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Comment Why buy SSD when you can get higher capacity IDE? (Score 1) 109

All new storage technologies start with a significant price premium vs established technology.

$77 and 32GB is not intended for photos and videos (which is all consumers think about), they're intended for servers which need high speed but not a great deal of storage space per drive. $2 per GB is roughly what we saw with SSD when they first came out.

For someone running a home server, these drives are a feasible replacement for their existing database and web storage to get much better performance.

For commercial providers, these are going to start replacing SSDs in RAID arrays as the capacities go up.

Comment People don't *want* a universal solution (Score 1) 456

It's like saying it makes no sense to have a house way across town when you could rent a living space at your work. People don't want to live at work. They want natural barriers between the different aspects of their life and the groups of people associated with them.

For those who keep active Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts, etc., one of those will be how they casually chat with close friends, one will be how they keep in touch with family and work friends, one will be where they flirt, one will be where they post about their political concerns, etc. Having distinct non-interoperable services suits them just fine.

Comment Re:Min 5 year warranty required (Score 2) 136

That works out great unless the all the companies that supply the product are conspiring together as is the case with farm equipment.

A big part of the issue is that farm equipment has become so expensive and so complicated that to make it affordable they prevent users from servicing the equipment to recoup costs in repairs. It's the printer and ink way of doing business. Farmers don't really own the equipment. They're leasing it. And while you can do your own repairs on a leased vehicle, it's generally a bad idea. And when the vehicle costs millions of dollars, it's a really bad idea.

Sure, you can buy an older tractor. But the cost of food is so low that you won't be able to grow or harvest enough with your fix it yourself tractor to make a living.

Comment Re:Bohr Model (Score 1) 57

The Bohr model does have its usefulness, and I am certainly with you that those of us in the sciences need a lot more humility in how we approach the general public with what we think they should know and care about.

But it is also overextended and the cause of a great deal of frustration for people who want to genuinely understand the bizarre quantum phenomenally we nerds keep excitedly touting, but instead find out that they have hinged their understanding on a lie that is nearly useless outside the narrow scope of things like spectroscopy.

IMHO if we want to invite the layfolk in to the quantum domain we really need to emphasize teaching people about waves more. QM is much more intuitive as a topic of wave phenomena. (Plus, the wave picture will serve to understand classical optics, E&M, acoustics, etc.)

Teaching people QM without the wave part is like trying to each people economics without the calculus part. In theory it is "simpler" but ask just about any student who has learned about integration and they will say that they find the explanations invoking calculus much more comprehensible.

Comment "heavy costs of cloud video storage" (Score 2) 167

A 256 GB micro SD card weights 0.4g, is less than 2cm in width, and costs around $40. I have 1080p movies on my computer that are about 1 hr/GB. So I'm quite sure that one of these body cam devices could record a couple weeks of continuous footage and probably much, much more. That's plenty of time for legal action to initiate and the data to be uploaded if there is any debate over what has happened during an arrest. Privacy is not an issue if the data is stored encrypted. You just require that a judge has to sign off on it before the decryption key can be accessed by anyone (including the cop).

Comment How does refusing work make you an employee? (Score 1) 131

If I work as a contractor through a management company and turn down projects, they're going to start paying someone else who actually wants to do the work.

And if I don't have the proper tools for the jobs, I don't get the jobs.

A 2 door car is not sufficient because the passenger is trapped until the driver lets them out.

A beat up junker isn't sufficient because passengers expect a car that will make it to the destination.

There's a very huge difference between not being available during certain hours and selectively saying "nope" to passengers.

Comment Ignorant (Score 0, Troll) 131

The whole point is that taxis operate at excessive costs and poor quality precisely because of a playing field that is stupid.

Uber is playing on an entirely different field.

And if you don't want to play on it, you can go be a taxi driver.

It's completely ignorant to demand companies play on the "same playing field" when the whole point is to escape the existing one.

You're not an employee of Uber. You're a contractor. You set your own hours. If you don't like the terms, find another job.

If you like the terms of being a taxi driver better, be a taxi driver.

Comment Working Class Not Funding Your Vacation (Score -1) 723

Film at 11.

The only people who support this garbage are people who envision themselves as the beneficiaries.

How nice that someone else is working hard so that you don't have to.

Socialist fantasies are being rejected all over the place because the working class is who has to pay for that nonsense.

There is a huge difference between helping people get ahead in life (education and healthcare) and making their life easier at the expense of others.

It's bad enough we have to fund the leisure class we call government.

Comment Javascript (Score 1) 312

All you need is a text editor and a browser. It's a C style syntax so it will make transitioning to other languages easier.

Even crappy locked down computers in public schools generally have enough access rights for students to create Javascript programs.

With Google's advancements in JavaScript compiling it's plenty fast and the Canvas concept gives you the ability to make pretty much whatever interests you whether it's simple card games or more advanced graphical games.

Or if you have an actual problem you want to solve, you may need to research more particular solutions.

If you want to do IoT stuff, then the Arduino is very simple to get started with and just requires basic C knowledge to do plenty of things.

Learning is best when there's an immediate need. Picking a random language to start with is generally not the right approach. Pick a problem, then figure out what tools can solve that problem. Pick the ones that are most accessible to you.

People learned BASIC because it was free.

Now everything is free. So that's not an issue.

Comment If Jack Thompson and the Devil had a Child... (Score 3, Insightful) 760


He lost his law license over his stupidity.

Wu doesn't have anything of value to revoke she's so worthless.

The FBI probably looked at what was sent to Jack Thompson and what was sent to Wu, had a good laugh and then went home to play Call of Duty.

Comment An education costs a $200 laptop and free wifi (Score 1) 726

If you think the only education you can get to lift you out of a low paying job is a college degree then your worldview is the first thing that needs a correction through education.

Poor people like to demand that others walk a mile in their shoe because it'd be too much work to walk a mile in the shoes of those who lifted themselves out of poverty.

A $200 laptop and free wifi at McDonald's will give you all the education you need to work your way up to a livable wage.

Comment It's your choice (Score 0) 726

A business is not obligated to subsidize your choice to work a low paying job.

Uber is for college students who want to make extra money running people around.

If you're sinking all your time into a low paying job instead of an education then that's your problem.

This is why Uber is very interested in autonomous vehicles.

Those people working 40 hours a week being silly are going to find Uber force them to work only 20 hours a week or put them out of work completely.

Your pay is based on productivity per hour. Not simply showing up per hour.

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