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Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 102

Not entirely, People here hate FOX because they tend to be mindless cheerleaders of anything right wing and have a questionabe relationship with the truth. I hate it even though I tend to be fiscally conservative

I used to watch it for the lulz, but the people in the places where I eat breakfast all turned to different channels.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 102

The American Press has for a long time labored under the idea that all opinions are valid. This gives rise to some seriously whacked stuff. And while it might be great grand fun to listen to a flat earther yammer on about thier belief, some times the media thinks it might be more fair to include the flat earthers in a discussion about GPS. (note I never heard exactly that - its just a likely example.

And the really whacked thing is that the kooks still get their nickers in a wad, claiming they aren't getting a fair shake. Of course, what they really want is all other views suppressed but theirs.

At some point, the kooks need to be ignored.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 102

Since when is CNN left?

Since forever. It might not be as far left as MSNBC, but it is left just like ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Well, Fox News is now left of center. This is what we get when people who call themselves conservatives have to have a contest seeing who is the most conservative. Like the guy at work who built a house and insisted on wood siding because Vinyl and Aluminum was catering to the liberals.

They are all liberal, unless you get your news and truth from Breitbart, and Alex Jones. At least in some folks minds. Those are mostly peopel who only want to hear news they already agree with.

And oh, so angry. I heard some guys on Amateur Radio last night seriously talking about putting all of the media, ferners, and liberals in camps and incinerating them. Now that's the right wingingest Right wingers you're ever gonna see. They have the final solution to make America great again!

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 102

So you mean the external renaming to 'Clinton News Network' was only because the letters matched?

Clinton is not a liberal. She is a neocon. Trump is not a conservative. He is just a sleazebag.

Gotta remember though, the right wing pendulum has swung so far right that all but one person is a liberal now. The only right winger in America is Barry Goldwater, and he ded.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 286

There are reasons for a 40-hour work week, and if your employer relies on people putting in 60-70 hours, they're idiots.

Well, relying on people who leave when there's work to be done the next day, and it isn't done doesn't work out too well.

And no one was making them. They came and left when they felt like it, and the prime directive of slashdot - anything extra is me being taken advantage of, so nope, nope, nope! In return for what you all think was my employer and myself being idiots, was I got paid well, learned and did interesting things, and was seldom bored.

They knew they could rely on me to get the job done and get it right.

And hold your hands over the children's ears - this is going to be shocking........ I did a lot of things outside of my job description. I'm an Uncle Tom, the house boy as it were. Okay, I'll quit swearing now

And there was that putting in 30+ years, somewhat of an anomaly these days.

Sucks so much to be me!

Much better to be part of the cubicle crowd, doing the same thing over and again, and being paid what everyone else is being paid.

In the end, I only present my situation as an alternative to what I see in here. People who hate their jobs, hate their employers, and I suspect hate most everything and everyone around them. You read the stuff in here, and my postings on a different approach to work really piss people off. I'm not telling them to do what I did, just offering a differential opinion, on something that has worked better for me than my peers.

That's all.

Comment Re: We love you, mr. Torvalds you systemd loving (Score 1) 236

What BSD essentially means to me is "no SystemD", and that's a reason enough to adopt it, license or OS.

What's it like to part of the noise floor?

Looks like a person who thinks that it is acceptable to pollute every single linux discussion with "systemd" bullshit has mod points.

This is a perfect example of how fucked up Slashdot can get every some often. Linux subject, and the trolls come out with "systemd! sysystemd!

And if someone ceomplians or tells them that their trolling is beyond pointless, they get modded down?

Sounds legit, carry on!

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 286

The pay gap is a myth and when the studies are analysed and things such as years of experience and hours worked are taken into effect women earn the same if not more than males in the same job.

The biased studies that try to show a gap try to equate age to "years of experience" and don't account for a 40 year old male who has spent 20 years working after college to a 40 year old female who took 5 years off to stay at home with kids.

