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Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 1) 310

This infuriates me more than it probably should.

No, this infuriates you just the right amount (or not enough). These people aren't even "bouncing ideas", they're asking "how do I..." They provide nothing and actually create negative productivity: if they just did nothing, they'd add no value, but they actually take time and value away from people who would otherwise create actual value. They're mostly functionally illiterate - that's why they need you to read the documentation to them instead of just reading it themselves. They have massive ADD, so they can't concentrate on anything for more than 30 seconds, which is why they have to interrupt everybody around them.

Comment Re:An open plan office (Score 1) 310

Well, in OP's case - they don't have admin rights on their computers and they have limited storage space. Open office, no headphones, no chairs or A/C and random air horn noises throughout the day probably won't hurt their productivity any more than it already is. You can't go down much from 0.

Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 1) 310

Well, you're answering the question he asked, but not the question he actually wants the answer to: "what is the best working environment for a developer that costs no money and gives me the illusion of absolute control over all of the slackers who I know are spending all of their time goofing off on Facebook and Slashdot and playing video games and die you lazy bastard programmers"

Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 2, Informative) 271

Yeah, I take any accusation of "sexism" from a woman with a grain of salt. They often aren't even referring to anything especially serious, even in their minds - they might overhear a co-worker complain about his nagging wife, or hear somebody say "manpower" instead of "person power" and think, "welp, there goes that 'workplace sexism' again". To too many women, sexism just means "anything I don't like".

Comment Re:The modding system here still is broken, though (Score 1) 130

I now have to constantly browse at -1 because poor modding often results in the most insightful and worthwhile comments ending up at -1

I don't know that I've seen too many insightful (or even useful) comments at -1, but I browse at -1 because otherwise the threads don't make any sense: somebody posts a top-level comment, it gets downvoted to -1, and 50 people respond to tell him why he's wrong. With browsing set at 1, all I see are the responses.

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