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Comment Are you kidding? That is a prime example (Score 1) 725

You have got to be joking, that was one of the more calculated tweets. He knew the press would react immediately to any criticism of anyone black. Except that Trump's criticism was accurate, so it actually weakened John Lewis (who was coasting on a history of civil rights support fifty some years ago until that point with no accountability for current inaction) and also made the press look stupid for fervently protesting against a valid point. Even black women in Atlanta (Lewis's district) agreed with Trump.

And you call that uncalculated... that tweet was carefully chosen in target to increase black support for Trump.

Comment Re:ENDED is not a verb (Score 1) 158

Both are verbs.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
I often start my car before I put on my seat belt.
I had trouble starting my car this morning, but it started fine yesterday. It usually starts fine.

The exam ends at 3.
Classes ended early today.
I bet she will end the relationship after the trip.
We must end the war on drugs.

Comment Not impulsive at all (Score 4, Interesting) 725

It amazes me that people continue to believe Trump is impulsive. There's nothing impulsive about anything Trump does; it's all extremely calculated. If I didn't know better I was say the press were in collusion to spread that myth in order to make people underestimate Trump, but as usual Occam's razor applies and the press are just full of idiots.

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 173

Your opinion does not agree with the conclusions of the HTSA report.

Uh, yeah, it does.

Conclusion is that indeed some periode of inattentiveness exist but rarely bigger than 5 sec. So the 7 seconds in which the driver did not react to the truck crossing his path is very exceptional.

Wow. No it didn't really say that at all. Look at figure 10.

ACC driving -- that's just with adaptive cruise control. people paid attention. 94.59% of the time people looked away from the road it was under 3 seconds. The remain 5.41% was under 5. They never looked away more than 7.

Add "lane assist" (LAADS with no counter measures) and suddenly 8.33% of the time people looked away it was for more than 7 seconds. That's huge... HUGE... like 1 in 12 times you glanced off the road it was for more than 8 seconds.

So Tesla added counter-measures (that's features to alert the driver they aren't paying attention); that's the LAADS column. And that made a big difference, down to 3.72% from 8.33% for glances longer than 7 seconds. But that's still around 1 in 25 glances off the road were *longer* than 7 seconds. 1 in 25 is not "very exceptional"... sure its a lot better than 1 in 12. And 1 in 4 glances off the road are more than 3 seconds. Compared to one in 20 with just adaptive cruise control.

That tells you that yes, I was right, that absolutely, all the data shows that drivers are much less attentive and engaged than they are if they have to steer themselves, even with counter measures.

Secondly they looked at the amount of accidents and collisions of Tesla's before and after the Autopilot was introduced. They fell by 40 percent.

That's not relevant, because what I proposed as an alternative would retain all the collision avoidance benefits.

In my opinion a good attentive driver, even with automatic systems engaged, will still keep his attention where it belongs: on the road.

The study clearly shows a substantial drop off in engagement. Even with counter measures the number of off road glances more than 7 seconds goes from never to 1 in 25. And the number of off road glances exceeding 3 seconds nearly quadruples.

Consider how many off-road glances drivers collectively make -- LAADS systems represent a MASSIVE drop in how much attention is being paid to the road. The LAADS systems may well enable that to be relatively safe, but don't kid yourself for a second that drivers are just as engaged with driving with the systems on as they are without them. The data you cited doesn't bear that out at all.

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