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Comment Re:Apple slides in for the win... (Score 3, Informative) 86

Innovative my ass. Nokia and Sony Ericsson were combining everything in the same port years before: Pop-Port, FastPort.

And guess what it sucked and having a separate 3.5mm audio jack was considered a huge improvement.

Back then it was considered to be a way to force people to buy their accessories and a cash grab. Now Apple calls it "courage". Hah.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 664

Dunno about that. But there are claims that YHW started as a war god in a polytheistic pantheon and eventually the priests of that god basically subverted the entire religion so that YHW basically reflects the main attributes of all the pantheon. So it's supposedly a amalgam to begin with.


Comment Re: Black swan events (Score 1) 248

If they had not enough people buying excess power at night to heat up the water storages (for 1/3 of the price at daytime) they would need to shut down nuclear reactors.

Bullshit. The fixed cost of the electric grid and the power plant is still there and needs to be amortized. It's better to sell it at 1/3rd of the price than let the equipment crumble due to old age without selling electricity. The price of nuclear fuel is so inconsequential that it's criminal not to generate power whenever you can.

THAT's how you get to "too cheap to meter" or at least cheap enough.

Every single place which has introduced renewables has seen consumer electricity prices go up rather than down. Think it's a coincidence? If the power is so cheap why are consumer retail prices going up? I'll tell you why. Lots of hidden costs and subsidies. You think pumped storage or running natural gas power plants for peaking is cheap or efficient? In both cases you spending money building power generators that will stand idle a large fraction of time. So it means it is harder to amortize construction costs.

The low prices for renewables are grade A bullshit. I've seen it here in Europe. If you had a property bubble in the US here in Europe we had a renewables bubble as well. The government pays a subsidy for all electricity generated by renewables regardless if its consumed or not. Part of the subsidy doesn't ever show up in the electric bills because the government is siphoning it away from other taxes. The electricity doesn't necessarily get generated when you need it either. So it often is sent to the neighboring countries at NEGATIVE cost (yes we pay them to get our excess wind power electricity) because they can either use it or store it. Why do we even do this? Because they do the same. So sometimes they send electricity at negative cost here too and kind of balances out. Kind of. Because sometimes no one wants the power at that time and long distance electricity transmission lines are expensive to build.

Comment Re: Black swan events (Score 1) 248

Well I have seen places with coal power plants, it's supposed to be cheap and baseload, and I don't see people doing that.

If the electricity wasn't cheap people wouldn't do it. And French nuclear reactors CAN do load following to a degree, especially for something so predictable as the day/night cycle, so it's not as simple as you think. It's usually a bad idea to constantly spool up and down steam turbines though. Kills efficiency for any thermal power plant.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

Facepalm. Germany is exporting power to France. The last 20 years we perhaps imported in total 12 month more power from France than we exported in those month. You should read a few books or google before you make an idiot out of your self.

A recent phenomenon. France stopped building nuclear power plants for a couple of decades and now there are carbon taxes. The produced renewable energy is highly subsidized per kWh in Germany. Plus a large proportion of generated "renewable" energy is biomass. Germany has reduced the renewables subsidies several times because of the economic crisis. Remains to be seen how the industry will fare without so many subsidies to prop it up.

Despite having it announced public yet, France is planning its exit from nuclear power since 20 years. Go figure.

If they are morons maybe. I wouldn't put it past them. There's a reason France is increasingly irrelevant industrially. Those in charge increasingly don't have a clue about what they are managing. The wind mill subsidies are popular with farmers and France has a lot of them. When I went to France a couple of years back I could see the wind mills from the TGV all across the landscape. Last I heard the plan was to build CNG plants using natural gas from the Magreb to cover the shortfalls of the wind mills. France has little hydroelectric capacity they can use for pumped storage. It's sheer dumbassery, the natural power plants will never be able to run combined cycle with variable load like that, but as long as it gives farmers money they think its a good idea.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

You are wrong. On average nuclear is about the price of coal. The only time when its half the price of coal is when: a) the power plant is next to the coal mines, and b) you aren't using filters to scrub the coal fly ash from the exhaust.

Fukushima Daichi? NO ONE DIED. It was as safe as you can expect a building to be after an earthquake and a tsunami.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

Of course its more expensive. The specs are outrageous and they expect them to withstand an airplane crash or a large earthquake.

As for wind and solar it remains to be seen if after 3 decades they won't break down. Ever read Google's little experience with solar? They figured out they have to clean the panels more than once a year or the performance goes down significantly. To the point where it was cheaper to get it from the grid than clean them.

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