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Comment Flawed Bill, sneaky language (Score 1) 266

>require manufacturers to sell replacement parts and repair tools to independent repair companies and consumers at the same price they are sold to authorized repair centers

It so happens Apple does NOT sell any parts/tools/manuals to their "authorized repair centers". What they do is let you use the name, and in exchange get paid $18 per item you ship to Apples Texas facility for exchange, all while charging your client $149-1299.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 266


Get a clue. If a state makes a law that anyone can get access to repair parts and manuals the manufacturer will close all authorized service in that state. Require shipping the device out of state for repair.

Congrats, you just described APPLE _right now_. Yes, Get a clue.

Comment Who ships packages without proof of delivey??? (Score 1) 41

I dont know of a EU service even allowing shipping a package without proof of delivery. Reading all the horror stories about US postal service/private shipping Im just baffled. Why would you ship anything with a knowledge it will be tossed from a truck into your lawn/door for everyone to see???!?!

Comment Re:You aren't training your feed properly. (Score 1) 363

It doesnt work (probably because I told YT to not save my history, which somehow doesnt stop them from building a profile on me and suggesting garbage).

Pewretarddie, h3whatever, 10funnycompilationssomething, someotherrandombro13, day in day out same fucktards are being pushed into my recommended.

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