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Submission + - Message for AMD: Open PSP Will Improve Security, Hinder Intel

futuristicrabbit writes: AMD has faced calls from Edward Snowden, Libreboot and the Reddit community to release the source code to the AMD Secure Processor (PSP), a network-capable co-processor which some believe has the capacity to act as a backdoor. Opening the PSP would not only have security benefits, but would provide AMD with a competitive advantage against rival chipmaker Intel. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, is reportedly seriously considering the change, and the community is working hard to make sure she makes the right decision.

Comment Re:Fast food (Score 1) 122

There's nothing wrong with grains but there's everything wrong with the highly processed stuff that the American consumer usually buys.

Humans can easily survive without meat. You can easily get proper amino acid intake from vegetable sources alone although you have to balance them. With just a little bit of dairy or fish it's trivial (and a lot healthier than meat.)

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