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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 582

Why the hell should anyone care about abstract "people"? Most of Humanity isn't wired that way, we care about those we know, not about the distant future and people we don't know.

There, fixed that for BOTH of you.

Human technologies have evolved orders of magnitude faster than the human brain has. Most people are still cavemen inside their skulls, cavemen with ICEs and smartphones and handguns and bombs, and they act like it, too. Most people don't really care about the abstract 'someone' on the abstract 'other side of the planet', and in fact this little ball of mud we're living on is also too large for their caveman brains to really comprehend. So is the concept of '100 years from now'. Most people don't really think much past a few months in the future, except in the most abstract sort of way, and don't really think too hard about people outside their own social circle. You tell them 'you need to sell your car and take public transit, ride a bike, or walk, to help stop air pollution and global warming', and they look at you like you're nuts and are trying to ruin their lives. You tell them to conserve resources, and they might for a while, if you're lucky -- then they're back to their old habits. And so on. And this is just 1st World Countries I'm talking about. You go somewhere like China or India or African nations and they'll laugh at you, if they don't attack you. IF we survive the next, say, 1000 years, our brains and 'civilization' (using the term loosely here) might catch up with each other and with technology, and we MIGHT save ourselves. But as things sit right now? Forget about it. We can't even stop fighting amongst ourselves for the stupidest reasons imaginable, let alone cooperate on not wrecking the entire planet. Worse, there are superstitious types who think some Invisible Sky God created it all, and will come down to whisk the Faithful away to some paradise, so who cares what happens to the Earth? Then there's the ones that seem to think that the Invisible Sky God is angry because some people aren't living according to some old book, and is making all this happen to us (which of course is more bullshit), and as soon as the Unbelievers and Infidels are all dead, it'll go back to being nice again. Or whatever. If we, as a species, manage to survive the next 100 years, it'll be a miracle.

Comment 'Correctly diagnose' != '70% accuracy' ! (Score 1) 78

Correctly diagnose
70% Accuracy

..and when the Health Department comes to your door with a couple burly orderlies and informs you that 'you're depressed, citizen, and in the interests of your safety and the safety of the public, we're required to enforce antidepressants on you', what do you do then? Why are you people still using so-called 'social media'???

Comment Re:Just no (Score 5, Insightful) 151

"Stop" (insert annoying thing here)

Stop using Facebook.

Here's the hard, cold, uncomfortable truth: You're getting all entitled because it's been free to access all this time, and now they're leveraging the fact that you're all entrenched in Facebook, and they're making you PAY more and more by putting more and more ads in your face, and collecting and selling more and more of your information. If you were PAYING to use Facebook then it would be a different story, but you're not; you're a FREELOADER, and now the bill is coming due -- and you're getting all upset over it.

STOP USING FACEBOOK. Just say goodbye to your fake online friends, close the account, and WALK AWAY. This is literally the ONLY course of action you have. Seriously: How long do you think it'll be now before they change the terms of service to make it against site policy for you to use ANY adblocker or do ANYTHING to avoid ads or data collection? STOP USING FACEBOOK.

Comment Re:Failbook knows NOTHING about me (Score 0) 183

I don't use my real name online ANYWHERE, and any friends I have understand and honor my request that they never post photos of me online, anywhere, ever, so there is NO 'data collection' about ME on Failbook, EVER.

Now, then: let's discuss why you're still being a dumb cuck who uses Failbook. Do you like Zukerberg being your Master? Or are you just too weak to leave?

Comment Failbook knows NOTHING about me (Score 0) 183

Since I'm not a fool who still uses Failbook, Failbook knows NOTHING about me whatsoever. Why are you still using Facebook? Or are you so into BDSM that you want Facebook to be your Master? You all read the same news stories about Facebook that everyone else does; don't you think it's wise to at least start formulating your exit strategy from Facebook? Get smart and plan on leaving it today. You'll be glad you did afterwards.

