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Comment Re:Liaibility game (Score 1) 68

And why should that be?

When I drive my current car, I take responsibility for my driving (by trying not to crash) and the acceptable operation of my car (by maintaining, testing it etc). Then if I cause an accident, it is my fault, I either made a mistake when driving or I neglected to maintain my car and it failed. So, my insurance pays for the damage caused to others.

What you are proposing is to take the risk of somebody else not messing up - I cannot do anything to make sure the AI works correctly, or, in other words, if I maintain my car according to the manufacturers instructions and it still fails, then I should not be at fault.

I do not see why the software of the car should be treated differently than the hardware. If the brake system has a design problem that causes it to fail sometimes without warning, then the manufacturer is responsible for the damage. This is also the case for current car software, so why should the AI be different?

Comment Re:Liaibility game (Score 1) 68

Brake failure is semi-dependent on the owner. If I maintain my car and test the brakes every time I drive, I can reduce the risk of the brakes failing. If I brake slowly I can reduce the risk of brakes failing and give myself more time to react in case the brakes do fail (this of course only applies to usual stopping, not emergencies).

Can I do something to make the AI more reliable or am I completely dependent on some programmer in a different country doing his job properly?

Comment Re: Appeal (Score 1) 215

Well in that case I think that the taxi rules should be removed for everybody. Let Uber and regular taxi companies compete with their technology, service and prices under the same rules.

Comment Re:Appeal (Score 1) 215

IIRC I can't call Uber, so their services are unusable for me. I am not going to buy a different phone just so I can get a taxi.

Also, where I live, regular taxi service is great - they arrive fast etc. I do not know how their prices compare to Uber though.

Comment Re: Appeal (Score 1) 215

1. I know my neighbor.
2. If he gives me a lift somewhere, he is not doing so for commercial purposes (I can compensate him for the fuel etc though). Especially not doing it as his day job.

But then again, maybe the rules for taxi are no longer needed. Great, let's petition the government to change or revoke them for everybody, not just some companies.

Maybe it would be best if anybody could get a license from the government (after passing a background check etc) that allows them to work as a taxi driver, then they could drive for Uber or any other taxi company under the same rules whether using his own car or one provided by his employer. Kinda like a private pilot license vs commercial license.

Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 215

Regulated == more expensive

More expensive means people have less cash for other things that are important. If you want a "regulated" taxi you can also opt for that and pay more.

Awesome, why not apply this to lead paint or mercury?

Comment Re:Appeal (Score 4, Insightful) 215

Uber wants to be "more equal than others". If there are rules that you have to follow or you can try to get the government to change the rules for everyone. Instead, however, some companies try to break the rules to gain an unfair advantage:

Emission standards (I personally dislike those rules) are for everyone, except VW - "the competitors will spends lots of money developing better engines like idiots, while we can just cheat the test".

Taxi rules are for everyone except Uber, even though the service is the same, but "on a computer", like the patent trolls who manage to get a patent for some everyday action but "on a computer".

They had a great idea and it's spread across the world quickly and rewritten the rules of getting from a to b.

What is different about Uber compared to a regular taxi?
1. You arrange the ride (phonecall to a taxi company or by using an Uber app).
2. The car comes, you get in, get driven to your destination, pay for the service.

Comment Re: Yes! I knew it. (Score 1) 457

In theory yes now that I think about it. But then again, this should limit the spying ability. For one, my TV is only connected to my PC via HDMI and the PC is off most of the time. When it's on, well, if the PC is compromised then I'm hosed anyway, if not, then it should not pass the network packets (I do not remember whether common video cards support networking over the hdmi port, the specs can lie though)..
Hmm, or maybe I should just use component to provide video signal to the TV...

Comment Re:Who cares about the drivers, (Score 1) 139

But if you go to my country (and probably other countries that were occupied by the USSR), you will find that a lot of older people can speak Russian (it was mandatory to learn in the USSR), but younger people may not, but younger people are more likely to speak English (it is mandatory to learn a second language in school and most schools choose English) than older people.

Comment Re:Who cares about the drivers, (Score 1) 139

While it is common for Europeans to be able to speak foreign languages, you cannot be sure which ones. For example, people in my country usually can speak at least one foreign language. But some speak Russian and others speak English as a second language. Some know both, some know some other languages.

However, I would be incredibly annoyed if I went into a store (or called a taxi) and the employee could not speak the national language well enough to be understood without me asking the same thing multiple times. We have a national language, if you want to live and work here, learn it. If you cannot speak it well enough, get a job that does not require you to talk to clients.

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