What will happen next is that women will demand equal pay regardless of experience or even job role.They will say that teaching kids is just a valuable to society as designing a jet engine and therefore the government should step in to equalize pay. Which given the way economics actually works, will only bring down the higher pay not increase the lower pay.

There is an inherent illogic in th ewhole setup as well. We have tech people being laid off in order to bring people over from other countries to work for less. There is no argument regarding that.

Why on earth do corporations that would do that, not hire all female staff so they could save 30 percent on payroll? If all else is equal, that's a hellava saving, which services the stockholders very well indeed. SO far it looks like only HuffPo has figured that out.

IOW women should get hiring preference, and the male unemployment rate should be much higher than the female rate.

Comment Re:The only thieves here... (Score 1) 454

The most recent promo material from July, the four pillars videos released just a month before launch, are all using new footage from that same old build of the game that very clearly does not represent the one people can buy. That footage is still being used to sell this game even now , and it's no better than what Sega did with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Comment Re:Odd, this "free range" environment... (Score 1) 110

And after much resistance, I had to open a Facebook account to hand out info to a group. All my fears about it were true. Sucks you in, Oh, look there's an old high school bud. Even old girlfriends, then relatives. Then the existential angst sets in.

I fear many of them would actually like to read about Freddie's Sansung refrigerator reports that Freddie is low on milk, then the thoughts and prayers of Freddie's friends will go out to him in hopes he doesn't have to go without milk, then someone will blame the politician du jour and the fight begins.

Then the Windows Foodie Edition IoT OS borks a few million refrigerators with a refrigerator light update, causing massive spoilage, and Slashdot erupts with the whackadoodles claiming a conspiracy by the major food chains to sell more food, the shills claiming that it was actually a good thing, because people's immune systems are weak because we eat all this processed food, and if your refrigerator was screwed, it was your fault anyway you idiot!

Meanwhile the Linux Refrigerator people will brag about how much better their food is, except for the systemd trolls who are still pissed about the first version of pulseaudio.

And the Hipsters who use the iFoodie app for their vegan only refrigerators (it has an internal scanner to detect any animal products so the vegan Hipster can go annoy whoever sold them the food.

Meanwhile a massive ransomware attack locks everyone's fridge until we each pay 10,000 bitcoin to the Julian Assange, Edward Snowdon, and Jane Fonda and Barack O'blama pizza party fund. And Trump will make it happen, I can tell you that much. Meanwhile, an investigation is mounted to verify the rumors that Hillary killed 50 people by locking them in IoT microwaves.

Wow! that went to a weird place! Did I miss insulting anyone?

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 454

this is so disappointing.
I was looking forward to this game.
the video footage made it look very interesting and cool.

a procedurally generated exploration sandbox, almost like Terrarium, but in space with space ships and galactic and planetary exploration? sign me up.

and now it seems like it was just one big scam.
I hope the dev burns for this.

Comment Seriously, we have the government we deserve (Score 3, Insightful) 296

Russia has INVADED and IS OCCUPYING a neighboring country (one they laughingly signed a note to protect, no less).
China is essentially playing Age of Empires 2 in the South China sea, grabbing territory by building watchtowers and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.
The EU is disintegrating as people start to realize manually bolting countries together doesn't actually make them act like a single country.
Our economy is a sham based on completely phony numbers, contrived to enrich a tiny cadre of elites that drift in and out of power (always making more money with each step) like minglers at a garden party.
Our media is essentially a giant cumrag, soaked and dripping with the lowest-common-denominator vulgarity and venality.
We have one candidate for president that is a COMPLETE ASS and a know nothing buffoon who's like a cartoon character of himself, while the other candidate is corrupt to the very soul of her being, if she HAD a soul.

And what we're worrying about is whether films fairly represent women?

Where the fuck are the Visigoths to come climbing over OUR walls? Seriously, it's about time. If Rome was like this near the end, they probably welcomed it.

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