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Comment Re:Yeah, we should have driverless cars on the roa (Score 2) 407

...kill the kid in a way that no human would have ever done, unless high on drugs.

Or falling asleep, or distracted by texting, or messing with their music, or...- The computer doesn't have to be perfect, just better than us, which seems quite easy at this point.

it is no more than the sum of its programming or the reliability of its sensors.

And neither are you or I.

Comment Meetups (Score 1) 197

I goto meetups. They are cheaper, takes less of my time and in my area. There it is easy to both find people who are interested in your area (since meetups can be quite focused) and find people who are hiring. You are also more likely to get an interview from a meetup (IMO) because most of the time only people ACTUALLY interested in that field (and not just a paycheck) go to meetups.

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