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Comment Re:Fast food (Score 1) 122

There's nothing wrong with grains but there's everything wrong with the highly processed stuff that the American consumer usually buys.

Humans can easily survive without meat. You can easily get proper amino acid intake from vegetable sources alone although you have to balance them. With just a little bit of dairy or fish it's trivial (and a lot healthier than meat.)

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 113

It takes several years to design a processor. Once they finished Bulldozer and found that it didn't perform they still had to go through the iterations up to Excavator while they designed a completely new CPU. After the bad rep they got in desktop circles they must have decided that the volume in 8-core CPUs wasn't worth it after Vishera so they focused on APUs where the GPU shined and the weak CPU part wasn't so obvious.

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