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Comment Re:Encryption (Score 2) 317

That sentiment is fine for hanging out with friends, but in my line of work a cell phone is required. The company was then faced with a choice, take on a large cost of buying everyone phones, or split the cost with the employees. Since we all had out own phones anyways, the decision was unanimous: 1 phone, less to carry, cheaper for everyone, more money in my pocket and my companies pocket.

Long story short, my "personal" cell phone is required on my work trips.

Comment Re:Married with kids. (Score 1) 507

My personal examples

  • Adult parties where we have kids and want adults to be able to talk and let the kids go gather (leave us alone for just a little)
  • Adult parties where we watch a movie (maybe a good movie, maybe an intentionally bad movie), but the gathering is longer than the movie, so we talk about it and other things before and after
  • Family gathering where we actually watch a movie or slide show, you are right that it isn't the most social. But we do it, and we like it. Balance and moderation and all that
  • things like cromecast enable, pick-your-favorite youtube video competitions (anyone can put a video on the queue ) ; basically like hanging out on the internet...but in person

Comment Re:so, the exact precision of double floating poin (Score 3, Insightful) 174

When tracking something in space and time, the coordinate system should never matter (it just makes the mathematical model easier or harder). You should have instead time tagged the state information. Then when the other platform received the state information, it extrapolates the state information to current time before using [displaying] it. The only requirement here is that your two platforms agree on the time to a high [enough] precision. While this is not a simple problem, it is well understood. Search for Kalman filtering and Sensor fusion for more information (advanced knowledge of signal processing is typically a perquisite).

In sensor fusion you typical track in ECEF or LLA even though you will most commonly detect/search in LTP.

Comment so, the exact precision of double floating points (Score 3, Informative) 174


"This gives 15–17 significant decimal digits precision. If a decimal string with at most 15 significant digits is converted to IEEE 754 double precision representation and then converted back to a string with the same number of significant digits, then the final string should match the original. If an IEEE 754 double precision is converted to a decimal string with at least 17 significant digits and then converted back to double, then the final number must match the original.[1]"

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