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Submission + - New iGoogle sucks, users hate it.

citizenr writes: "not really a story, Google updated iGoogle (home page) and Gmail iGoogle gadget (gmail reader on a google home page) yesterday totally ruining usability. Maybe if you mention it on the /. they will be pressured to at least give users option tio chose the old style. I propably should of posted this to digg as it is a non story in slashdot news, on the other hand only geeks use igoogle afaik and this is kind of a big deal for us geeks :)

update to iGoogle (which is extensive and undoubtedly the cause of the outage) is quite a step backwards. It's a pretty clunky hybrid of a window based system and a widget based system, with a lot more AJAX and a lot fewer clickable links. []

I commented how much it sucks an hour ago, and already 30 more people commented how much it sucks and my comment is gone (it displays only last 30 comments). People HATE IT with passion.

also this page []
is missing pictures of the "great" new Canvas crap that everyone uniformly hates.
We got TABS in our browsers, we dont need no canvas"

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