging by default, even though it is stupid when RAM is cheap. It's goddamned pointless because if a process runs away and eats all the RAM I want it killed, not swapping.

I am not using any paging space on Windows or Unix. My Windows 7 system has 16GB and my Ubuntu system has 8GB, and there's no need for paging thankfully. This isn't even a lot of RAM any more, it's a pittance.

Comment Please,sir, will you root my PC? (Score 1) 256

The laundry list of what you can and can't do with Windows 10 is so noxious and Windows control so pervasive, someone with a new Windows 10 installation needs to effectively root the machine. Some URLs (MS telemetry) cannot be blocked by firewall. The administrator/user will not have access to the hosts file. (Boot under Linux and edit hosts file? Maybe or maybe not.) The owner/administrator needs a further level of root privilege (or just REAL root status in the first place) to prevent MS and its corporate industry partners from setting non-modifiable advertising and and hosts.ini to default settings via hardware-- if Intel were on board even running Linux could be subject to mandatory privileges blocking no one could avoid. We have to realize what is happening- MS is turning into Verizon and intel PCs are locked-down Verizon phones. Do we want to have to root each new PC we set up, or go en masse to Apple? That may be how it is lining up. Is there anything at all we can do? At this point with the Win10 handwriting on the wall I see nothing but converting to Linux or Apple as a group. MS is apparently getting ready to sign its own death warrant. We need to get really angry and DO something? (It's Apple with VMs for me.)

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 150

Still better than pissing my pants in terror.

Seriously though, under Hillary, the stock market's not gonna collapse, and ISIS aren't going to overrun the country. She's not going to be able to pass any meaningful gun control and I highly doubt any 'upgrades' to Obamacare are in play 'til at least 2020. Hell, she probably won't even have the Senate either, which means the SC isn't in play til 2020 either.

Similarly, most of Trumps foreign policy BS will be steamrolled by DoD inertia, he's not going to institute a theocracy and he ain't going to be Putin's BFF.

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 128

One generally uses a long, complex password for their password vault (which is fine, since you only have to remember the one password).

No. One does not. Because one needs to repeatedly enter that password in everytime one access anything, from as menial as slashdot to as important as one's bank.

Plus one needs to be able to enter it on a smartphone too; again... repeatedly.

Remembering a long complex password is easy. Repeatedly entering it over and over and over again is painful. So the practical length of most people's vault key is relatively short.

So while my bank password is long and complex and random, and i don't even know what it is; my vault password is shorter and easier for me to remember and use.

So my bank account and so forth is secure from bruteforce attacks directly on it, as well as immunity from password re-using since each is random.

My vault is relatively secure, you'd need to get a hold of it from me; and the vault password is relatively secure, but its not a 200 character pass phrase... simply because I'd go mental entering something like that in over and over again... or on a smartphone.

I've actually mitigated it a little bit as I use different vault files for different passwords, so I've actually got a couple vaults; and the vault the bank account is in is harder than the junk account vault, but while its better its still not ideal.

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 363

and then they have to go and add a full Ubuntu kernel as a subsystem.

There's no Ubuntu kernel there. It's the other way around - the kernel is still NT, with a Linux syscall emulation layer. The userland is full Ubuntu sans the kernel.

All in all, very similar to FreeBSD Linux emulation that has been around for a while in principle, if not in low-level architecture.

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