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Comment Re:Don't worry we won't miss it (Score 1) 297

Industrial jobs are for a large part gone. Never coming back.
There are still some things you need human labor to do, but they are going.
There are HUGE problems coming.

Almost no one in the US understands why the French Revolution happened.
Won't be pretty.

born and raised in the US, just a better student of history.

Comment Re:Bad assumption (Score 1) 297

shoulda checked.
I don't know if Altavista was even second. Thought they did start within a year of each other. And, they're long gone.
Before Yahoo there was gopher. In the early days of the web it still worked well, but you had to be a geek to use it.

My first browser was Mosaic. It was the first. Long gone.

Comment Bad assumption (Score 4, Insightful) 297

He who innovates/invents first has little effect on 5 years later. If that long.
Look at Yahoo. The first, and for some time the best internet search engine. Now dust.

Economists, and the like, keep using 20th century (some even 19th century) models. Intellectuals cling to the past as badly as others. And the fools who like what they say pay them. Sadly the factory workers have no such benefactors.

Comment Name all possible litigants - dumb move (Score 1) 18

There's a habit in law suits to name all possible litigants, to increase pay off.
backfired this time. Comcast already won round one.

Not a fan of Comcast, but I don't hate them. In my personal experience Version is MUCH worse, and I have court records to prove it. (I won).

Comment Re:They did it to themselves (Score 1) 266

The primary cost in repair is labor.
There is no such thing as a 10 minute repair. It can take that long to unpack the box it's shipped in. More like 2 hours. Add to that all of the other people involved, receiving, shipping, etc.
$60 part, $200 in labor and ancillary costs. And it's a business, they want to make a profit. You're at $300.

Comment Terrible Idea (Score -1, Troll) 266

Get a clue. If a state makes a law that anyone can get access to repair parts and manuals the manufacturer will close all authorized service in that state. Require shipping the device out of state for repair. They could go as far as requiring shipping out of the US for repair. And, once out of warranty offer NO repair.
This won't help. It can only harm.
It sucks having to deal with authorized service. But a big reason why authorized service started was 3rd party service was a rip off. Companies went to time and expense to set up a service system. It's expensive.
I'm not making this up. I bought something. It stopped working. It had to be shipped to China for warranty repair. It wasn't expensive and I threw it out. Lesson learned.

Comment Re:BS title - actually, probably true (Score 5, Insightful) 137

Stratus are an old school redundant parallel architecture. You can take a node off line without taking the system down. Beyond that multiple levels of redundancy with components. Portions of the system have certainly been taken down, but the system as a whole kept running.
No one would consider that kind of architecture now; much too expensive, when other solutions are available now. The key word in the previous sentence is "now". Probably not an ad for Stratus, they don't really exist anymore.
The equivalent now is a server farm. There are systems (server farms) that have been running for over a decade.

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