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Comment Not new? (Score 2) 117

This negative mass effect looks a lot like the usual negative mass effect to describe some collections of holes/electrons. One can explain some of the phenomena of these as acting like they have a negative mass or negative (negative) charge. But they are mathematical fictions since they only arise as apparent behaviours on a fictional individual represeting the effective forces created by the correlated motions of a large ensemble. One can do something similar with magnetic monopoles. There are not (supposedly) magnetic monopoles but if you stack dipoles end to end then one can get two very well separated poles that behave as though they were independent monopoles.

Maybe I'm wrong, but Ive seen this negative mass explanation before so I'm guessing this is similar, not a new effect.

Comment usage tests show it's slower than an old iphone (Score 1) 80

Old model iPhone smokes the latest androids any way you can measure it. The iphone 7 beats the G8 by more than the G8 beats the previous snapdragon. So rather than leapfrogging the Snapdragon keeps ramming headfirst into the iPhone's rear end.

To be fair there is one spec the new G8 does win on, and that's straightup numberical benchmark using multi-core. it' wins by a small margin. But loses by a factor of 2 on single core processes. Since no one actually uses their phone as a numerical calculation optimizing the multiple cores this spec seems to indicate the snapdragon is not optimized in ways that benefit an actual operating phone.

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