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Comment Re:choices arenot that easy (Score 1) 444

There are allot of valuable resources in asteroids and the Moon. The best thing about the Moon is that is very close. The gravity well situation can be offset with railgun launchers and a space elevator. A space elevator would be far easier to build with the Moon's lower gravity than a Earth based one. Another good Moon project would be a Belt of Solar cells around the equator that could beam electricity to the Earth. There are many more reasons the Moon could be a wonderful Industrial Park for the future. See: Major Lunar Minerals

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 444

How about we work on figuring out a way to stop reproducing like rabbits. Until we have a world wide control on population levels we are doomed to continuously suffer from famines and poverty on ever larger scales. The whole idea of terraforming Mars is a pipe dream due to the lack of a magnetic field to provide protection from the Sun. Mars may have been wet at some point but its core cooled down to quickly and lost its magnetosphere and most of It's atmosphere. Until we can produce a Warp drive or build generational spaceships Earth will be our primary home. It's time to start seriously protecting it from ourselves.

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