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Comment Act of war (Score 1) 59

As the article mentions, this would likely need a nation state sponsor.
This attack is unfocused. The attacker probably has no idea what the individual IO points mean or do.
The attack would be only to destroy.
That's an Act of War.

You're next move Dr. Strangelove?

I write industrial control software. Most of my customers don't have their process control computers accessible, except as needed. As for IO points, at least with what I work on, each system is unique.

Comment Yes, and NO! (Score 1) 304

Publishing the text of a bill is a no brainer.
Making meeting be able to be recorded by the public will result in VERY few official meetings. The real meetings will be done behind closed doors, possibly with some of the committee members left out. Then an official meeting to rubber stamp the result.
Frank, open discussion is rarely done in public. This will drive negotiations into the dark.

Comment Technically unfeasible (Score 2) 80

Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it can be done.
This attack breaks multiple laws, and regulations.
As noted in another post. The equipment to do this is expensive.
It's not a targeted attack. There's no way to pin an individual, they might just get lucky and get through on the real cell.

Just alarmist ranting, for now.

Comment Re:This is mostly a Red Herring (Score 1) 432

you're right, but in this case, it's my opinion the local cops are a bunch of stooges. they have no clue. the local prosecutor, same.
It doesn't help when the reason local law enforcement can't deal with it because they're stupid.

caveat. I know a lot of talented people in the law enforcement side, whom I respect immensely. this is a bad apple problem.

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