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Submission + - Intel Answers Phenom with Unsupported CPU (

Vigile writes: "Sure the AMD Phenom is getting a lot of attention today but Intel wasn't going to let AMD's parade run without raining on it. In a response that seems more than a little strange, Intel brought in the release of performance data on the Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processor which runs at 3.20 GHz on a 1600 MHz front-side bus. What makes this release odd is that AMD's parts don't even come close to competing with the existing Intel high-end CPUs and that there is no chipset from Intel or elsewhere that actually supports a 1600 MHz FSB! Using current motherboards that were overclocked to run the QX9770, the performance of the new processor is simply the fastest desktop processor we have seen."
United States

U.S. Copyright Lobby Out of Touch 293

Ontheright writes "The BBC is featuring a story on how the U.S. copyright lobby is increasingly out of touch with the rest of the world. The article focuses on a recent report designed to highlight the inadequacies of IP protection around the world by arguing for a global expansion of the DMCA and elimination of copyright exceptions. Michael Geist penned the article, which specifically calls out the United States for expecting the world at large to adopt its non-standard standards for copyright law."

Viacom Turns to Joost, Spurns YouTube 139

Vincenzo writes "Viacom has signed a deal with Joost that will see content from MTVI, Comedy Central, and CBS distributed on the new P2P distribution service. The move comes just two weeks after demanding YouTube pull over 100,000 videos offline. 'Joost's promise to protect their copyrights was a major factor in Viacom's decision, and also a stumbling block in their discussions with YouTube/Google. At the moment is it quite easy to download and store video content from YouTube, but no such exploit for Joost is known to exist.' It's also a 'secure' distribution medium in the eyes of many in the entertainment industry, since users can't upload content themselves.'"

Journal Journal: What I've learned from pre-Grammy coverage 2

James Blunt's speaking voice is just about as agonizing as his singing. Fortunately I came across the interview with him while switching channels so it was easy enough to instantly escape -- otherwise, pulling my ears off my skull might have been the option of choice.

Submission + - Ten Years of Steve Jobs

Gammu writes: Apple is nearing its tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs-leadership. On December 20, 1996, Apple's acquisition of NeXT went public and a mere seven months later, on July 9, 1997, Steve Jobs had ousted Amelio and most of the board of directors. What followed was an aggressive reorganization that cut thousands of jobs and most of the projects in R&D. The product matrix and Apple's strategy for targeting two markets (consumer and pro) emerged and Apple began its road to recovery.

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