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Comment Re:VeraCrypt designer is an authoritarian idiot (Score 2) 71

VeraCrypt forces long iteration on shorter passphrases (>70 sec on my laptop, i.e. unusable), regardless of how secure that passphrase actually is. There is no way to switch this off. No response on a complaint. This and some other things lead me to not trust this person. I am back to the last TrueCrypt version that does not have this brain-dead and insulting limitation.

I agree with you completely, and it's the reason I'm still using TrueCrypt.

Secure high-entropy passwords aside, what the people responding to you don't get it is that the user should be allowed to have a more convenient, but more less secure encryption solution if he chooses. I have a short, low entropy password. I could write software that would crack it and it would complete the work in a day or two. I **know** that, and I don't care. I'm not protecting state secrets with it. I'm not worried the NSA will get hold of it. I just want the random person who finds my lost USB flash drive to not have immediate access to the data. Most people wouldn't care to crack it, from those that would most wouldn't know how to go about it. In the statistically unlikely case whoever finds it both wants to crack it and is able to, the data they'll find will be disappointing to them and not a big deal to me. Some of the things I encrypt are more for privacy than security.

Basically, any decent criminal can lock-pick my front door. I still lock it, and it protects against the opportunist criminal. That's the level of security I want, and it makes no sense to tell me I can't have it. They could just pop a big red and flashing warning when I first create the volume that says, "based on the password and number of iterations you've chosen the average desktop computer would be able to crack your encrypted volume in 32 hours. Are you sure you don't want to choose a more complex password?" At that point, they've done their due diligence.

Comment Re:Economic malthusianism (Score 1) 894

Before using the "Cry wolf" argument, please remember that in the original fable, eventually the wolf did come.

Maybe we'll take this next round of automation in stride, we'll adapt to the technology, and the economy will adjust. Maybe the cries of "Wolf!" will be just cries, again. But maybe not. To say that the cries of "Wolf!" will NEVER be valid is actually a bigger and harder to prove conjecture than that at some point the cry will be valid..

Comment Re:Rename it ... (Score 1) 218

Rename it to something like Copilot or Driver Assist. They can say what they want about how Autopilot should be used but the name suggests otherwise.

A variety of autopilot systems in airplanes differ in complexity, many of them not doing anything more than the Model S autopilot does. Hold this heading. Need to change heading now? Let me dial in the new heading...ok, now hold that heading. Exactly analogous to the Model S. Hold this lane and speed. Need to change lanes? Let me press and hold the turn signal button...ok, now hold this lane.

By contrast a copilot can actually take over for you. You transfer the pilot-in-command job, let them hold the yoke, and they go nuts.

I think the problem is that people don't really understand autopilots in airplanes. They think the pilot can just say, "take me to LaGuardia" and the thing will do it. Although the more advanced autopilots of the today in commercial airliners can land the plane for you, it still requires the pilot to go through the pattern, get on the final leg, dial in the ILS frequency for the runway in question, and THEN it can go through the motions of controlling speed, keeping the plane lined up, and flaring at the appropriate height. Autopilots are not replacements for pilots.

Comment Re:First they have to find the cause (Score 1) 64

The November date is really a soonest-possible date, I suspect. In early discussion after the incident, I saw it mentioned that Pad 40 will likely be out of commission for a year, and that the next option would be Pad 39A, which is supposed to be ready in November.

I suspect the hope is that by the time the pad is ready they will understand the failure and have taken remedial action. I doubt they'd be permitted to launch anything without some sort of root cause and remedy.

Submission + - Mysterious sudden demise of world's most dangerous exploit kit Angler is solved (

mask.of.sanity writes: On June 7, Angler, possibly history's most advanced financially-driven exploit kit went silent and nobody knew why. Now Kaspersky's lead intelligence researcher has revealed it was the progeny of some 50 arrested hackers known as the Lurk group. The report is the culmination of some six years of research and bookends the mysterious demise of one of the biggest threats to end users on the internet.

Submission + - SPAM: Lost Doctor Story to be released as animation

BigBadBus writes: The lost 1966 Doctor Who story, "The Power of the Daleks" is to be released in an animated version according to the UK Mirror Newspaper. The story is significant as it is the first story to feature the newly regenerated Doctor, starring Patrick Troughton. However, only a few live action clips exist from the story. For weeks now, BBC Worldwide have issued takedown orders to anyone leaking animated clips on YouTube.
There are still 97 live action episodes missing however; the last were unearthed in 2013.

Submission + - SETI has observed a "strong" signal that may originate from a Sun-like star ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia has detected a strong signal around 11 GHz (which is very unlikely to be naturally-caused) coming from HD164595, a star nearly identical in mass to the Sun and located about 95 light years from Earth. The system is known to have at least one planet.

If the signal were isotropic, it would seem to indicate a Kardashev Type II civilization.

While it is too early to draw any conclusions, the discovery will be discussed at an upcoming SETI committee meeting on September 27th.

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