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Comment Re:Encryption (Score 2) 319

That sentiment is fine for hanging out with friends, but in my line of work a cell phone is required. The company was then faced with a choice, take on a large cost of buying everyone phones, or split the cost with the employees. Since we all had out own phones anyways, the decision was unanimous: 1 phone, less to carry, cheaper for everyone, more money in my pocket and my companies pocket.

Long story short, my "personal" cell phone is required on my work trips.

Comment Re:Married with kids. (Score 1) 507

My personal examples

  • Adult parties where we have kids and want adults to be able to talk and let the kids go gather (leave us alone for just a little)
  • Adult parties where we watch a movie (maybe a good movie, maybe an intentionally bad movie), but the gathering is longer than the movie, so we talk about it and other things before and after
  • Family gathering where we actually watch a movie or slide show, you are right that it isn't the most social. But we do it, and we like it. Balance and moderation and all that
  • things like cromecast enable, pick-your-favorite youtube video competitions (anyone can put a video on the queue ) ; basically like hanging out on the internet...but in person

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