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Submission + - Germany's glut of electricity causing prices to plummet

AmiMoJo writes: Germany is headed for its biggest electricity glut since 2011 as new coal-fired plants start and generation of wind and solar energy increases, weighing on power prices that have already dropped for three years. From December capacity will be at 117% of peak demand. The benchmark German electricity contract has slumped 36% since the end of 2010.

“The new plants will run at current prices, but they won’t cover their costs” said Ricardo Klimaschka, a power trader at Energieunion GmbH. Lower prices “leave a trail of blood in our balance sheet” according to Bernhard Guenther, CFO at RWE, Germany’s biggest power producer. Wind and solar’s share of installed German power capacity will rise to 42% by next year from 30% in 2010. The share of hard coal and lignite plant capacity will drop to 28% from 32%.

Submission + - Facebook Releases Controversial 'Friend Tracker' App (

WubbaDucki writes: Facebook has officially released a new and somewhat controversial feature that allows users to track the location of their friends. But if used maliciously, the app raises major privacy concerns.

The application is called "Nearby Friends" and it uses location information collected by smartphones. Facebook says its goal is to make it simple for people to find their friends and meet up in real life. When it's enabled, Nearby Friends shows users a list of Facebook friends who have agreed to share their location.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: on Heartbleed: Actually, Do Change Your Passwords - Mashable (

SFGate on Heartbleed: Actually, Do Change Your Passwords
Hcdotgov The online application of Reginald Wright stalls as he attempts to sign up for health-care insurance on at the Atlanta Medical Center South Campus, Monday, March 31, 2014, in Atlanta. Image: David Goldman/Associated Press.
Vulnerable To 'Heartbleed' Bug, Obamacare Subscribers Told To Change ... Fox News Latino
Cyber security flaw on Obama's healthcare site could affect private informationWDAM-TV
Users of Are Being Asked to Change Their Passwords Because ...
PCWorld (blog)-KATC Lafayette News
all 222 news articles

Submission + - Obama Delays Decision on Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: The Christian Science Monitor reports that once again, the Obama administration has pushed back a final decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline possibly delaying the final determination until after the November midterm elections. In announcing the delay, the State Department cited a Nebraska Supreme Court case that could affect the route of the pipeline that may not be decided until next year, as well as additional time needed to review 2.5 million public comments on the project. Both supporters and opponents of the pipeline criticized the delay as a political ploy. Democratic incumbents from oil-rich states have urged President Obama to approve the pipeline but approving the pipeline before the election could staunch the flow of money from liberal donors and fund-raisers who oppose the project. The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell said in a statement that “at a time of high unemployment in the Obama economy, it’s a shame that the administration has delayed the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline for years.” Activists say its construction could devastate the environment, but several State Department reviews have concluded that the pipeline would be safe and was unlikely to significantly increase the rate of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. Even if the pipeline was canceled, it said, the oil sands crude was likely to be extracted and brought to market by other means, such as rail, and then processed and burned.

Submission + - Bitcoin Exchange CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested on Money Laundering Charge (

An anonymous reader writes: Charlie Shrem, the chief executive officer of bitcoin exchange BitInstant, has been arrested and charged with money laundering.

Shrem was arrested at JFK airport on 26 January and was also charged, along with alleged co-conspiratior Robert Faiella, of selling more than $1 million (£600,000) worth of bitcoins to users of Silk Road.


puneet0001 writes: The update is that the hunt for Earth 2 began with the Tess , Kepler telescope which was launched in 2009 with the objective to hunt for exoplanets. The Kepler telescope system is charged with investigating the more than 145,000 stars within its view in the hopes of finding habitable planets but those stars constitute just 0.28 percent of the sky. The Kepler mission is being set for the 2016 schedule .

You must be wandering that what is this “TESS ” basically it is the abbreviation of The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) it worth a £130 million , developed by the team from MIT’s Kavli Institute in collaboration with NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp .
With the establishment of Kepler mission TESS will occupy a new ‘Goldilocks’ orbit for the spacecraft—one which is not too close, and not too far, from both the Earth and the moon and nor making any obstruction in discovering earth 2 . The Goldilocks orbit is the one and only one of its kind which would maintain the accurate distance form Earth to avoid the planet’s radiation belts but close enough to maintain a high-speed datalink . It means that they would be able to use the data link without making any harm to the Kepler mission, datalink is essential to keep wide-angle telescopes and CCDs—192 megapixels in working condition .

  The TESS team is expecting to discover around 1,000 to 10,000 exoplanet candidates including earth 2 via the transit method and those would be studied and researched in association with NASA.

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Submission + - NATO Manual Says Hackers Fair Game in a War (

Trailrunner7 writes: When nations eventually adopt ground rules for conflict in cyberspace as they apply in an actual kinetic war, the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare, is likely to be their key reference material in doing so.

The Tallinn Manual, officially released late last week, is a 302-page treatise on the applicability of international law to cyberspace. Though NATO-commissioned, it is not an official NATO guidance or official expression by any country of how they will proceed in times of conflict with regard to cyber. Instead, it lays out 95 rules that explain rules of sovereignty, state responsibility, laws of neutrality, and more from a legal context.

“What happens next and how it is adopted is up to the states,” said Tallinn Manual editor Michael N. Schmitt, chairman of the international law department at the United States Naval War College in Newport, R.I. “I’d like to think we did a thorough job identifying and capturing a complete interpretation of international law as it applies to cyber and hope it’s used by states to fashion their own legal positions.”

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