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Comment Re:SSD's will be more attractive now (Score 5, Insightful) 304

That is only really true for primary drives. Many people have been buying primary drives which are significantly larger than they need because prices are so low. Now this will push people who are on the fence about which way to go to buy SSDs which are more appropriately sized for a primary drive, but for anyone who wants storage space, the price per GB still makes hard drives the better buy.

Comment Re:News: It wasn't a crash ... (Score 1) 244

I saw the aftermath myself on my way home from work yesterday. At the time I drove past, all that was left was the Google car. The front end was not as you suggest barely touched, it was actually pretty messed up. The reason the cop was at the scene was that the accident occurred in the left lane, and at least the Google car if not the other cars stayed in the lane. The cop car was behind the Google car with it's lights on as a safety precaution. The Google car was waiting for a specialty tow truck.

Comment Due to stereotypes? (Score 2, Insightful) 122

I would imagine that part of the reason for this is that the idea that so many adult sites are infected drives adult sites to be very careful, so they don't get infected. If it gets out that an adult site is infected, there are plenty of others out there for people to go to, adult sites simply can't afford to become infected.

Comment Re:Wrong... (Score 0) 186

I hate to break it to you, but a 4830 bought now is going to trounce any sub $50 card available right now (The best I can find is a 9500GT which isn't even a gaming card), and it will beat anything available at the sub $50 price point for at least the next year.

Comment Re:Alienware are overpriced anyway (Score 0) 665

Hardware is one of my hobbies, and no matter how many times I build and rebuild, I never get tired of it. Give me a price ceailing, and a description of what you will be using the system for, and I can have something speced out within half an hour most times. Dell and HP and the like use lower quality parts. You will get the same processor, and probably the same name brand video card, but other than that, you will get a locked down and hard to upgrade motherboard, low speced RAM, typically a lower end hard drive and DVD drive, and worst of all, a power supply which will never support any sort of upgrade. Not the mention the terrible cases, and non standard form factors some companies love to use. To know that you are being ripped off for the cost of parts, all you need to do is look at the price it takes you to upgrade from one video card to another, then compare the difference with the difference in the cost of the cards should you buy them elsewhere. As for my time, sure it's worth something, but just because my time is worth something should I hire someone else to mow my lawn? The point of my post was that for a decent computer on a budget, you build your own. If you don't, it won't be as good or as cheap as if you had put it together yourself.

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