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Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 446

However, I have to admit that patience is not one of my virtues when presented with complete fabrications and dissembling.

And it is evident that the moment you lose your patience you just start making up complete and utter fabrications of your own and run with them, like the suggestion that the OP "hates you" and "wants to kill 'Muricans".

Okay, here we go ! ( I can change my language to the intellectual level of the person I'm responding to.

I asked a question. a rhetorical one. Seriously if you don't understand that asking a question isn't accusing someone of something, then I hope you are merely a troll, because I hate to call people stupid, but that's your two choices

A pompous dickhead

Oh come on - is that the best you can do? Pretty weak.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 1) 446

dude, just because others are doing it too, does not make it right.

Remember, I'm not claiming right or wrong. I do however like to point out the double standard of those who are happy to accept everyone else doing this, but when America does the same thing, they act as if we're building ovens to burn liberals.

A big double standard it is. Why is that? And spare me the "we are talking about the USA only, and no other country can be mentioned" BS. Because do a little research - when anyone says anything negative about any other country, within a few posts, one of you chirps about how it's worse in America, and no one bats an eyelash. Let's hear some complaints about the other countries that have been doing this since the turn of the century.

crickets chirping is all we'll hear.

Comment Re:Sooo (Score 1) 74

As the electric cars come to market, each nds car will remove 10 gallons / week of gasoline consumption. That makes you wonder if it is worth building an Oil pipeline through the Decota s

That is a good question, because as I tell folks - this is happening, like it or not. I love electric cars. I'm sort of okay with driverless cars, but not certain about the scaling up issues.

But let's say I buy a Tesla In addition to the gasoline it does not use, I can easily charge it via solar at home. No petrochemical or grid impact.

Oil won't go away as easily as coal, but demand might go down quicker than some proponents will admit.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 446

The US is a beautiful country with arguably the worst government on earth.

Are you posting from North Korea or something? Challenge for you. Put forth 2 arguments. North Korea is a better Government than the USA, then Somalia is a better government than the USA.

After all you said "arguably", that means you can put forth a logical argument that will possibly make me change my mind and agree with you.

Challenge accepted?

Looking forward to both arguments.

Comment Re:Anything (Score 1) 446

People are stupid and kidding themselves about how bad things have gotten. US citizens more so than others.

I'm of mixed feelings on the matter. Unless a person is carrying data that isn't authorized to be seen by others, most of the items of interest are internet based or text/phone based. None of which are remotely secure. So while I am not pleased by the unpleasantness performed by all countries, If I were actually going to engage in illegal activities, No evidence of either would be found on my laptop or phone. I'd prefer it all to be secure, but it's a glass house, these devices.

Hell, out of the many computers I have, only one of them is even used to buy anything online. Otherwise, it isn't safe, and won't be safe, anywhere. I'm at a hotel right now,and on a computer with nothing on it other than browser email, because I assume it is being looked at as I type. While others send dick pix, kiddie porn, threaten people and arrange illegal activities, then wonder what happened when they are caught.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 446

One part of my job is telling people to go to hell in a way that they look forward to the trip.

You're paid to shit-post on slashdot?

My calling in life.

Started when I was the president of a Youth Ice hockey group. Parents are rabid agents for their little future NHL stars, and they get in squabbles all the time.

People threaten lawsuits and sometimes even violence. I had a talent for starting out really nice, and could get most people on the losing end of an argument to think maybe their situation wasn't so bad.

But if they didn't at least grudgingly accept my decision, the white gloves came off. Oddly enough, the newly found talent came in very handy in my career as well.

You might see either one here.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1, Interesting) 446

Why do you feel the need to use so many negative words: bullshit, killing, evil, hatred, hatred, lies, evilz, hate? Could you not have carried your point across with regular, non inflammatory words?

Absolutely, I can wax rather poetic, and have quite a vocabulary.

However, I have to admit that patience is not one of my virtues when presented with complete fabrications and dissembling. While it might seem to some and adequate representation of the state of the US customs system by comparing it with the Canadian system, as it turns out, that is not even remotely correct nor true. It is demonstrable in fact that a person who enters Canada can be detained in order to have the contents of their phone searched, and the contents used as part of a process that results in conviction, and the conviction upheld on appeal.

I have traveled outside the country on occasions, and have been warned about carrying any sort of data retention device without rather extensive precautions.. This has been the case since the early 2000's. Any device you carry might leave your possession, and the contents might be searched. This includes work and personal computers, and phones. Any country, any where. If I had to take a work computer, it had to be one with a freshly wiped and imaged drive. No exceptions allowed.

If a person feels that entrance to the USA is fraught with personal risk, if they feel that they will have all manner of indiscretions visited upon their persons and their data retention devices, then that of course, is a right to which they might exercise. However, when it is put forth with great authority that a country to the north of the United States is somehow a safe haven from such inexcusable intrusions, perhaps I might be forgiven when dealing with people on Slashdot and making the mistake that they are not only technically inclined, but intellectually adroit, and would at least check their sources. I would confess to that guilt. Perhaps I have read many of these same posts, and find a running theme of what - if you will forgive me holding a contrary opinion - are likewise applying one rule of acceptable behavior to one country, and a different one to all other countries, perhaps it is time to reply in a manner that might not only stimulate their attention, but also point out their hypocrisy.

Now indeed, the state of the world, where it is quite in vogue to express great disdain for the United States of America, and that this disdain is often applied for multiple reasons, that I am indeed perhaps tilting at windmills in my replies, as in obvious, one does not often convince dissemblers of the falseness of their notions and statement, even when presented with attributable facts - unless of course, you believe that Our neighbors to the north in Canada are also in the "Fake News" business as is so often spouted when information contrary to one's particular version of the truth is disseminated.

tl;dr It gets fucking old to read the same lies over and over again.

Can't imagine you'd actually want replies like what I just made. But I certainly can - if people need that sort of thing. One part of my job is telling people to go to hell in a way that they look forward to the trip.

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