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Submission + - Could you help with a nonprofit name? 2

chuckymonkey writes: "I am starting a nonprofit organization. I will be collecting old computers, refurbishing them, installing Linux, and giving them to deserving students in the area, who may not be able to afford them on their own. I already have some corporate backers, so I need to get this ball rolling. I could use the help of fellow Slashdotters to come up with a good name for my new non-profit charity here in Aurora, CO."

Submission + - Folding@Home as a supercomputer? (stanford.edu)

chuckymonkey writes: I was just browsing the website for the Top500 supercomputers in the world and found no mention of the Folding@Home project. In my mind the project is just a variation on cluster technology that takes advantage of the internet and multiple types of computers to make its distributed cluster. I was curious to see whether or not any slashdotters think that this project should be included in the list. While it does not have a central location it is producing over 700 teraflops of computing power (as of 20 July 2007), which is more than many on the Top500 list.

Submission + - Recommendation for First Programming Language

chuckymonkey writes: I'm a relatively young new guy to the IT world and am interested in teaching myself my first programming language. What I would like to know from the Slashdot community is what programming language would you recommend for me to learn first?

Submission + - What is the Soul of a Machine

chuckymonkey writes: If man were to truly create artificial intelligence would you treat it as an equal subject to the same rights and laws as yourself or would you treat it like a slave to do your bidding? Keep in mind that its basic needs actually aren't that much different from our own, however its wants may differ wildly.

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