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Comment Re:Really slashdot? (Score 1) 467

From the store page;

The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man's Sky. There are no special exemptions available. Click here for more detail on the Steam refund policy.

It's a bad sign when they have to remind you of their refund policy. I bet their support system is completely overloaded with complaints, asking for a refund.

Comment Re:Ironic, Given HoloLense Doesn't do Holograms (Score 1) 113

As far as I can see from available information, the HoloLens has a focal distance somewhere around 2 meters away from your face.

Whereas in a "true" hologram, you capture the interference patterns of all light rays that pass through the volume of your photo sensitive film. Shining a laser through that film will recreate light rays with the same direction and intensity. As if you were looking through a window at the original scene.

Comment Re:The latest trend is not your friend... (Score 1) 674

Activities and Views are fine, I guess. But forcing serialisation of state between screen rotations sucks. A good presenter model with lifecycle management, baked in from the start, would have been nice.

IMHO Google made things worse with Fragments. If you follow the code examples, you end up repeating yourself with lots of nearly empty Activities, just to host your fragments on a phone instead of a tablet.

Comment DDOS? More like a self inflicted slashdotting. (Score 4, Informative) 92

In previous years, they had been quite careful to inform people to pre-fill their form before census night, and submit after. This year they were expecting only a minor increase in peak traffic.

Then they go and blast the message, "Fill in your form online, ontime or face massive fines", all over the media.

So what did we all do? When the majority of 9-5 workers got home, we all tried to login and submit at about the same time.

Sure they screwed up their network config, but it was a combination of poor planning and poor communication that triggered the whole mess.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 212

And in Australia the government can and does screw with ABC funding all the time. There is some value in having a reputable media that does not have its purse strings held by the government.

Sure the BBC license fee could be collected through taxes, initially based on the same formula of average tv's per household. But how long would that last?

Comment Re:Synopsis (Score 1) 102

I've mentioned this before when CRIME & BREACH were in the news, the compression used by browsers does support inserting blocks of uncompressed bytes. I'm not saying that it would be easy, but it would be possible to build API's to mark which bytes of the stream are sensitive and should not be compressed.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1145

Right now, if you're on unemployment benefits in the US and you work a little bit, your effective tax rate is somewhere between 25% and 100%. That's a huge dis-incentive to find part time work.

Under a UBI, the smallest marginal rate would apply from the first dollar earned. No matter how much you are able to work.

Now tell me again how this is worse than the current situation?

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