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Comment Re: Really? (Score 2) 528

Thirty yards, or 150 feet. And, I used the term "maximum effective range", rather than "extreme range". Yeah - the pellets might break that 200 foot ceiling, but what are they doing? Moving slow, and decelerating, thanks to gravity. They'll bounce off a goose, or a duck.

In this case, all a pellet has to do is get in the way of a flimsy piece of plastic/carbon fiber rotating extremely fast. That will easily break a propeller. In this case, the only real damage from the shotgun was breaking a prop or two. The rest of the damage is from the crash.

Comment Re:shooter should have talked to owner first (Score 1) 528

just so I understand you correctly, you are saying you have the right to shoot down a drone that flys over or even hovers over your yard? As opposed to other options, such as trying to talk to the owner. Or call the cops. Or anything else?

I was trying to make 2 points:
- hobbyist drones are not spy devices. Look at the videos produced from them and people will see.
- Firing a weapon in an uncontrolled environment should be reserved for situations of imminent bodily harm. (Controlled environment being a shooting range or similar. Not a residential neighborhood.)

please look at this video:

Comment Re:Where is the drone video itself? (Score 1) 528

In this case, the ipad app stored the data. I use APM Copter on pixhawk controllers, and am not intimately familiar with DJIs. In the case of the pixhawk, the telemetry is stored on flash. There is also a separate radio for telemetry and MAVLink commands.

So a remote computer, ipad, or android device could also log the telemetry as thing happen.

Comment Re:Where is the drone video itself? (Score 1) 528

The card was gone when they got it.

If you look, it is a microsd card, with no locking mechanism on the outside. It most likely flung out with much force when it hit the ground. When the quad crashed, it probably turned/tumbled a few time flinging the card out in an unknown direction. Have you ever tried to find a microsd card in your yard? (Good luck)

Comment Re:Why does his telemetry say ground is at -46ft? (Score 1) 528

When the toy hits the ground, his 'telemetry' says -45.9ft.

The altitude is relative to the take off position. We don't know the topography of the area around. If the drone took off from an elevated from normal height, that doesn't make his actual altitude lower. It means it is higher

Comment shooter should have talked to owner first (Score 1) 528

I own and fly quads. I'm usually flying to get images/video of buildings, architecture, and land. Large object that film very well. Not people.
hobbyist "drones" are loud and are not good at spying on people.

If the shooter had gone and talked to the drone owner, he would have seen what limited view the owner has.

In general, the shooter is in trouble for shooting a gun, not damaging the drone. If the drone was down at 10 feet, then you would be within your rights on your own property to toss a net onto the drone. Maybe you could use one of those air cannons that shoot shirts. Again, if the drone is within range of that, then I highly doubt you will be arrested and/or charged for firing it.


Canadian Prime Minister To Music Lobby: Here's Your Copyright Term Extension 121

An anonymous reader writes: The Canadian government's decision to extend the term of copyright for sound recordings in the budget may have taken most copyright observers by surprise, but not the music industry. The extension will reduce competition, increase costs for consumers, and harm access to Canadian Heritage, but apparently all it took was a letter from the music industry lobby to the Prime Minister of Canada. Michael Geist reports on a letter sent by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the music lobby on the day the change was announced confirming that industry lobbying convinced him to extend the term of copyright without any public consultation or discussion.

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