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Comment No wonder they are looking for more things to do (Score 1) 183

From the link about the lawn mowing:

Posti has developed new home-delivered services to add more work to mail delivery operations,” the statement said. “Traditional mail volumes are falling, but mail routes nevertheless reach some 2.8 households on every weekday.

If I only delivered to 2.8 households each week day, I'd have a lot of spare time on my hands too.

Comment Re:Empathy (Score 1) 460

Fortunately, things were a bit slower back then and glob ordering being what it is I was able to ctrl-C it before it got further than /bin. With rcp being in /usr/bin/, I was able to (carefully) recover from another system.

I also did that years ago on a Sun 1 system, only got part way through /bin. Recovered the contents of /bin from a release tape. Learned to be a bit careful after that.

Comment Re:$300 to read books? (Score 4, Interesting) 171

like i'm going to dump my ipads and phones to buy this

Well, if you actually like to read a lot, it might be worth it (to acquire an e-paper reader, not dump your other stuff). The e-paper displays are readable outdoors in full sunlight, unlike LCD displays. I did try my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with its AMOLED display outdoors, but had to turn it up to full brightness to even see it, with the resulting loss of run time. I also had to go back indoors first to find the brightness slider. It also suffered from reflected light glare, which my Kindle Voyage does not so much.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 310

I'm all for having choices but I'm willing to bet anyone going back to a 4" screen is going to regret it within a day or two.

Maybe, but for those of us who still use 4" phones, this is a nice option. Personally, I don't want a larger phone, I'd like mine to fit into my pockets without a struggle, and to fit my hand nicely without feeling like it wants to jump out. If I need to use a larger screen, I'll switch to my tablet, laptop or desktop.

Comment Re:Power line frequency (Score 1) 291

AFAIK, that's not to change the long term frequency, but to allow more phase noise.

You are right, I thought, however I had read something about the variations could run for extended lengths of time and that corrections might be applied to bring the total cycle count to the correct value only on a daily basis.

Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 165

OpenJDK does not suffer of this bad update process because distributions use their package manager to push updates.

That assumes one allows unattended updating or a strict adherence to checking and installing the updates manually, or not being allowed to install updates because it can only be an approved configuration and the configuration change board never meets...

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