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Comment digital shadow.... (Score 1) 164

This automated system is a mess.

I gave it access to my account temporarily, and afterwards revoked access.

Turns out, it can't identify my face, nor can it identify my political leanings or my income with any certainty.

It also couldn't figure out who my friends and enemies really were.

All in all? It's a game, and it's not really doing any "data mining" that we should be worried about. ...

Either that, or I'm a mischievous son-of-a-bitch that pads my timeline with fake information, and uses
my kids face for my profile picture a lot, and only pushes location information if it's funny, irrelevant, or

Comment You got a bit wrong there, Larry... (Score 5, Insightful) 394

You said "Government-sponsored community development approaches to software creation lack the financial incentives of commercial companies to produce low-defect, well-documented code."

What you really meant was "Unlike proprietary, hidden commercial code, Government-sponsored back doors in software can't be found in the traditional, open-source, many-eyes, well-documented code.

But that probably doesn't rake in the profits, does it?

Comment And the NTSB wants cars to talk to each other??? (Score 1) 390

Just wait until somebody reverse-engineers the communications between vehicles.

Then, you can just send a rogue car down the road "Hey, I'm a police car, please pull to the outside lane(s) and slow down to 10mph" and watch the road magically open up for you!

Or, even worse "OMG! YOU'RE GONNA HIT SOMETHING! EMERGENCY STOP!" to all the cars you pass.

Or even worse than that.... every nth car you pass....

Comment Re:Debt is the most prized American possession. (Score 1) 281

My 1st house was built in the early 40's.
There wasn't a right angle in the place, nevermind that it survived the '64 earthquake.

And different addition phases meant different building styles.
The outside of the original structure was still present behind some of the drywall in the "kitchen" area,
with it's slanted nautical-themed cabinetry.

still, I'm not moving out of Anchorage.

Comment serves 'em right (Score 4, Insightful) 1271

If some anti-vax moron doesn't want to use the help provided by the doctor, then the doctor doesn't need to keep them cluttering up his clinic.

That's his right.

It's also the right of the anti-vax moron to die faster, so hopefully they'll be weeded out in short order and we can get back to living better with medicine.

No. Really. You anti-vax'rs are morons. Self-indulgent, blinded, murderous morons.

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