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Comment Petitions are meaningless (Score 1) 101

Petitions are meaningless in federal law.
Signatures on nothing mostly, since most are electronic.
Anyone who wants to make this a single issue vote in Nov. really needs to wake up. Most Republicans support it.

If congress doesn't pass it before January, it may never pass. Just because Clinton won't oppose it doesn't mean she'll support it on her watch.
Don't make assumptions.

Comment The Problem is the Wires (Score 0) 173

You can't get cable without wires.
No building owner is going to allow random wiring all through their building. The bigger the building, the bigger the problem.
Sorry, it suck to rent in this case. Even single family homes can have clauses in their agreements about wiring. The FCC can't write rules about it.
If you don't own the building you're locked into whatever the owner wants. Don't like it, move.

Comment I love when Science invalidates Sci-Fi (Score 2) 268

Time travel has been over used and generally poorly done. Hopefully this kills it.
Several Sci-Fi genre relied on gravity not being bound by the speed of light. LIGO has killed that.
It will be interesting to see where the hard sci-fi authors go now.

Oddly enough Edgar Rice Burroughs is still sorta safe, since his Mars is in an alternate reality (other obvious failings aside).

Comment Mind bogglingly complecated co-processing (Score 1) 205

Maybe things are getting better. Too many programs are single threaded. Too many drivers are single threaded. Yes you can sandbox them.
That leaves out the nasty deadly embrace. Or less nasty, waiting on a key resource to complete.
More core just gets you bound up in your shorts faster.
more cores is not a magic bullet.

Comment and we should care? (Score -1, Flamebait) 477

I have no idea what the details are. But Sweden is a very liberal country. Assange is holed up in an embassy to avoid rape charges. And above all, he isn't a US citizen. The man has issues, given the rape charges, that won't go way, with women. And what does he think? The other guy would be better? He has serious issues.
why is this tripe newsworthy?

Comment Re:That's just too damn bad. revisited (Score 1) 767

Actually. Waze has a failure with private roads that are visible to satellite. I have sent in several corrections, some of which they persist in ignoring. Fortunately some of the ones they have ignored are blocked by a fixed gate. They still won't block (during school hours) the street that's closed during school hours behind a local elementary school (also blocked by a gate).

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