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Comment Skype replacement not needed because ... (Score 1) 74

Back before every computer/tablet etc users were using was behind NAT we had point to point video and audio. Skype is the hack to have someone in the middle to act as a proxy between to endpoints between NAT.
Now that IPv6 is finally starting to spread we just need something like those many point to point video and audio programs. It's no longer such a difficult problem and there are many open source projects already delivering in that space.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1453

It would serve you well to at least google a topic before you pretend expertise.

Hasn't stopped you before Crash and perhaps you should try try it on this one.
This is like talking to an Eliza bot - you've gone and told me I am not correct about something but not pointed out what it is - utterly fucking useless. It's clearly just one of your stock insults.

Yes because

I know a sentence there is long but getting to the end of it or at least the words "even isolationists" before replying is the polite thing to do. The rockets make it popular to oppose the idiots setting off rockets - thus counterproductive.

Comment The "real world"? Seriously? In your cube? (Score 2) 128

FFS - those who want to model the real world need to be able to pick up a bit of mathematics somewhere.
That's why in my workplace we have actual engineers churning out shitty code instead of CS graduates who could produce wonderful and efficient code if they had some clue where to start. If you can't even answer the question "what's a fourier transform?" then you are doomed to attempt to solve many problems in ways that will take orders of magnitude more time than really shitty code from someone who can.

You don't have to start with it, but if you don't pick up a bit of mathematics along the way in something that is a very mathematical field you will be very limited in what you can do.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted on this (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Good point - the free market is biased between the quick solutions whether they are better in the long run or not, plus it tends to concentrate in places where profit is highest. Without government involvement we wouldn't have nukes and just about every farm and small town would still be dark just as it was more than fifty years after Edison lit up a profitable part of New York.

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 2) 359

I used quotes on "right" about because there are so many people that label themselves that way who are not really advocating for anything, they just oppose whatever they see another group doing. They are the ones pushing capitulation instead of compromise while an actual conservative is typically more interested in results than stupid fucking ego games. A conservative would allow an abortion in the case where a doctor says that otherwise both mother and baby would die, but a reactionary who is nothing but against the "left" would say "rules is rules - both die".

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 4, Insightful) 359

And the problem with the left is that they can't compromise

Often the "compromise" wanted is complete capitulation so the people who see themselves firmly on the "right" can appear "strong".
Stupid fucking games instead of trying to run something properly. Edge cases on minor issues getting attention just to deliberately start a fight instead of actual governance.
In a lot of cases it's not "left" or "right" but huge fucking egos trying to turkey slap everyone just to prove they have balls.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1453

Look overseas and it's not so ridiculous all the time either. The amount of utter hate in the last few elections in the USA has been exceptional. All those people who wanted to use the "N" word with Obama, Trump being Trump and Baby Bush after a few people started to work out that the Iraq war was nothing but a personal vanity project with a death toll. That's not normal in the US or anywhere. People said they hated Bill Clinton, but compared with Obama and Trump it was just annoyance.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1453

I'm calling them ineffective because they are actively harming the Palestinian cause, providing an excuse for retalatory airstrikes and the psychos who launch those old missiles don't even get the bloodthirsty satisfaction of killing people.
As for those "large amounts", it comes out of US military aid and helps reinforce the aid supply (which is not going to be cut off as long as those rockets keep flying). "Defending against terrorist rockets" is a pretty damned good reason to help out another country and even isolationists are going to think twice about cutting off that aid.
Meanwhile our "friends" in Saudi Arabia are paying for these rockets.

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