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Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1126

Right now, if you're on unemployment benefits in the US and you work a little bit, your effective tax rate is somewhere between 25% and 100%. That's a huge dis-incentive to find part time work.

Under a UBI, the smallest marginal rate would apply from the first dollar earned. No matter how much you are able to work.

Now tell me again how this is worse than the current situation?

Comment Re:can't this hardware be translated to software? (Score 2) 55

I've only had a quick look at their press release, is there a pre-print of their paper anywhere?

This looks like a hardware implementation of something like "Grand Central Dispatch". Combined with transactional memory.

The basic idea seems to be that you can take a serial-ish process, break it up into tasks. Start running the first few tasks that should obviously run first. Then if you have spare CPU cores, you can also start speculatively executing later tasks. But if these speculative tasks hit a conflict in the transactional memory model, the results will be thrown away.

So you might see a massive win from running those tasks early. But at worst, you'll still run every task in order.

IMHO getting any kind of speed boost is going to depend on hardware support. But there might be a way to do something similar with OS kernel support.

Comment Re:Logistics vs Environmentalism (Score 1) 265

A point I refined in another reply above. My point was that shipbuilding has not recovered since the downturn, and I suspect that a large number of the big ships rolling off the production line were ordered before 2009. So while these big ships may start operating now, nobody is building the infrastructure to support them. Plus the current owners of these ships may not see any benefit in running them, since the economy has shifted so much since they signed the contract to built them.

Comment Re:NEW IS BAD (Score 4, Informative) 265

Conditions change over time.

Before 2009, shipping companies placed a ridiculous number of orders for the construction of huge ships. Demand for new ships exceeded the space available to build them, and they didn't want to miss out on the boom in shipping.

Then the recession happened.

Shipbuilders forced these companies to honor their contracts, and take delivery of these ships. Though as fewer orders were being placed, the yards did allow the construction of these ships to be delayed to even out their workload.

Now these ships are still rolling off the production line, but there's less demand for them as the economy has not rebounded to previous levels.

So both statements could be considered to be true, provided you clarify when the statement was made.

Comment Re:Logistics vs Environmentalism (Score 4, Informative) 265

The 2009 recession saw the biggest ever fleet sitting idle off the coast of Singapore. There were a huge number of contract disputes as shipyards tried to force their clients to pay for the ships they were already building, and keep their sub-contractors busy. Today many shipyards are still facing bankruptcy or folding. There is still a massive oversupply of shipbuilding, as well as an oversupply of ships.

Comment Re:But it runs on Windows! (Score 2) 260

Perhaps a chrome book might be more efficient running chrome OS or linux than if you installed windows on it. But linux ACPI support is terrible on windows laptops. Mostly because the manufacturers only support windows. At best, we can capture and replicate the order and content messages sent by windows drivers to the hardware. But linux developers just don't have the manpower and knowledge of the internals to approach the same (or better) power usage.

Comment Re:In other news the sun is hot. (Score 1) 193

In some cases you can get away with not having the card at all. Terminals have support for manually entering details if the card fails to swipe for some reason. You just need to convince the merchant to type the number in that you have memorized.

Worked well enough for a local thief after obtaining a friends card number. The bank spotted the odd transactions, my friend searched online for the store's details and the idiot came back again trying to repeat his earlier success.

Totally would have gotten away with it if he hadn't been greedy. It took ages for the cops to rock up and arrest him.

Comment Re:Mandatory Addon Signing (Score 1) 129

There's already a restriction on you sharing your own build of "Firefox". But the fix is easy enough, just use your own product name and logo's.

If addon signing is treated the same, I have no problem with this. Mozilla are allowed to specify the terms of their trademark. If you don't like those terms, the source is still open. You can fork it, re-brand it, and come up with your own terms.

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