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Comment Re:Really More Interesting? (Score 2) 113

As opposed to the traditional job market where you may work between 1 and 10 different jobs throughout your entire working life (and getting bored in the process)? By comparison, E-giggers can work dozens or up to a hundred different jobs.

...that are boring right from the beginning.

Comment Re:They also need to prevent unattended reboots (Score 1) 142

That's basically why I still have Windows. Yes, the Linux support with games gets better but we're still far, far away from the level you see in Windows.

With more and more games breaking in Win10 now, though, this may change. At least for those among us that are not always looking for the latest eye candy but enjoy playing the games we love.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 206

The landlord example shows me that you never tried to be one. But be it as it may.

The original copyright was an incentive, allright. The current one is a travesty. Where the FUCK is an incentive to create from the right to reap rewards for three generations after your DEATH? Are you aware that even if both remaining Beatles died today their hits would go into public domain over 125 years after they have been created?

You have to be big into reincarnation to consider this an "incentive to create".

Comment Re: "Of course it can," says government (Score 1) 259

What we're actually talking about is cosmic rays, which are matter particles (mostly protons), not any kind of electromagnetic radiation. Those generally slam into something in the atmosphere, producing showers of secondary particles. Occasionally some of these make it to the ground. The article mentions neutrons, but these seem to be mostly muons.

Of course Bruce Perens, to whom you replied, was talking about the radio waves from HAARP, which was mentioned by the OP.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 206

The same laws? Show me one single group of people who can work once and milk it forever. When was the last time you saw a bricklayer getting to charge everyone moving into a house he ever built? Or a plumber being paid every time someone flushes a toilet he connected?

Sorry, but the content industry HAS its very special laws that everyone and their grandchildren up to 70 years after their death can at best DREAM of.

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