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Comment Re:I am ashamed you're an American citizen too (Score 1) 12

You sound like a common, garden-variety Internet troll to me, buddy.

You: "Look mom, I'm being all edgy and shit on the Internets again! Am I one of the Cool Kids now?"

You're not impressing anyone, asshole, you're just showing your ass with every comment you make. Are you even of voting age? The way you go on and and on about this makes me think you're not, or at least mentally you're not. Go take your meds and stay off the internet until you calm down, kthxbye.

Comment Re:Not the first time this has happened (Score -1, Offtopic) 275

Got any other impotent rage you'd like to get out?

Sure. You volunteering?

Shove it up your ass. I don't like the Chinese government, and I see no reason why I SHOULD like them. I feel sorry for the Chinese people, having to put up with the unbelievable bullshit they have to put up with from their own government. If you're saying you LIKE the Chinese government, then I invite you to go throw yourself into an operating wood-chipper, because you're a bad human being and a waste of perfectly good oxygen. Better yet, go emigrate there and live under their rule; that's a worse fate than death so far as I'm concerned. Things may be fucked-up right now here in the U.S., but I'd rather be here than there.

Submission + - Researchers Develop Yet Another Way To Monitor and Surveil Us (

kheldan writes: Researchers in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created “EQ-Radio,” a piece of technology that measures subtle changes in breathing and heart rhythms to detect how someone is feeling.

EQ-Radio is 87% accurate at telling if someone is excited, happy, angry, or sad, CSAIL researchers say, noting that unlike this device, existing methods of detection emotions rely on audiovisual cues or sensors attached to someone’s body, but those things are inconvenient to wear and can become inaccurate if they’re knocked out of position.

Comment Re:Do not want. (Score 1) 207

I really honestly don't get the draw of '4k'. If you're running a movie theatre then I can see where it makes sense, your projection screen is 20 feet on a side (or whatever it is), but I've got a 39" TV, and I don't ever notice individual pixels; I notice the quantization of the compression algorithm used when there's fast motion, but that's going to happen at any resolution unless it's totally uncompressed video. Really, it sounds like a 'solution looking for a problem', not anything 'innovative'.

Comment Re:Do not want. (Score 1) 207

I got rid of cable years ago and never went back; I could no longer justify the expense when out of all the shitty channels offered, there were only a few I even bothered with. Besides which, they recompress the living hell out of everything, so the quality is garbage. I have a DVR and I have more to watch than I have time to watch things. Of course we have lots of local OTA channels and reception is good. I have no interest in streaming, it's just more 'pay TV' which is what I wanted to get away from. I'm not even interested in Netflix. I don't believe in 'The Cloud' or purely digital purchases because you don't really own them, I'd rather have physical media, and DVD is fine, don't even want or see a need for Blu-ray. Despite what some trolls actually would have you believe OTA broadcast isn't going to go away any time soon, not any more than broadcast radio is going away any time soon.

Comment Re:No, they won't. (Score 1) 274

Like too many people you can't seem to think your way through the problem, and furthermore you can't recognize the FACT that you're taking something for granted that you've been doing for years and years. Driving is NOT a trivial task, and it is NOT acceptable for some piece of software to come to the end of a decision-tree and just pull over and come to a stop, because it can't cope with it's input, and that is what will happen -- until they can emulate the human mind, and create something that is REAL AI and not the ersatz they keep trotting out to impress the investors, so they can keep their jobs. You don't understand the complexity of the issue and I do, and that's why you and people like you keep insisting that it's 'here, now' or 'only 5 years away' when that's clearly and simply NOT TRUE.

Comment Re:Automatic elevators were first (Score 1) 274

Oh look, it's this tired-out old argument, which identifies the poster as someone who apparently can't think critically or logically. Do I really have to go through this again, just to show how dumb you're being? An elevator goes up and down in a finite space and that's ALL it does, it's not in any way shape or form comparable to an automobile. Neither is a train, and neither is a plane, and neither is a boat or ship, so stop trying to compare anything to an automobile.

Comment Re:Most techies have no real free will to do so (Score 1) 537

When I'm talking about 'techies', I'm including the entire spectrum of them; competent, and INcompetent.

Point: Even a 'competent' techie doesn't necessarily have the 'spark' necessary to solve a problem that will improve the overall quality of life for humanity in general; if it was a common trait, we probably wouldn't have many of the problems we have today.

Point: We agree, most problems aren't and can't be solved by technology alone -- but try explaining that to someone with a Masters in Business or to a Marketer; usually, it's like talking to a brick wall, and sometimes a brick wall is more intelligent. These types tend to have one thing and one thing only in mind: making more money. They don't care about (or, sometimes, even seem to be able to conceive of) 100 years down the road, they only seem to be able to think in terms of next fiscal quarter, and whether they'll get their bonus this year. Solving the real problems that face humanity require social solutions, that perhaps are enabled by technology -- but, again, there's usually little to no money (if not a flat-out loss) in solving these sorts of problems, thus nobody other than charity organizations are interested in solving them. It's capitalism gone bad, yes, but sadly that's the world we live in. I can easily see the 'competent' techies, who actually have the spark necessary to do some real good and cause some real change, not doing so because of money -- because when you wife looks at you with that look, that says "I'm not so sure I want to keep being married to you if you're going to go off the rails like this", and he knows he has to provide for his family, often such high-minded ideals go out the window in favor of earning a decent paycheck.

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