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Tower Switch-Off Embarrasses Electrosensitives Screenshot-sm 292

Sockatume writes "Residents in Craigavon, South Africa complained of '[h]eadaches, nausea, tinnitus, dry burning itchy skins, gastric imbalances and totally disrupted sleep patterns' after an iBurst communications tower was put up in a local park. Symptoms subsided when the residents left the area, often to stay with family and thus evade their suffering. At a public meeting with the afflicted locals, the tower's owners pledged to switch off the mast immediately to assess whether it was responsible for their ailments. One problem: the mast had already been switched off for six weeks. Lawyers representing the locals say their case against iBurst will continue on other grounds."

Man Poses As Dead Mother To Get Social Security Checks Screenshot-sm

Thomas Prusik-Parkin has been arrested for pretending to be his mother in order to collect $115,000 in social security benefits and rent subsidies. Prosecutors say Thomas has been regularly dressing up in a wig, dress and make-up to collect checks since his mother's death in 2003. "I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her last breath, so I am my mother," Mr Prusik-Parkin said. We can all be thankful that Thomas decided to steal from the government and not open up a little out-of-the-way motel in Fairview, California.
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Submission + - Digg lets members fine advertisers ( 4

Barence writes: "Digg has introduced a novel new advertising scheme which lets members financially punish the companies behind poor ads. The new ads will appear alongside regular stories on the Digg homepage, and users are invited to either Digg or bury them as normal. "The more an ad is Dugg, the less the advertiser will have to pay," says Mike Maser, the site's chief strategy officer. "Conversely the more an ad is buried, the more the advertiser is charged, pricing it out of the system.""

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