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Comment Re:This is mostly a Red Herring (Score 1) 296

you're right, but in this case, it's my opinion the local cops are a bunch of stooges. they have no clue. the local prosecutor, same.
It doesn't help when the reason local law enforcement can't deal with it because they're stupid.

caveat. I know a lot of talented people in the law enforcement side, whom I respect immensely. this is a bad apple problem.

Comment Re:Turnabout is Fair Play. (Score 1) 867

First Amendment rights were recently overruled by the body of the Constitution. By the Supreme Court.
Trying to sell 3d printer gun parts fails the body of the Constitution. Common Defense.
The Constitution is a living document, but the body supersedes all. Consider that when the Supreme Court rules based on it.

Comment Typical Republican tatic: LIE (Score 0, Flamebait) 867

If they don't have any REAL evidence: LIE
It's been the Republican MO since Reagan. The man was a lying sack of shit, and some think he's a saint.
Reagan had the CIA be the middle man for Colombian drug lords to fund insurgents in Iran. All the while claiming there's a war on drugs.
There's an adage in psychology, if you tell a lie enough times you believe it's true. Nazi Germany is a perfect example.

as someone else noted. Trump looks a lot like Hitler.

Comment Don't be afraid of this! (Score 0) 527

The reason the conservatives don't want this is it loses their chance to censor!
Western companies will run the internet. Google, Apple, Microsoft, dare I say PornHub.
They only thrive in an open internet, especially the last. And the last is EXACTLY why Cruz is fighting it. He is lying if he says otherwise.
The corporate states will fight each other, but keeping it open will keep them from being locked out.

Comment WRONG! Meg Whitman is not CEO of HP (Score 1) 51

Meg Whitman got fired years ago!
I agree with the other comments, charter schools are parasites.
Alternatives in education need to be part of the system, not an alternative.
Of course that means actually funding schools properly.
that seems to be a real problem for some people. I don't have kids, and I have no problem paying the slightly outrageous school taxes. does help property value.

Submission + - Falcon 9 explodes on pad (

Mysticalfruit writes: NPR is reporting that a Falcon9 carrying the AMOS-6 satellite that was supposed to launch on Sat exploded during it's scheduled static fire. No injuries are reported. They're reporting that this was going to be the first reflown first stage.

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