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Comment Don't Hold Your Breath (Score 4, Interesting) 251

This demo came during the 'Sneak Peaks' portion of the conference. The technology may never make it to market.

That being said, I was at MAX and the demo was as amazing as it looks. Essentially, the software determines the motion/jitter of the camera at the time the photo was taken (i.e. figures out what caused the blur) and then undoes it. I can't imagine why they wouldn't include this in future version of photoshop.

Comment Re:Why not DIY? (Score 1) 533

We *love* you. What do you think happens when we collect your PC and find unauthorized upgrades? Let's just say that us 'IT Weenies' have a big box of free, new-ish spare parts to use as we please (usually for personal projects) because you're dumb enough to go out of *your* pocket. Thank you.

Maybe in the future you could try sticking to your own job and let us do ours. We hate slow computers as much as you do (if not more), but what we hate more is getting reamed for going over-budget with needless upgrades.

How Nintendo's Mario Got His Name 103

harrymcc writes "In 1981, tiny Nintendo of America was getting ready to release Donkey Kong. When the company's landlord, Mario Segale, demanded back rent, Nintendo staffers named the game's barrel-jumping protagonist after him. Almost thirty years later, neither Nintendo — which continues to crank out Mario games — nor Segale — now a wealthy, secretive Washington State real estate developer — like to talk about how one of video games' iconic characters got his name and Italian heritage. Technologizer's Benj Edwards has researched the story for years and provides the most detailed account to date."

Comment Who will control the cost? (Score 1) 217

The answer to the submission's query is so simple that it's mind-boggling that folks at the NYT and elsewhere haven't even considered it. Who will control the cost of the NYT on digital readers? The Consumer.

If iPad/Nook/Kindle/netbook/etc users aren't willing to pay the price for the product, the Times will have to bring the price down until enough people are willing to pay.

This is an ongoing problem with print media. They think they're still playing in the arena they've been in for the last 100 years. It ain't so, and the awakening will be a rude one for them.

Comment Official Statement from the school district... (Score 1) 941

They claim that the capability was designed to find lost or stolen laptops ONLY so if it was used in this manner is was apparently done so improperly. The Superintendent seems to claim that only the IT group can activate this or see the images so it remains to be seen as to what happened here but I have some thoughts....

From watching a video from another school district that I found in the comments on BoinBoing some schools sometimes see the students because the students run apps on their desktop that display video from their own WEB cam. Photobooth was the app mentioned in that story and the desktop appeared to be OSX so not likely the same software here but possible a similar program.

Lastly, if they have the capability to remotely control, as this other school did, then they could also be launching apps or installing apps that are allowing this kind of peeping - not cool IMO.

Comment Re:Don't take candy from the government (Score 1) 941

lol. "at the risk of being hungry"? I'M at the risk of being hungry ... if I forget to pickup the groceries! What the hell does that even mean??

Anyway, you're not quoting the 1990 census, you're quoting, which automatically makes me skeptical of the claims. Let's try to find a non-biased source of info, shall we?

The stats do show that around 20% of American children live in "poverty", but the western definition of poverty is rather loose. According to wikipedia:

In 2007, 46% of poor households in the US owned their own homes, 30% had two or more cars, and 63% received cable or satellite TV.

When a "poor" family owns two cars, a TV, and all manner of electronics, it's ludicrous to claim that they can't feed their children. You're either saying that these people have a truly fucked up sense of priorities, or your claims make no sense, and these children are in fact getting plenty of food.


Grateful Dead Percussionist Makes Music From Supernovas 57

At the "Cosmology At the Beach" conference earlier this month, Grammy-award winning percussionist Mickey Hart performed a composition inspired by the eruptions of supernovae. "Keith Jackson, a Berkeley Lab computer scientist who is also a musician, lent his talents to the project, starting with gathering data from astrophysicists like those at the Berkeley Lab’s Nearby Supernova Factory, which collects data from telescopes in space and on earth to quickly detect and analyze short-lived supernovas. 'If you think about it, it's all electromagnetic data — but with a very high frequency,' Jackson said of the raw data. "What we did is turn it into sound by slowing down the frequency and "stretching" it into an audio form. Both light and sound are all wave forms — just at different frequencies. Our goal was to turn the electromagnetic data into audio data while still preserving the science.'"

Submission + - Google Gets Its iPhone Voice ( 1

snydeq writes: Google has found a way to let iPhone owners use Google Voice, launching a Google Voice Web app that runs on iPhone 3.0 OS devices, as well as on Palm WebOS devices. The Google Voice application leverages HTML 5's functionality for running sophisticated Web applications on a browser at speeds matching those of native applications, Google said. The Google Voice-iPhone conflict is one of several issues putting the companies on a collision course, the latest of which involves Apple potentially courting Microsoft to tap Bing as the iPhone's default search.

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