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Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 500

meanwhile when you run yum or apt, it sends an HTTP request for each individual piece of software you're updating or installing back to a central server

I can download the whole repository and run my own mirror if I want to. Then whatever software I install will only be visible in the logs of my server.

Actually I do not really care about that. What I care about is Microsoft having access to my files. The way the privacy agreement is written it implies that Microsoft does have access to my files and is willing to let others have access too.

This is what I care about. I can disable Cortana, never use the Windows Store or OneDrive, that is not a problem. But Microsoft having access to my files is a problem.

Every keystroke you enter into your browser's search bar is sent to a remote server, where it's logged in Web server logs.

The difference here is that I know I am putting info in the search bar and that it is going to be logged at least by one server. My ISP (and all companies that control the routers between me and the destination server) can find out where I am connecting. That does not matter.

It's the difference between having your phone wiretapped and your room bugged. When I talk over the phone, I know that the conversation is going over insecure channels and I talk accordingly.

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 500

You can disable it in the Enterprise edition of Windows.

But does it really work? I have Windows 10 Enterprise on one of my computers (couldn't get an older version to work correctly, and I am still considering using Linux at least as dual boot). Even after disabling telemetry and updates (using the UI controls), I found that it was still accessing Microsoft servers a lot. After a lot of tweaking (group policies to disable pretty much everything I did not like, adding Microsoft domains to the hosts file) it seems quiet now, but I wonder if it isn't waiting for me to open a browser etc so it can sneak some data to Microsoft while I am opening a web page etc.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 487

Also, PCs last longer than tablets or cellphones, both physically (they don't get destroyed that often) and performance-wise (newer OSs for cellphones do not support older devices, while quite an old PC can run the latest Windows or Linux version). This results in people using older devices and not buying as many new ones.

"The PC is dying", but for some reason pretty much everyone I know has one. Usually only the old people don't have PCs, but they usually do not have tablets either.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 734

Not really, Stalin was planning to attack Hitler later the same year. His army was prepared with offensive capabilities, maps of Germany etc. However, Hitler attacked first and the lack of preparation for the defense on the Russian part made it very easy for Germans to almost get to Moscow.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 734

It looks similar to reactions to Brexit for me. That was popular vote, but people, unhappy with the outcome quickly found ways to "improve" the referendum - don't allow older people to vote, redo the referendum, so that people who were too busy using Facebook would come and vote, allow younger people to vote, make London's votes count for more, make voters pass a test before voting etc.

Hmm, maybe they should only allow those who work in the financial sector to vote.

Comment Re:News Flash (Score 1) 189

Also, at least I do not like the experience of watching a movie in a cinema. I like having control over when I watch it, being able to set the volume and being able to pause the movie to go get more food or just discuss a scene with my friend.

To me a cinema is taking the bad aspects of "watching a movie alone at home" and "watching a movie with friends at home of one of the friends", putting them together and then adding some new ones.

By the way, I do not really get hyped over anything, so I do not have to watch it as soon as possible.

Comment Re:NIMBY in full effect (Score 1) 445

How can I be sure that the doctor would do everything that he can in order to save my life (including using drugs etc that might damage my organs in the long term or make them unsuitable for donation but would help me right now) when there is a child etc waiting for a transplant and my organs are compatible? I do not say that doctors would do this intentionally, but there may be some slight nudge in the "right" direction.

As far as I understand, once you are completely dead (heart stopped, body at room temperature etc), most organs are dead too and cannot be used. So, a decision has to be made before that and it may not be 100.00% accurate. Now, if the patient is not a donor, then the doctor can wait longer before pronouncing him dead, but not if the patient is a donor, since if the doctor waits too long, the organs will be useless.

Comment Re:The next step of anti-efficiency rhethoric (Score 2) 295

Such people â" who are convinced, factories exist to provide employment â" are, to put it mildly, cretins.

Of course factories exist to provide profit for the rich factory owners. What the people (who are not factory owners) should do is every so often stage a revolution, round up a lot of the factory owners and kill them, then redistribute their wealth. After that, go back home and wait for a new crop of rich factory owners to grow. This would be so much better than working in a factory. And this is what you would get if there were a lot of unemployed hungry people and some rich people in the same country.

Comment Re:How about not auto-restarting my computer? (Score 1) 254

Forced reboots are always bad. What if I am not at home for a week but may need to access my PC remotely? What if the update screws something up that makes my PC lose internet connection (say, like breaking the DHCP client)? Also, what if I really hate reboots and would rather do it once a month instead of randomly with two day warning?

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 254

You mean those versions will no longer get updates. Well, I think that after the forced updates to Windows 10 quite a few people have automatic updates disabled and won't notice anything. Software makers will continue to make compatible software as long as there is enough market share for the old versions.

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