Comment Here's the problem with stereo Bluetooth: (Score 4, Informative) 381

Bluetooth has it's own compression it uses. Very often it clashes with the compression that many audio files use. I found this out the hard way by buying a Bluetooth to stereo device to plug into my home theatre receiver, to play music from my phone over house speakers. If the file was even high-rate MP3, I could hear artifacts of the two compression algorithms fighting with each other; it actually set my teeth on edge. Using AAC instead of MP3 helped, but I'm sure the guys with really sensitive ears will still hear some artifacts to set their teeth on edge, even with something 'lossless' like FLAC or Apple's lossless compression, or maybe even with an uncompressed audio file.

Comment Re:TOR may be the only real Internet left to us (Score 1) 127

If you have a better suggestion then I encourage you to fill us all in on the details of it. As anything you do or say on the Internet is subject to surveillance and theft, and I don't see any end to it. Criminals and foreign governments are hacking things constantly. Our own government is spying on everyone constantly. The ISPs we get our connectivity from is sifting every single packet for any personalized information they can sell to their 'partner' companies for purposes of profiling us and putting so-called 'targeted' advertising in our faces, and by the way who knows what else they're doing with all that data they're collecting on us? You can't count on HTTPS encryption to keep private things private, and fucktarded/power-hungry politicians and law enforcement types are working like the damned to ruin ALL encryption for EVERYONE (except them I'm sure). So seriously: If you have any better alternative other than an onion-routing network to keep at least some private things private, please, do tell! Oh and by the way, if all you have to offer is "If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear", or "You're not interesting enough for them to want to watch so why worry about it", then don't bother even responding because both of those 'reasons' completely and totally ignore the priciple of the thing: nobody should be spying on us in the first place.

Comment TOR may be the only real Internet left to us (Score 4, Insightful) 127

The way the Internet has been devolving into just one big surveillance/spying/malware platform, and now with ICANN ceding control over to someone else, the TOR network may become the last bastion of a truly free and open Internet. Yes, it's the Wild West inside there to be sure, but you do have a higher degree of anonymity and a lesser degree of being spied on and surveilled. I can see a possible future where onion routing networks, with sites operating within them, are the only relatively safe places you could go. Let's not start artillery barrages against TOR, okay?

Comment Re:stop updating completely (Score 1) 275

That option will soon be disabled also.

Maybe for the technological neophyte. The rest of us can shut down and disable a Service, or failing that, hack the registry to remove the Service entirely, or failing that, remove the relevant file(s) from the filesystem completely. There's always a way.

Comment And you thought drone warfare was bad? (Score 1) 117

Flying a fully-armed drone into a structure doesn't cause much damage, but how about a fully-armed fighter jet full of fuel?

Hey, let's build remotely-controlled fighter jets, great idea!
Build a whole fleet of them
Someone hacks a vulnerability in your control system and takes over the entire fleet
Skyscrapers burning everywhere!
Civilian targets hit everywhere!

Hey here's an even better idea: Why not build an entire fleet of bombers? Be sure to put your nuclear weapons in them while you're at it.

Hey here's an even betterer idea: Build an entire fleet of autonomous, self-flying nuclear bombers! Then when the hackers hijack your fleet of bombers, all they'll have to do is reprogram them to bomb all the major population centers of the world! Overpopulation problems solved!


I seriously can't think of stupider ideas than some like this. Drones are bad enough; now you want your entire fucking Air Force to be drones? It's confirmed: we're getting stupider, not smarter.

Comment Re:"Ghandi" quote updated (Score 1) 410

For the millionth time - weather is not climate.

Correct. There is more total thermal energy in the entire system -- which we call Earth. Just because that's pushing local weather patterns in weird directions doesn't mean the polar ice caps aren't melting at an alarming rate because it's both to damn warm there and the oceans are too damn warm too. The typical uninformed person who is experiencing OK weather will then say "Well nobody lives in Antarctica or the Arctic so who cares?" which just highlights how damned ignorant and short-sighted people can be. When it starts being over 100 degrees every day for 6 months they'll just go in their houses and turn the air conditioner up -- at least, until it reaches the point where no air conditioner will help. THEN they'll panic, demand the government do something to 'fix' it -- and they'll be told "We tried to help when we could have done something about it, but NONE OF YOU COULD BE BOTHERED"

At least I and many of us won't be alive to see the end, if it actually comes to that. Never know, there could be something miraculous to save us.

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