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Comment because Latency, also you are a noob (Score 1) 159

what good would extra 60 frames _from the past_ do to your VR experience? other than make you puke

BTW Microsoft once championed the idea of generating 3D from a bunch of 2D tiles, this would enable tricks like motion compensation for tile reusing. It went pretty well for everyone involved (read billions invested/wasted by all MS 'partners').

Comment Re:Yes, definitely assholes (Score 2) 440

1) Tesla: "Do not drive hands-off, maintain attention"

2) [Moron drives hands-off, FILMS it and uploads to YT

3) Musk personally retweets video of said moron driving hands free

4) Moron, now encouraged by praise of Tesla CEO himself keeps pushing the limits by watching harry potter while driving

5) Moron receives Tesla Decapitation(TM)

6) Musk is shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, that anyone would drive hands off using their AUTOPILOT system

Comment Re:No helmet??? (Score 1) 100

There was a full documentary movie (Rocket Compulsion (2011)) about a guy(David Mayman?) on a mission to build a jetpack, he also used hydrogen peroxide fuel.

Finally after over a year of research and building the prototype he tests it .... in shorts and a tshirt instead flame retardant suit .. and afair burns his leg. Maybe its the same guy? :)

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