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Comment You just now started worrying? (Score 4, Insightful) 78

Only a koolaid drinking disingenuous douche-shill thought that the government was magically trustworthy with Obama but all of the sudden is magically not to be trusted anymore because there's a new president.

Especially because it's pseudo-intellectual bullshit since the cancerous unelected unaccountably bureaucracy that actually runs the government doesn't care about who is in charge.

The government is 100% as trustworthy today as it was the during your god and personal saviour Obama's reign. It is left as an exercise to those of us with more than two brain cells to determine what that trustworthiness level is.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score -1) 610

If they're willing to let people work full time then they should be willing to pay full time wages

- what the hell is a 'full time wage'? I can come up with jobs all the time. As Louis Black said: I could hire a twenty year old model looking woman to wash my balls for me all the time. I am walking and she is scrubbing, nothing sexual (supposedly). It could be a 16 hour a day job for her, why not? However I am not able to hire anybody for that job at the price that I am willing to pay for it (let's say I would pay 1 dollar an hour for that service). No 20 y.o. model looking woman would take the job and that's how the market works: both sides need to agree, it takes 2 to tango (and 2 to wash balls, one with balls and one with hands).

If nobody takes that job that's the solution that you are looking for:

If someone's working 40 hours per week then they shouldn't be sleeping in their car out of exhaustion because they're struggling to pay their bills. Nobody who works full time should live in poverty.

- you are saying nobody should be..... OK, that's what you say. However if somebody wants to do the job of washing my balls and they know that the job pays $1 an hour, you would say: it should be illegal for me to offer the job but more importantly for the other person to take the job.

So I can live without that constant ball washing, however for somebody that could be just what they need for X number of reasons, you are not making my life that much worse, you are standing in the way of the people who are interested/willing/need that job from getting it.

Comment I don't even like Uber but (Score 0, Troll) 610

"I left my job thinking this would work, and it's getting harder and harder," Howard said. "They have to understand that some of us have decided to make this a full-time career." Howard

Yeah, fuck you. The world doesn't owe you anything and even Uber's own ad campaigns bend over backwards to emphasize that this is supposed to be a side gig to make some extra money.

Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score -1) 281

Government laws cause the drugs to be that expensive in the first place. There shouldn't be such a thing as government ran FDA. A rating agency can exist without a government involvement. But of course I am 100% on board that there shouldn't be any copyright or patent laws in the first place. Let the authors protect their own rights without any artificial government created and protected monopoly.

I say drug companies need to rely on trade secrets if they want that monopoly, not on any dorm of government intervention. As to prices being 'unfair', that is a load of crock in the free market. Unfortunately we don't have a free market especially where it comes to the drugs, we gave government oppression instead.

If I invent a cure for cancer or HIV or anything serious, I would only sell it as a treatment in a protected facility, so that the information in it would stay private for as long as I can keep it. The price would be whatever I say and if a government comes for it I would much rather see it destroyed, wiped out rather than sine collectivist government violate my private property rights.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score -1) 1545

I expect to there be less government under Trump, I may be wrong though. I expect reduction in government interference to the individuals (and when I say individuals I do mean people who are mostly abused by the power, those who have something to take away from, thus businesses and yes businesses are people.) That's the only thing that matters, one thing, the only thing, the singularity of things: less government interference.

Comment Re:If they're smart... (Score 1, Informative) 206

Yes, blame the blacks -- oh wait -- jews -- oh wait -- Russians for everything. It's literally impossible that Hillary might have lost because she ran an incompetent campaign while living in special bubble created by the press and her elite celebrity pals who told her that she didn't have to earn the election.

It's sort of ironic that you call Trump a xenophobe while the entire Democrat and press establishment go on a witchhunt for foreigners that makes Mccarthyism look like Mr. Rogers.

Comment F(U) ^ 2 (Score -1) 27

Fabric is "a modular mobile platform" designed to help app developers improve the "stability, distribution, revenue and identity"

- what would Twitter know about improving revenue exactly? If they do know something about it how come they didn't do that for themselves?

the ability to natively embed tweets in other apps to signing in with your Twitter credentials were made possible by Fabric.

- I guess that's their definition of 'everything'.

You can sign in and you can tweet. The 2 things that Tweeter does.

"We quickly realized that our missions are the same -- helping mobile teams build better apps, understand their users, and grow their businesses," the Fabric team wrote in its announcement.

- right, the actual mission being tracking everything anybody does on their phone and using the phone platform to push advertising to users.

"Fabric and Firebase operate mobile platforms with unique strengths in the market today."

- the F U squared.

And if you're an existing Fabric customer, don't worry, the platform will continue to function.

- ooookaaaay, I guess if you are known for randomly shutting down projects you have to put out statements like that...

You'll just need to agree to the new terms of service, which will be available once the deal is completed.

- right, so if you are a developer who uses that stuff make sure to grow an extra kidney, because they are coming for yours.

Comment Re:Schizophrenic Slashdot Reaction Time! (Score 0, Troll) 278

The first sentence of that story shows how ignorant you are of how the world works.

The Guardian -- not exactly an unbiased source -- claims that at trial Manning's defense team pretended that nobody got killed due to the leaks because no specific individual that was specifically named in the leaks was proven to have been killed specifically because of the leaks.

Let's assume that the one-sided story presented by Manning's defense at trial -- yes, he received a fair trial, more than Trump is receiving in the press -- is true: So the fuck what. It's well documented that the Taliban read the leaks and went around indiscriminately killing people who they though fit the profile of collaborators. The fact that the Taliban didn't get the right guy doesn't mean that those Afghans weren't murdered because Manning was an attention-seeking sociopath.

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