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Comment How does refusing work make you an employee? (Score 1) 131

If I work as a contractor through a management company and turn down projects, they're going to start paying someone else who actually wants to do the work.

And if I don't have the proper tools for the jobs, I don't get the jobs.

A 2 door car is not sufficient because the passenger is trapped until the driver lets them out.

A beat up junker isn't sufficient because passengers expect a car that will make it to the destination.

There's a very huge difference between not being available during certain hours and selectively saying "nope" to passengers.

Comment Ignorant (Score 0, Troll) 131

The whole point is that taxis operate at excessive costs and poor quality precisely because of a playing field that is stupid.

Uber is playing on an entirely different field.

And if you don't want to play on it, you can go be a taxi driver.

It's completely ignorant to demand companies play on the "same playing field" when the whole point is to escape the existing one.

You're not an employee of Uber. You're a contractor. You set your own hours. If you don't like the terms, find another job.

If you like the terms of being a taxi driver better, be a taxi driver.

Comment Working Class Not Funding Your Vacation (Score -1) 722

Film at 11.

The only people who support this garbage are people who envision themselves as the beneficiaries.

How nice that someone else is working hard so that you don't have to.

Socialist fantasies are being rejected all over the place because the working class is who has to pay for that nonsense.

There is a huge difference between helping people get ahead in life (education and healthcare) and making their life easier at the expense of others.

It's bad enough we have to fund the leisure class we call government.

Comment Javascript (Score 1) 312

All you need is a text editor and a browser. It's a C style syntax so it will make transitioning to other languages easier.

Even crappy locked down computers in public schools generally have enough access rights for students to create Javascript programs.

With Google's advancements in JavaScript compiling it's plenty fast and the Canvas concept gives you the ability to make pretty much whatever interests you whether it's simple card games or more advanced graphical games.

Or if you have an actual problem you want to solve, you may need to research more particular solutions.

If you want to do IoT stuff, then the Arduino is very simple to get started with and just requires basic C knowledge to do plenty of things.

Learning is best when there's an immediate need. Picking a random language to start with is generally not the right approach. Pick a problem, then figure out what tools can solve that problem. Pick the ones that are most accessible to you.

People learned BASIC because it was free.

Now everything is free. So that's not an issue.

Comment If Jack Thompson and the Devil had a Child... (Score 3, Insightful) 760

He lost his law license over his stupidity.

Wu doesn't have anything of value to revoke she's so worthless.

The FBI probably looked at what was sent to Jack Thompson and what was sent to Wu, had a good laugh and then went home to play Call of Duty.

Comment An education costs a $200 laptop and free wifi (Score 1) 726

If you think the only education you can get to lift you out of a low paying job is a college degree then your worldview is the first thing that needs a correction through education.

Poor people like to demand that others walk a mile in their shoe because it'd be too much work to walk a mile in the shoes of those who lifted themselves out of poverty.

A $200 laptop and free wifi at McDonald's will give you all the education you need to work your way up to a livable wage.

Comment It's your choice (Score 0) 726

A business is not obligated to subsidize your choice to work a low paying job.

Uber is for college students who want to make extra money running people around.

If you're sinking all your time into a low paying job instead of an education then that's your problem.

This is why Uber is very interested in autonomous vehicles.

Those people working 40 hours a week being silly are going to find Uber force them to work only 20 hours a week or put them out of work completely.

Your pay is based on productivity per hour. Not simply showing up per hour.

Comment So? (Score 1) 110

Do we get to push our laws into foreign countries?

If so, can foreign countries start enforcing their laws in our country?

Their house, their business. Our house, our business.

Push products they do want and maybe they'll change the mind on products they don't.

And seriously, would you want your private information stored on a server in a foreign country? Seems like a no brainer for Russia.

Comment Re:Um... they haven't really done any of that (Score 1) 1069

We don't need federalism. The federal gov't were the ones that put a stop to the farce that was "Separate but Equal". They broke up the Trusts. They enabled the Unions that created the middle class. They bring in real and effective disaster relief and keep our shipping ports open.

The judicial body which struck down "seperate but equal" is the same one that made the Dred Scott decision. The federal government has committed Indian genocide. They've locked up Japanese in internment camps. They built Gitmo and secret offshore prisons. They've pushed No Child Left Behind, the drug war, Mccarthyism and any number of other bad policies.

Where the federal government has been successful is in implementing at a national level policies which have been proven effective and desirable in an increasing number of states. If you're only going to look at the tipping point then it's easy to blame the states which are still holding out as the enemies of progress. But what you're forgetting is that under a single national government the more progressive states would also have been prevented from being progressive up unto that point. Vermont ended slavery in 1777, and the other northern states by 1804. It would been an awful long time before there were any free blacks in the United States if it had to wait for nation-wide concurrence.

Look at Flint, Mi's Water supply (that Gov Snyder is still fighter the cleanup of) and the complete breakdown in Democracy it represented.

You're going cite one of the fifty states having a major problem as proof against federalism? So how many of the 43 presidents behaving badly do I need to cite in response? How does the Flint debacle compare with the EPA spill in Colorado?

Any government is prone to good and bad, whether at the state or national level. The advantage of a federalist system is compartmentalizing the bad while allowing the good to gradually increase its purchase. For that matter, if we had not been conferring so much power on the national government in recent years, the prospect of putting Trump in charge of it would be far less ominous.

Comment If you want to write a book, just do it (Score 2) 381

Sure, yeah, you could take a few weekend courses and bang out some stuff and possibly even find a job paying decent money.

But if you want to move up in the world you need to turn your hack and slash techniques into a refined art.

The kind of crap commodity programmers write is the stuff that skilled developers get paid a lot of money cleaning up or just re-implementing.

It the difference between dime store trashy romance novels and real actual novels. The different between the the Divergent movies and Hunger Games.

If you're content being a direct to DVD wholesaler of crap sure, just get to work.

If you want to work in the big leagues on important things, you need to be open to learning some things and respect the craft.

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