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Comment Who ships packages without proof of delivey??? (Score 1) 38

I dont know of a EU service even allowing shipping a package without proof of delivery. Reading all the horror stories about US postal service/private shipping Im just baffled. Why would you ship anything with a knowledge it will be tossed from a truck into your lawn/door for everyone to see???!?!

Comment Re:You aren't training your feed properly. (Score 1) 363

It doesnt work (probably because I told YT to not save my history, which somehow doesnt stop them from building a profile on me and suggesting garbage).

Pewretarddie, h3whatever, 10funnycompilationssomething, someotherrandombro13, day in day out same fucktards are being pushed into my recommended.

Comment its specifically blocked, there are both versions (Score 1) 124

video clip in the article:
D:\_learning>youtube-dl.exe -F https://www.youtube.com/watch?... ...
266 mp4 3840x2160 DASH video 11632k , avc1.640033, 24fps, video only, 152.17MiB
313 webm 3840x2160 DASH video 16250k , vp9, 24fps, video only, 175.23MiB ...

so 4K is indeed just hidden in the YT player, but present in the manifest

Comment background apps? (Score 1) 164

What background apps? do they mean keylogging spyware^^^Customer Experience Improvement Program? ETL tracing running 24/7 and writing ~1GB to disk per day? Cortana calling home once per hour no matter what? Metro garbage?

all uninstalled/blocked/deleted


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