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Comment Re:In a country far far away (Score 2) 486

And now get the hardware peripherals to work. The gaming mouse with a polling speed that XWindow cannot handle. The programmable flight sticks that can't be programmed in Linux because there is no tool (and no, sorry, the windows-tool doesn't work in Wine). The EAX-7.1 Sound card that is treated like it can only output Stereo (and that gets no driver from its manufacturer). The USB Soundcard that doesn't work at all (for the same reason). The gamepad ...

Yes, all those examples can be brushed aside with "That's not Linux' fault that their maker doesn't deliver drivers" (well, except maybe that mouse issue, that's really a shortcoming of XWindow). True. But guess what, the user doesn't care whose blunder it is. What he sees is that these things he paid multiple 100 bucks for do work in Windows and don't work in Linux.

And until we solve this, it's going to be a really hard sale that "Linux on the Desktop" idea.

Comment Re:Scathing (Score 3, Insightful) 154

That is some fantastic fantasy trolling there, with some great riffing on the sort of irrational stuff that comes right out of those people we see sobbing tears of cultish joy in the audience at the DNC. Well done! A fantastic simulation of everything that's wrong on the low-information, non-critical-thinking left. Bravo!

Gary Johnson: I'd Consider Pardoning Snowden, Chelsea Manning ( 213

An anonymous reader writes from a report via Vocativ: [Vocativ reports:] "The U.S.'s most popular third-party presidential candidate says he would 'consider' pardoning the highest profile convicts of computer-related crimes in the country, including Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht, and Jeremy Hammond. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, also reiterated his possible willingness to pardon Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency analyst who gave a cache of agency documents to journalists in 2013." "Having actually served as a governor and administered the power to grant pardons and clemency, Gary Johnson is very conscious and respectful of the need for processes for using that authority," Joe Hunter, Johnson's communications director, told Vocativ in a statement. "However, he has made it clear on numerous occasions that he would 'look seriously at' pardoning Edward Snowden, based on public information that Snowden's actions did not cause actual harm to any U.S. intelligence personnel. Likewise, he has said he would look favorably on pardoning Ross Ulbricht, consistent with his broader and long-standing commitment to pardon nonviolent drug offenders, whistleblowers, and others imprisoned under unjust and ill-advised laws," Hunter said. When Vocativ asked specifically about Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, and Matthew Keys, Hunter responded: "The same goes for the other individuals you have mentioned -- and hundreds, if not thousands, like them. Gov. Johnson finds it to be an outrage that the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the developed world, and announced in 2012 that, as President, he would promptly commence the process of pardoning nonviolent offenders who have done no real harm to others." The Green Party candidate Jill Stein has also shared her thoughts on pardoning Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Not only would she pardon Snowden, but she said she would appoint him to her cabinet.

Comment Which is why we need a gross receipts tax (Score 2, Interesting) 166

Does your real estate agent take a percentage of your profit?
Does your broker base his fees on your profit?
Does your property tax bill ask what your profit was?

Of course not, so why is the US Government that? The value you get from the government running the military, maintaining safety programs,and building and maintaining our transportation infrastructure isn't based on how much you made last year, it's a fixed cost. Change to a gross receipts tax and every dollar you receive is taxed at a fixed rate. No worries about what is deductable, or what does or doesn't qualify as pre or post tax. Plus it's more easily auditable.

My town uses it and it's pretty fucking straight forward. You put down what you grossed, and you multiply that by between 0.10% and 0.37%. Yes, you read that correctly - our local business tax is ten to thirty-four CENTS for every One Hundred DOLLARS you gross. And, aside from lying on your tax forms, there's no way around it.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 2) 299

In the area I'm from, it was more liver cirrhosis from too much alcohol. You know what they say, in Winter, you can only code... or drink. And back when my grandpa lived, we didn't have computers, hell, we didn't have electricity. Or shoes. And the snow was THIS high, all the times. Especially in Winter!

Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 3, Funny) 388

It was a girl writing about a shitty time she had at a convention and a lot of boys that never grew up getting offended by her daring to write that. So nothing of note but a lot was spilled over a small corner of the net and swilled over onto this site - stuff about "Mens Rights Activism" and how the right to insult teenage girls is written into the constitution or something.

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