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Comment background apps? (Score 1) 164

What background apps? do they mean keylogging spyware^^^Customer Experience Improvement Program? ETL tracing running 24/7 and writing ~1GB to disk per day? Cortana calling home once per hour no matter what? Metro garbage?

all uninstalled/blocked/deleted

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 70

Canada Post is the worst of the bunch. They absolutely REFUSE to knock or ring a doorbell, instead leaving boxes in plain sight on my front porch next to a busy road for anyone to see.

So whats the problem? Claim every package left like that as missing and collect insurance.

Comment Chinese usually dont pay (Score 1) 25

Chinese consortium Covec was supposed to build A2 highway in Poland for the Euro 2012. Then in middle of construction they quietly stopped paying subcontractors while still receiving payment form the government, and finally moved their staff back to China when whole thing started hitting papers.

Comment Re:Not the worst that can happen (Score 1) 172

so I brought the 3000 home, snapped a shot of the ram and found it's not Sram and it's not Dram
it's called static column ram - which is as close to Sram as you can get (but not Sram, yet we called it that).

Its not close to sram at all other than similarly sounding name, as I wrote in previous post it is an improved variant of page mode DRAM:
>and here a definition of "static column mode" in case you would somehow think this means SRAM:

even wiki has a section on it

In fact if you search for 9A9Z you get all sorts of answers of what it is.

datasheet: http://datasheet.datasheetarch...
a big hints are
-a whole timing diagrams section on refresh
-multiplexed address bus
-fact 4Mbit sram chips didnt exist until 1993, and when they first showed up they were >$140 a pop!!!
-and fifth word of the datasheet reading 'dynamic' :-)

This ram allows the same search and grab as Sram,

Now we are moving 2 posts back. You are confusing two separate things, type of ram and ability to recover data after reset. Those two are independent.
  Both types of ram will keep its data mostly intact over a reset, and somewhat intact after total power loss depending on process size, temperature, time etc.
  Difference between SRAM and DRAM is in physical construction. One uses multiple(4-8) transistor latch arrangement - you put logic level in and it stays there until powered down. The other uses _one_ transistor and capacitor and needs frequent refresh (recharging that capacitor).

  More transistors to build sram means more expensive, around x10 was the minimum. This is why in the nineties a 256KB sram cache for a PC motherboard cost around the same as 4MB simm. This price difference (and use of slow processors) was the reason not a single Amiga featured sram.

Comment Re:Not the worst that can happen (Score 1) 172

I have an 8 Meg expansion card for the 2000, I only got as far as I needed

1 this is A500 expansion
2 this is fast ram expansion, Amiga stores images/sounds in the chip ram (separate memory bus) so even if you had third party sram expansion it would do nothing for you because pictures and music was stored in different part of the computer. Amiga rasterizer and sound chips had no access to fast ram (where this particular sram extension installs).
3 again - what you described (reset to rip memory content) _never_ required special memory type. You could do it on C64, Amiga, Atari, even consoles.
4 pointing at third party products to corroborate your faulty memory is like claiming Honda Civics came with Spoon engines, T66 turbo, NOS, and MoTeC system exhaust.

Got a late start eh, I don't think many on /. haven't worked on computers

cute :)

I get it man, you miss remembered something and now just cant let go. Its ok, its not the end of the world. I will leave you and your cognitive dissonance in peace.

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