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Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 257

Boards - yes, might be a bit difficult to repair a modern board, though my friend works at a cell phone repair company and they do solder things on the base board of the cellphone. Still, I would like to be able to buy the spare parts from the manufacturer instead of searching for them on ebay etc. And some devices have mechanical components - I would really like to get a replacement gear, pulley or something like that.

Comment Re:In my day... (Score 1) 176

CRTs have good black levels. This is important when watching a movie in a dark room. I have a plasma TV (bought a plasma because its black levels should be better than those of a LCD for a similar price) and its black levels are still worse than CRT. I have a CRT computer monitor so when I go watch TV I immediately notice the non-black black color.

Comment Re:pointless (Score 1) 176

I want my TV to do one job - display the image in the best quality possible for the given input (VHS or laserdisc should look the best it can, 1080p should look the best it can) with good black levels (like to watch movies with room lights off), accurate color reproduction and no dimming on bright images.(ABL).

I do not need:
1. smart functions or OS - I can connect a computer with a OS I want to it.
2. good speakers or amplifier - I have a decent sound system.
3. Low power consumption - I rarely watch movies and as long as the TV does not use more than about 1kW I'm good. More than that, it may trip the breaker and I may need more cooling in summer.
4. Ultra thin case - as long as it is thinner than maybe 30-50cm, it's OK. A bigger case may make the TV more stable too.

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

Instead, all browsers do the same stupid thing - try to load all 30 images at the same time, leaving you sitting there looking at 30 partial images.

On a higher bandwidth connection this would be faster. Loading small (say, 100KB) images on a connection where there is high ping to the server (say, I have a fiber optic connection, but the server is on the other side of the planet)in series is slower than loading them in parallel, because of the time spent waiting for the replies (setting up the tcp connection etc).

I also remember download accelerators that would split up a file in multiple parts and download them in parallel, this would usually make the download faster even if all pieces came from the same server. Also, iperf -P10 is usually faster than iperf -P1...

Of course, on a very slow connection, loading multiple images in parallel is worse because each session is competing with the others for bandwidth and the downloads may time out.

Comment Re:Context please (Score 1) 163

Java applets(much rarer than they used to be

It seems to me that a lot of servers use Java for remote management (IPMI, ILO, DRAC...), either for everything or just remote KVM. Some networks switches (D-Link for example) also use it, at least for the live monitoring on the web interface.

I rarely see Java used on the public internet though. Still, I guess I'll have to stop updating firefox so as not to break compatibility with the Java stuff that I have to use.

Java already whines enough, no need to add even more inconvenience.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

150cm :)

As for input lag, for me, if I set a non-game mode, it is severely noticeable even when moving the mouse (bad enough to make it difficult to click on a button). It also is present when watching an analog source. Enabling game mode removes most of it, however, other modes allow for better picture quality, hence the audio delay device.

To me this set will be good enough, I guess by the time it breaks beyond my capability of repair, flat OLED sets will be affordable or I'll buy a projector.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

I bought a plasma TV too, but its blacks are much worse than any of the CRT TVs and monitors I have. When a CRT is displaying black, it looks like the device is off, while I would never mistake my TV displaying black and being off (though it does turn off if you give it a full black picture, but place a tiny dot in it and the whole picture becomes gray). I read that there is a way to fix it by adjusting the power supply voltages, I have yet to try it though, the warranty has expired recently, so I will probably try this.

OTOH, this big 10cm TV is better than my previous 82cm HD ready CRT. Analog SD sources like Laserdisc or VHS also look good. Except for dark scenes in movies. Watching it in the dark makes the lack of proper black level very apparent. Watching it with lights on makes it annoying because the screen is so reflective.

In addition, it has quite high input lag if I enable any of the video features (or just set the video mode to anything except "game" and sometimes even "game" mode has lag), I solved this with an audio delay. Delaying audio for 240ms makes the image sync up.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

To me, physical media is more convenient when used in a car etc. I select a few tapes or MDs to take when driving somewhere further away, then listen to them while driving. Out of that small set, I can choose the next tape very quickly and without taking both eyes off the road. If I had half my music collection on a single medium, I would have to go trough menus to select the next album to play or would have to memorize a lot of track numbers.

Also, I already have a lot of cassettes. Recording them all to digital storage would take a long time and would not necessarily be more convenient after that.

Comment Re:STOP MOVING THE GOAL POST! (Score 1) 760

As I understand, he again removed the funding from foreign organizations (that is, the USA does not have to fund them at all anyway, but does so out of good will or for publicity) that offer abortions. As I understand, this is what all Republicans do when they assume office and all Democrats reverse it when they assume office.

Comment Re:STOP MOVING THE GOAL POST! (Score 1) 760

I think that abortion should be legal to anyone, but should only be paid for by the tax payers if it is needed to save the life of the mother or if the mother was a rape victim. Otherwise - pay for it yourself, I do not want to pay for the result of your conscious and consensual act (after all, you could have used protection etc).

Just like I think that the government (I live in a country with national health care) should pay when somebody has to fix his tooth, but if you just want to make your teeth look whiter or implant a gold tooth, then you get to pay for it yourself.

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