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Comment This is for Applets/JWS, doesn't really matter (Score 2) 41


This vulnerability only applies to Applets or Java Web Start- SANDBOXED environments. It doesn't matter for any real-world scenario- server apps or desktop apps or Android apps.

Thing is, sandboxed java is insecure, and by this point it's obvious it's pretty much impossible to secure. So applets or JWS will remain insecure, but they should not be used in the first place and they are barely used in real world anyway these days. Today java is used in BigData/backend/server-side/web-server apps, or in some desktop apps, or in Android. Anyone still using Applets or JWS should just stop...

Shame to Slashdot for clickbait tittle- by now they should know better than to post crap like this.


Comment That is not correct, that's NK propaganda (Score 1) 321

Some analysis says that it would cause less than 40k casualties, potentially as few as 1000. Still lots of human lives lost, but not as bad as NK wants to paint it.



There are more in-depth articles I'm unable to find at the moment. Gist of it is: Not much of their artillery has the range to would reach Seoul, it's probably in bad maintenance or would break down soon, and NK would not be able to supply it with enough munitions or spare parts for sustained barrage, they would not reach Seoul center but less densely populated northern suburbs, there are plenty of shelters and after initial shock people would take cover. Not to mention counterbattery and airstrikes to take it out which would start immediately. --Coder

Comment How about a nettop or intel NUC? (Score 1) 247

I have a small nettop with AMD E-350, and it works fine as:

* ADSL/Wifi Router. Does IPv6 like a champ as well.

* File server

* Media box- it's connected to the TV & speakers.

* Backup device

* 2nd machine for some software experiments.

* Whatever else I want it to be.

I tried looking into getting some ARM SOC or off-the-shelf router, but decided it's not worth the hassle. The only thing I would gain is lower power usage, for much weaker CPU/GPU/memory/storage, and much more problems dealing with exotic hardware.


Comment Gas pipelines! (Score 1) 452

Add to this potential to have a gas pipeline from Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia) to Europe.

Such a pipeline was impossible because it would have had to go through Syria. Assad's Syrian government was and still is friendly with Russia, and would block such a pipeline. Such a pipeline would end Russia's monopoly on gas exports to Europe at large scale, and ruin their business. BTW, Russians are now in Syria bombing any forces that are opposed to Assad, mostly Western/Turkey backed ones.

Enter ISIS, which is opposed to Assad. They are also Sunni branch of Islam as are Saudi Arabia. If they win, the route is open for the gas pipeline.

This whole mess is simply energy business & the great game on large scale.


Comment Exactly which replication? (Score 4, Informative) 244

Depends on what kind of replication you need.

It does pretty decent asynchronous master->slave replication.

You can also have a mirror with synchronous writes.

Multi-master replication- there are some 3rd party tools to do that, still pretty young and immature AFAIK.

Clustering- there are some 3rd party projects to do that, some commercial.

More info here: https://wiki.postgresql.org/wi...


Comment Opportunities as well as problems (Score 1) 98

Yes, due to latency reasons they are probably going to put your satelites in < 1000km altitude.

But if you can do point to point communication via same satelite network without needing to go via base station, or if you have several base stations across the globe, then this will have LOWER latency than going via cables especially for long distance stuff say USA <=> Europe.

I assume they plan to launch small satelites, maybe bigger than cubesats, but definitely smaller than 100cm^3 and 1000kg. I think one rocket should be able to launch a significant percentagle of constellation, otherwise this whole thing becomes unfeasible.

On top of that, you have to weigh the cost of launching a constellation against the cost of laying enough cable to cover the whole world. Satelites are cheaper if you have reusable rockets. And regarding decaying orbit- I think the satelites, no matter what they are now, will be obsolete and replaced in ~10 years anyway, so they just need to last that long.

I wonder how will they deal with scalability with the number of clients, and what kind of antennas will this need on the ground. I imagine they'll have to be somewhat directional, otherwise power usage will be too high? Will they have to be outdoors? How will an individual satelite deal with the load when it passes over a huge city with lots of clients, say NY?


Comment Re:Driver model (Score 1) 199

Ok, I hear you. I KNOW vendor support is bad. Well, it's not as bad as it was in 1998, but it's still quite bad.

However the main problem with that is NOT the driver model. The main problem with that is Microsoft.

OEMs that cannot/do not get bullied by Microsoft DO provide open-source drivers. Intel, Atheros, Realtek, AMD, lots of others.

However Microsoft made sure Linux devices cannot be sold by usual popular vendors like Dell/Asus/Lenovo etc. Anyone who tries selling Linux laptops or desktops gets their windows licensing screwed up. This is bullying and monopolistic pratices at their worst, and they still continue. Similar with Intel/AMD- Intel effectively forces vendors to limit their AMD offerings.

Plese stop blaming this on Linus and his insistence on open-source drivers.


Comment Driver model (Score 1) 199

I just wanted to say- Linus is right regarding driver model.

I do NOT want binary blobs running in kernel mode on my machine. They screw up both stability and security of the system. And OEMs who cannot provide open source drivers can go fuck themselves.

If not for MS monopoly and bullying of OEMs, Linux would have had good driver support from OEMs ages ago. Don't blame Linus for problems caused by Microsoft. Any OEM who tries to sell both Microsoft and Linux systems gets visited by Microsoft and stops selling Linux systems very soon. Because of that quality drivers never get provided by OEMs.

I do agree with your doubt that SteamOS has a future. Valve should have shipped SteamBox after all the hipe. Now this looks like another piece of vaporvare.


Comment Could we please stop this Java is insecure crap (Score 1) 319

It's insecure ON THE CLIENTSIDE. Nobody uses it on the client-side any more. Applets are dead and have been for years. Clientside features are still around only to support some crap legacy apps which should have died years ago.

And on server-side, it's as secure as anything. Probably more secure, as you get none of the memory issues or buffer overflow issues or other issues C/C++ has had for years.


Comment Really? He caused 2 wars (Score 1) 70

War in South Ossetia/Georgia. War in Ukraine. Ongoing civil war/occupation of Chechnya, and he played quite a big part in that. You could argue that 2nd Chechen war was effectively started in order to make Putin popular and put him in power.

How has he been a better world citizen. He's been as bad as USA, probably more.

And I'm not saying this to praise USA. As someone else said, this is a choice between a thug and a crook.

Well, ok, unless you count the whole mass surveilance business. And then other shenanigans created by USA corporations. But I could argue Putin would have done the same and more, except his hands were too short- Russia is not as powerful as USA, and not as technologically advanced.


Comment Many VMs is about legacy crap, not Open-source (Score 1) 149

Ok, so you have several reasonably well maintained open-source (or close) things running with same JVM. Good for you. In your use-case, you only need one VM.

Now try running some legacy enterprise crap from 2003 which hasn't been touched for last 10 years on JDK8. And now imagine it uses JNI.


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